I bought the DVD/Blu-Ray/4k and don't want the digital code give away |OT|

Oct 28, 2017


Yes, but the winner of the 2015 Prize is from Belarus. You have to think 4th dimensionally about SKR trivia.
This is very true



I suspect the answer is Pitch Perfect 2 because it's all about the music/rhymes, but didn't want to guess that because I already have it.

We'll see if hodayathink gets the winning tag.

Lmao. SKR trivia is so hard I don't even know what to guess
Free ice cream!

Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl
never he and of it

it's never going to be Ant-man

Who's there? Nope. Nope who? Nope who didn't win!

This one is meme worthy!

New Clue: Sins
Oct 27, 2017
Magic Mike XXL. My final guess, but I think it's Earl still :P Even if SKR already said it wasn't. It fits too perfectly in the clues :P
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Oct 28, 2017
For those that are new to Bad Trivia please be aware that the very loosest of connections are used to make it from clue to movie. If you need to review this thread for previous super shitty clues that lead nowhere, please visit the Rogue One section and watch.

Some trivia isn't looking for anything logical, some trivia just wants the thread to burn.