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How has anime ruined your life?

Anime has negatively affected me

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SNK Gaming Division Studio 1
Oct 24, 2017
It was an early inspiration along with games and JDM cars for me to get serious about learning Japanese,
which 20+ years later now has me working directly with creators of some of my favorite games as a child.

So I gotta say it's doing a pretty terrible job of ruining my life.

Now that I have young kids, it's also great to be able to connect with them as they become interested in similar stuff to what I watched as a kid.
My 5yo is huge into DragonBall at the moment thanks to Super being on JP Netflix, so we went to see the latest Broly movie together and I have been showing him the older shows as well.
Oct 25, 2017
What a weird relationship this site has with this medium. This thread is weird asf.

As for me, anime is just a big promotion in it's major part since most of it are adaptations. lol
An entire generation of nerds have built their personality on the fact that they don't like anime (despite all of the video games that take inspiration from it and actual anime that they like. Those don't count because they like them). It's just old self-hating nerds.

I do enjoy the sweet irony of the "anime is for jerks" gif that was used for all these years stars Jeff Gerstmann, who now has 50-something episode DBZ podcast and likes anime