How safe is it to swallow a Nintendo Switch cartridge whole?

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Jul 28, 2019
So I am planning on swallowing my Breath of the Wild cartridge whole tonight:

I think it will be a fitting tribute to a game I love so much, to have it always be "inside" of him. I told my friend this, but he told me that's not how digestion works and that the cartridge would pass through my body within a day or two. But I don't think I right, I think that since our bodies extract nutrients from food there would be some type of infusion taking place, where I will absorb some of the coding from the game into fat reserves or bone marrow or something else.

I actually originally wanted to do it with the Wii U disc of the game, since Breath of the Wild was originally meant to be a Wii U title after all, but I think that breaking it apart and eating it in pieces would reduce the chance of anything coming from it.

My friend tried explaining how it was a bad idea, but I checked into the science of it and digesting small quantities of plastic would cause negligible damage at best, and any "minor stomachache" that may result will be far outweighed by the satisfaction of knowing that part of my favorite game is always within my spirit.

I am planning on doing this with liquor. As this chart demonstrates:

... since the liver and stomach are so close together, it would increase the chances of Zelda code spreading to other areas of my body if pieces of it travel the same route as the alcohol does for digestion.

I'm almost convinced on going through with this plan tonight, but I know little about the nuances of the digestive system, which is why I am just running it by you all here.

Has anybody run into Switch games being swallowed before, be it by a sibling or a pet or something? I know they are bitter, but I'm just trying to ensure there's no other threat involved. Thanks in advance!

Brian Damage

Nov 1, 2017
At first I thought this was going to be part of an elaborate drug smuggling scheme.

I see now that it's much more serious.


Oct 25, 2017
You really want to be that guy in the news broadcasts who died from trying to eat a video game?
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