1. Nappael

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    The tiers they are suggesting in the survey would remove access to the Humble Trove for $10 subscribers, along with their 10% store discount and a restriction on the number of unlocks they get (early unlocks + 2 games). Something closer to the current package would now be $20 under one suggestion. One possible program could also make the Trove a separate subscription fee (but included in the Premium package).

  2. Masterspeed


    Considering the value you get from each month.... I would glady jump into the premium version.
  3. Nappael

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    The value that exists in the current monthly would be severely diminished under the new program. This is not a simple current monthly + premium version.
  4. DocSeuss


    That's a no from me, fam. Every one of these sounds like a STRONG downgrade, with the exception of the "recurring 12 month plan" for Premium in the last image.
  5. AmFreak


    If they do a premium the normal is destined to devaluate.
  6. Knight613


    $20 per month is too much.
  7. Anno


    None of those options look better than what we have now.
  8. Jawmuncher

    Crisis Dino - Snake is in Smash Moderator

    Not liking what they're trying to do here. Since it's just taking away from what is the standard now.
    That's a big no no. You add more if you pay more. You don't take away from what people have now though.
  9. Robin

    Restless Insomniac Moderator

    It sounds cynical, but this is my suspicion as well. I'll plunge on the monthly if the early unlock is something that interests me, but these mystery item purchases are never consumer friendly in the long run.
  10. DJ_Lae


    I kind of like the idea of choosing 4 games from a list of 10, but the Trove is something I've never found a use for and splitting up the monthly bundle would probably end poorly for anyone who stays in the lower tier.

    Keep it as is and maybe throw in an option to trade in some of the hidden games for (minimal) store credit.
  11. I think most of the reason people actively subscribe to the Monthly bundle month after month is because of how much you get for such a good price. $20 per month kind of goes against why people stick with subscriptions for services. It's a much more taxing amount of money.
  12. UCBooties


    I would be hammering the fuck no button on those options if I got this survey. Current bundle is in the sweet spot. If you cut games or raise the price I'm out.
  13. Illusionary


    As mentioned it the Steam thread, I strongly hope that none of these go ahead - they'd make the subscription package significant;y less appealing.
  14. Dyle


    So everything will be downgraded. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. I subscribed for 5 months and I still have a huge backlog of stuff from the monthlies. The only way I could see a cheap tier working would be getting the early unlock games only for a reduced price.
  15. r3n4ud


    Was only a matter of time since the takeover :(

    And they claimed Humble would stay the status quo.
  16. Putting trove access and the 10% back behind the higher tier is a bitch move when the cheaper plan gets both of those perks now. That $20 plan in the first screenshot is basically exactly what you get now for $12.
  17. No, that all looks like a bad idea.
  18. thewienke


    Kept wondering when the other shoe would drop after IGN bought Humble Bundle. I couldn’t imagine the good times continuing to roll.

  19. ghoulie


    Adding games from previous bundles is a huge hell no

    I wonder what kind of refund options, if any, they would give people that were locked in if these changes took place
  20. Nappael

    Member OP

    Given the fact it is IGN, I would be surprised if there were any.

    I would refund my sub on the spot though if there were.
  21. Deft Beck

    Deft Beck

    Humble getting greedy. I had my suspicions when they recently offered 12 months of the monthly bundle with $20 or so of Humble credit included. I'm glad I didn't go for it.
  22. IfSleepoversCouldTalk

    Banned Member

    That is a massive downgrade.
  23. JD3Nine


    None of the possible options seem that appealing to me. I know it’s kind of absurd but 20 bucks takes it out of the sure why the hell not range.
  24. fireflame


    If those change shappen i will just think it is time to leave that ship.
  25. Flips


    My subscription runs out in October or November. I don‘t think I‘ll subscribe again if they raise the price to $20/month even though I like the idea of picking your own games. The last option doesn‘t sound too bad (compared to the others) but they basically just raise the price and you don‘t get anything in return. Well, the „Special access promotions“ are new I guess but not worth $3 more.

