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I’m mainly interested in AAA games, am I in the minority on ERA?

What games do you prefer?

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Oct 25, 2017
I play games that appeal to my interests or seem fun. My most anticipated games for 2020 are Cyberpunk, Final Fantasy, Animal Crossing, and Carrion.
Oct 28, 2017
I find it interesting that now that VR is about to finally have a real AAA game it’s suddenly a more legitimate platform for people.

And there are still people who doubt the Switch, usually because it lacks AAA franchise X, Y and Z.

Point being AAA games seem to be the fence posts for many people when it comes to gaming platforms.

Meanwhile I got a One X to play Bloodstained in 4K lol.


Nov 2, 2017
I don't have a preference. I'm playing Resident Evil 2, Outer Worlds, Disco Elysium, Baba is You and What the Golf? right now. A game's budget has literally zero impact on the enjoyment I might derive from it.