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I don’t like Microsoft

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Jan 29, 2019
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I disliked what happened with Rare, Microsoft and Nintendo. It benefited no one. The studio known for classics was decimated. The talent left and the IPs were left to dry.

I don’t like paying for internet. Xbox Live started the precedent, and it was only because of Xbox One’s massive failure that Sony got away with charging for PS+.

I didn’t like that the OG Xbox life span was cut short in order to speed up the successor Xbox 360. I felt like owners got shorted with a 4 year life cycle, generous at that. The last year of Xbox was all third party.

I very much disliked Microsoft’s Xbox One plans. Always On, no used games, pushing a camera and a weaker console with an at cost price (not taking a loss on the console and having Sony dominate them) at $100 more.

I don’t like Xbox SADE. I think it’s a massive failure that can’t be read into whatsoever. They seriously have the balls to release a digital only console when their other models aren’t even selling well? There’s literally no useful data you can gain from this box. If you were in a better position on the market, maybe you could have at least got some interesting data. Instead, you’re Xbox One S is selling for less at retailers, so really, what the heck did you gain from this?

Microsoft totally missed the boat on cell phones. IOS and Android dominated them. The Windows Phone was an ill supported total failure, with decent specs but hilariously unsupported by third party software creators. I had a Microsoft phone and I regretted it because it lacks the support of Android and IOS.

Microsoft Surface is ridiculously over priced, and only survived because of excessive marketing.

Buying Minecraft and releasing next to nothing for it. Where’s an official sequel? Enough with expansions, spinoffs, etc. make Minecraft 2 already. Are you here to win, or let Minecraft stagnate?

I don’t have any experience with Gears of War, but why is no one smoking butts? It seems like that’s the culture of the series. Why remove it? Do you seriously think you’re 40 million sold consoles (is it even that much?) puts you in a position to mess with one of you’re most important IPs?

Why isn’t Microsoft giving us sales data for their consoles? The PS4 and Switch have easily accessible, updated sales information every quarter. What makes Microsoft think they are in a position where they don’t need to share this information with the consumer?

Look up the exclusives list for Xbox One. There’s literally like two game that can’t be played on another platform. And they aren’t necessarily notable either.

The apology tour continues with Xbox One X and buying studios. That’s great, but can you really go toe to toe with Sony next gen? Is FFVII remake coming to Xbox One or not? Sony’s third party partnerships are eating MS lunch, and their first parties aren’t even releasing PS4 games in the next 18 months. Sony is ready for next gen.

The Power of the Cloud. Seriously, the poster child for this was Crackdown 3 which received less than 70 on Metacritic and took 6 years to release. Basically a marketing fluke because their console was so underpowered compared to PS4.

Would Game Pass be such a great value if Microsoft wasn’t being outsold 3-1 by Sony and the Switch hadn’t outsold their LTD in less than three years? Would they have been so lenient with cross play and releasing their games on PC if they hadn’t failed so hard with Xbox One? I don’t trust them, for the various reasons I mentioned in this post.

I want Microsoft to succeed next gen, but only because Sony needs a competitor. In that sense, I’m hoping for good things from MS in the future. Their current image in the gaming market is favorable (Cross-play, most powerful console, Game Pass). However, none of this would have transpired if they didn’t get smoked by Sony (who also released an at cost console with PS4 - yet was given an easy victory due to Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U).


Jan 6, 2019
Buying Minecraft and releasing next to nothing for it. Where’s an official sequel? Enough with expansions, spinoffs, etc. make Minecraft 2 already. Are you here to win, or let Minecraft stagnate?
Why would Microsoft make Minecraft 2? The constant updates keep things fresh, almost too fresh. I drop Minecraft for a few years and come back and it feels like everything has changed.


Oct 25, 2017
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