    I just hope they won‘t take anything away from me while I‘m still subscribed (like downgrading my sub to the Basic tier or some shit).
  26. BADMAN


    I like the choice of games thing but $20 is just too much. If they raise the price then they better have bigger games to back it up. Something tells me that won’t be the case. I wouldn’t be totally opposed to the $15 option though.
  27. OrangeNova


    Isn't the bundle usually $10 for Trove access, discounts and 6 games?
  28. Zombegoast


    I'm already paying to have a 10% off and Humble Trove, I'm not going to go Premium
  29. BADMAN


    It’s $12 for all that.
  30. Nappael

    Member OP

    $12, as opposed to the $20 they are considering.
  31. Delusibeta


    That's a price rise and a half. While I don't mind losing the Trove, losing the 10% discount would sting. Not sure that would be enough to get me to unsubscribe, but I definitely wouldn't pay for the higher tier.
  32. OrangeNova



    Still, this survey is kind of bonkers considering that

    Nappael, are you currently a subscriber to Humble Monthly? Because the only way I could see them pushing a survey like this is if you weren't, and were hoping you didn't know that the $12 plan has what the $20 plan has...
  33. nampad


    They shouldn't make it more complicated. Also, the survey is worthless without some example games behind the tiers.

    I recently jumped into the annual plan after somewhat grasping what kind of games we are getting. Waited several months and only bought some monthly ones before though.
  34. Slayven

    You probably post about me on another board. Moderator

    Didn't they get brought by Gamestop? No, they were brought by IGN.....I guess the influence is coming through
  35. Nappael

    Member OP

    The images in the OP are not from me. Just general screenshots floating around Reddit and some news websites. Only some subscribers are getting the email and I am not yet one of them.

    But to my knowledge, only subbers are getting them. That's the impression I've gotten from people who have been receiving them.

    And yes, I have a whole year sub. Hoping they don't do anything stupid like roll these changes and put the rest of my sub in the basic tier with no refund option.
  36. saenima


    This is pretty much asking if you wanna pay 20 instead of 12 for the same thing.
  37. arbok26


    While it may seem like good value for $20 (oooh more games), more stuff that goes straight into your backlog isnt really good value.

    Do people really play all their games from humble? started monthly 2 months ago and havent even started civ vi or dark souls 3.
  38. tuxfool


    Nothing more needs to be said.

    Not at all, given that what they propose at 20, you can get now for 12.
  39. GMM


    I’d pay 20$ per month if they are able to make a good case of why this isn’t just the 12$ version getting more expensive.

    Humble Monthly has been really good and given me a ton of value, but generally all AAA releases like XCOM 2, Civ 6, Mafia 3 and Dark Souls 3 have been at least a year old when they appeared in a monthly bundle, a 20$ version would need atleast one considerably newer game ever so often.

    They walk a dangerous line here between potentially ruining a good service or making it better, so I hope they don’t go the greedy route.
  40. I hope I get the survey so I can downvote this plan to oblivion.
  41. tuxfool


    Wouldn't a survey asking for choices be the ideal location to make that case?

    I'm not seeing anything there. So it seems unlikely. I'm also questioning what they could add that justifies the hike.
  42. BasilZero


    Yikes this is less appealing than what they have now
  43. GMM


    Yeah, the choices in the survey seem to lean in a direction I don’t want them to go in, the 12$ plan is fine as it is right now, getting more old or indie games doesn’t appeal to me. The 20$ thing must give me a recent release and not just be a means to hold the 10% humble discount hostage.
  44. I just can't see me buying a $20 monthly bundle. When I'm paying that much I expect to see the games I'm buying. The only reason I put up with the mystery unlocks is the cheap factor. Plus the early unlock is almost always worth around $12 alone, to me.

    The Trove is a nice bonus but not really a selling point IMO. Nor is the discount.

    I do like being able to pick from a larger list of games for the unlock though. That removes the whole "oh crap it's games I already own" factor.
  45. Ugh, fuck this. The last of these three is easily the least bad option here - if they absolutely have to raise prices, I can live without the Trove or 10% store discount, and if I decide I want those, $3 more/month isn't that much more - but I doubt I'd be willing to pay two-thirds more per month just to keep the same number of unlocks I currently have, even if picking 4 from a list of 10 is a nice idea.
  46. Yukinari


    Everyone in the original IGN buyout thread was justified in their fears.
  47. Lumination


    $10~/mo is loose change. $20~/mo becomes a decision.
  48. BobLoblaw

    This Guy Helps Member

    This. It's not like I can't afford it, but $20 is more than both Netlfix and Hulu. I'd need more value than what they're offering for that.
  49. Dragoneye


    I'm more concerned if this subscription thing would still allow you to choose how you divide the money up and i'm guessing the answer is no. In which case it really doesn't sound good.
  50. Samsquanchewans

    User Permed at their request Member

    Yeah if they even allowed that. Had an issue with the March 2018 bundle and the guys who helped me with it was addressing different issues altogether. But at the end they told me they cant do refunds anymore. Even when the keys were untouched or the page was unclaimed.