I don't give a shit, I tip.


Oct 25, 2017
I've noticed that you get a lot better service in Europe if you tell them you tip ahead of time. Service in general over there is awful, particularly Spain.
It’s not that service is awful, they just have different restaurant customs. If you need something just flag down your server. It’s not considered rude there it’s what you’re supposed to do.


Nov 1, 2017
Brisbane, Australia
A thread for Americans to celebrate tipping in countries that don’t have broken tipping culture because they think it makes them better than those who don’t, this is the peak, you can’t ever do better than this op.

Of course most people will accept your free money, they’ll also think it’s weird though and certainly don’t want it to be a common thing that they themselves would ever be expected to do.

Also in regards to service, most places that aren’t the USA value leaving patrons alone but then being attentive when requested, if you tried that “hows everything going” every 5 minutes stuff in Australia or japan you’d have angry customers pretty fast.

Of course everyone should tip in the USA though because worker compensation isn’t factored into prices, not tipping there would be the equivalent of arguing you shouldn’t pay taxes on items that are listed without them included - which is just as dumb as tipping and just like tipping you still have to pay the extra cash because the alternative is untenable.
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Dec 19, 2017
If someone does some personal errand you dont want to do, something actually time-consuming like delivering food or driving you around, yeah, have a couple bucks.

Life isn't as hard as we try to make it.
Jul 26, 2018
As a guy who has worked in the restaurant business for 2 years so far, I find the tipping system BS tbh...

My first restaurant job had severs that made a LIVING off tips. They get paid minimum wage, just like dishwashers and cooks... yes.. cooks get paid either minimum wage or $15 per hour. $18 and above is super rare.... reason why I don't want to become a chef.

My severs, who work part time, literally make more $$$$$ than us cooks/dishwashers.... i'm talking at least over $50-$100 extra per night depending on how busy it is.

Yet, us cooks/dishwashers get.... nothing. Yet, we...

-Worker harder in a dangerous environment
-Worker LONGER hours (tons of OT)
-Literally cook the dam food
-Have to stay an extra 1-2 hour after closing the restaurant meanwhile all severs are just giggling with their dam tips and get to leave early..

Yet, we get no tips? Where's our tips when the severs barely work? Most of my severs would just chit chat in the back of their station, look at their phones, etc. Yet, they usually make more $$$$ than us each night.

It's to the point where one of our severs made OVER $800 ON TIPS IN ONE NIGHT! Not even joking! That's a whole cooks paycheck right there! After my coworkers found this out, many got angry, said how they regret being a chef and "working in the wrong side".

I even remember reading an article where a restaurant had to close business because the severs will make so much $$$$$ off tips that the chefs got angry, and refuse to come back to work.

Sorry for the long rant... this basically made me decide to not work in the restaurant industry as a career. Again, this depends on which restaurant you work at. Some restaurants splits the tips on cooks/dishwashers, many don't. I've worked in a winery restaurant which is very popular in my city for nearly 2 years. It basically convinced me to not work as a chef.. it's depressing tbh.

Just imagine working over 50-60 hours, yet a sever who worked 10-30 hours less than you, actually has a bigger paycheck than you.... same wage, less hours, etc. It's just bs.

Do I tip now? BARELY! I only tip severs and cooks if they food/service is OUTSTANDING at this point. But I rarely go to restaurants now. I'm more of a fast food guy. Again, sorry for the rant.. hahahaha.


Dec 8, 2018
This topic comes off weird , some people tip , some people don't , that's the sadness of reality (I tip when I go to restaurants , but I'll only overtip if the service/food was AMAZING).


Oct 27, 2017
OP the madman, putting his body on the line and risk being stabbed by furious European waiters after giving away free money.
Jan 2, 2018
Good of you OP to uphold a system of dishonest pay for someone's labour.

Why not tip a person with a non unified percentage of the goods instead of forcing the owners to pay a fair salary? It just makes more sense to tip.


Oct 25, 2017
I had terrible seafood today and I didn't tip. I do that when I know I'm never going back to a place.
Jun 6, 2019
Germans tip, but instead of doing a percentage calculation they round up a little bit. If your bill is 18.38, they would round up to 20. If your bill is like 16.12, they round up to something like 18.


Oct 27, 2017
Tipping in America is compensating a worker because they aren't getting paid a proper
wage by their employer. It's a practice that endured in the US because of slavery - certain employers wanted to continue not paying their workers, and so they didn't.

Tipping customs vary all over Europe. The first thing i do when visiting a European country is to Google the local customs to find out what is appropriate.

If the local custom is to not tip, then i don't do so because there's no reason to tip people who are already getting paid a proper wage. All the reasons that would make tipping an expected behavior no longer apply.

If you ignore the local customs and tip server staff, you are arbitrarily rewarding one type of worker for no real reason. Presumably you aren't tipping someone every time you purchase anything in Europe - Why doesn't the 7/11 guy, your plane pilot, or your department store clerk get extra money for simply doing their job?

Your heart is in the right place honestly, but you're better off saving your generosity for elsewhere. Give it to charity or something.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
I tip because the workers in the service industry are rarely paid properly in America. I'm assuming that really isn't the case in countries that don't tip.


Nov 8, 2017
This isn't Japan. People in Europe are happy for free money if you're willing to give it in addition to the cost of a product or service. It's just not widely seen as a requirement or necessary outside of a few niche instances.


Oct 27, 2017
OP seems to have misunderstood that just because tipping isn’t mandatory in Europe doesn’t mean you can’t tip.

Horned Reaper

Nov 7, 2017
The point is that you DON’T tip in Japan. It may seem disrespectful to you to not tip but it’s their customs and when you’re visiting the country you should try to respect that.
I think It's even seen as disrespectful to tip because it's seen as the customer thinking the food/service is better than originally expected. The price includes service and food and is calculated as such. Paying extra is an insult.

That said, can I get a tip for my post OP!?


Nov 8, 2017
They will literaly go out and chase you down to give it back to you.
The same is true everywhere I went but in a small restaurant in Nikko I had a woman come find us at the bus stop down the road to return the equivalent of 10 pence change.

They are hugely appreciative of appreciation itself and effort though, and in my experience that's the option instead of tipping. Try to speak Japanese where comfortable, engage with chefs or staff about the food and say thank you when leaving.
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Oct 27, 2017
There is nothing wrong with tipping if you feel like the service you got was worth a little extra, the problem with tipping in the US is that it’s used as a way for employers to pay a non-livable wage to their employees and expect customers to foot that bill instead of charging what their food should cost for everyone to have a stable income.

There is a reason why most of the world don’t engage in these kinds of shitty employment practices, fuck the US government for allowing it. Thank fuck I don’t have to deal with that shit every time I go out to eat here in Denmark.

Laser Man

Oct 26, 2017
tipping is normal in germany. not sure where you got your information from.
It is, but there are no expected tiers to it. Maybe that's also the case for America but I remember some people talking about percentages and such bs. The moment service personal is angry and insulted over you not tipping is when that entire thing went down the wrong path!

Edit: Or you are a returning customer and suddenly become the guy that doesn't tip, so let's be especially unfriendly and unprofessional to that guy in order to get him to pay extra, extremely stupid scenario maybe but maybe that actually happens somewhere in the world?


Oct 28, 2017

Of course you’re supposed to fucking tip lol
Nah man, I always thought Mr Pink’s tipping rant was bang on the money, chiefly “tipping automatically is ridiculous, and why is it only certain jobs?”

But then I live in the UK where people get paid properly, don’t expect it to be made up for through tips, and therefore rarely put forth any effort to earn a tip.

I still tip when I feel it’s appropriate, I almost always tip in a restaurant (unless the service was particularly awful), try to tip bartenders (again, unless they don’t deserve it), but outside that it starts to get a bit ridiculous. What, do I tip the guy at the supermarket?


Oct 25, 2017
We tip in Germany, but its either usually 10% depending where you eat or rounding up the numbers.
52€ meal will be 55€. 25€ delivery maybe 1-2€ tip etc.

Yesterday we had a meal with 4 people, 100€. Meal took one and a half hour to arrive. Kitchen was closed at 21:45 even though the restaurant was supposed to be open till 23:00. Didnt give them a tip.


Nov 8, 2017
Yes, it is.
"There is no problem with the water, it is excellent for everyone," the head of the health body for the capital region, Aurelien Rousseau, added on Saturday in an interview with AFP.

Investigators in the Paris prosecutor's office have now opened an investigation into the crime of "publicising, spreading and reproducing false information intended to cause public disorder," a judicial source told AFP on Monday.

Anyone found guilty risks a fine of up to €45,000.


Nov 8, 2017
They’d have to say so to cover their asses and image. The analysis has been done by an independent association
Legitimately deluded and peddling harmful nonsense. Stop.

The Paris hospitals authority, the police, the regional health authority and the company which provides water to the French capital all reacted with spluttering indignation. Tap water is perfectly drinkable was the message.

Even the association which produced the map got a tad indignant, saying they weren’t responsible for the rumour and had never had any intention of causing a panic. They just wanted to start a debate, and alert everyone to the potentially dangerous impact of a nuclear accident of the supply and distribution of Paris’s drinking water.
Last Wednesday, a small environmental charity called the Association for the Control of Radioactivity in the West (ACRO) published a report claiming low levels of the radioactive isotope tritium had been found in drinking water. The group said in a statement that "6.4 million people are supplied with water contaminated with tritium", which is a byproduct of the nuclear power stations that provide the majority of France's electricity.

But the group itself acknowledged that none of the readings it had seen for tritium were above the European guidance level of 100 Becquerels per litre - a Becquerel is a measure of radioactivity.
David Boilley, a physicist who heads the ACRO environmental charity, said that his intention was to raise awareness about low levels of tritium pollution which could indicate the presence of other unspecified radioactive pollutants.

"Our intention was not to make people panic, but to create a debate," he told AFP.

A scientist at the public Institute for Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety, IRSN, stressed that low levels of tritium posed no health danger and that people were exposed to radiation throughout their lives, including in sunlight.
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Aug 16, 2019
Yeah, I fucking tip pverseaa like a cliche American. What? The bartenders all seemed to appreciate it, they tell me so unlike like in America where it's expected. So, WTF are all the overseas tipping experts liars? These people want a tip even though they don't act like it. Also, don't be so quick to fuck off after giving me change, maybe I'll tip. But, if you throw me change and don't look back don't expect a tip.

Berlin danke. One more day then we'll see how the Czech appreciate tips.
You missed the whole point. It's in Asia, particularly in Japan where tipping is offensive, it's not in Europe. They will not say no to free money, but the do not expect you to tip nor they will give you any looks.

We have nothing against tips, we have everything against forced tips.

If you receive a tip here it makes your day, it means you actually deserved it.


Oct 27, 2017
And then they hide behind the stance that them not contributing to tipping culture is doing society a favor. Even after tipped workers repeatedly say they do not want wages to be increased and tipping to go away, they still won’t admit that they’re just being cheap assholes.
The fact that workers are rejecting no-tip restaurants still makes it seem like y'all are suckers being taken for a ride. Just by the wait staff instead of the restaurants.


The Fallen
Oct 27, 2017
You seem lost OP, tipping is not frowned upon in Europe, forced tipping is. We understand tipping as something completely optional that rewards good service/food, but waiters don't expect tips in general and don't get pissy when they don't get one. They understand the business as it is,:a job with a salary. Any extra money is just that, extra. They won't complain if you tip, they won't complain and you won't get worse service if you don't

Now tipping in Japan for example is a no no, yes, but their mindset is different.

On another related note, you americans sure are weird.


Oct 27, 2017
Fuck tipping.
Plenty of service jobs in the world don't get tipped in any way.
It's annoying and only complicates what should be a simple transaction.