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  1. Buttzerker

    Powerhouse Protector Member OP

    Necessary update:

    Even though Powerhouse passed away, I'm never going to forget this week. Life can be amazing, or cruel, or treacherous, or unpredictable, but if I hadn't picked up that little baby and taken him home, I never would have known what I was capable of when it came to caring for something that couldn't care for itself.

    Whether or not it was inevitable that he passed, or if I made some small mistake that spiraled, I needed to do this. And as much as it hurts that he's gone, I hope anyone reading this realizes that while we may not have an obligation to kindness or empathy, the most selfish thing we can do is to consider the cost not worth it, to let ourselves become jaded to the suffering of other living things.

    When I was googling around trying to identify Powerhouse's species the other day, I did a lot of searches like "pinkie mouse" and the sort, and you know what came up?

    'Pinkie mice, 50 pack, frozen'. For snake food.

    And man, that hit me for a second. I'm sitting here losing sleep trying to keep this guy alive, spending over a hundred dollars already doing everything I can and knowing I'll be spending a lot more if he keeps kicking, and there's this company mass-breeding mice just to freeze and sell as food. And I'm not mad at them; I love snakes. They gotta eat, too.

    But it was a paradigm shift for me, mentally. A realization that the scale, or the perspective, or the magnitude doesn't matter. Because it's not about trying to save a life, or whether or not I fail in doing so.

    It's about not wanting to lose the part of me that's willing to do so, and knowing that even though my efforts failed this time - whether out of my control or not - I'd still do it again. And I will. Any time I find something like this, any time I find an animal that needs help, I'm gonna do it, even knowing that if it dies, it's gonna hit me just as hard as Powerhouse dying today did.

    I'd rather be an optimist and be disappointed a million times than be a cynic and be right once.

    And if nothing else, for everyone who was as invested in Powerhouse as I am, I hope you guys can at least take some piece of that away.

    Please don't be afraid to help a living thing, whether it's a person, animal, or even plant.

    Please don't fear the pain that can come with failure. Every ounce of heartache I feel right now is nothing compared to the fact that Powerhouse at least got to be warm, and fed, for a few days.

    Please don't listen to people who tell you "it's going to die anyways, why bother?" Maybe they're not even wrong - but it isn't about that. It's about ranking the livelihood of another being, a creature with feelings, over a fear of feeling like you fucked up.

    I love you guys, and I love this community for being so supportive.

    But please, PLEASE, take what happened here as a reason to do your best if you find something that needs help. For me, for Powerhouse, for anything that needs it, please consider that you might be saving a life, or at least making a doomed being more comfortable in its final hours, and that's worth the pain, worth the heartache, and worth the time and effort.

    Thanks. I'll let you guys know what I decide to do with the equipment and what I plan to get. I definitely think it's time to bring more pets into my life - and to maybe look into careers helping them professionally.
  2. Looks like a baby squirrel.
  3. FZZ


    It looks like a dog
  4. Zampano


    EDIT: Sorry, looked like a new born mouse (we’ve had these at the house and they are pests). I sounded like a mean idiot. Leaving thread. Good luck OP.
  5. Dude.
  6. Kasai


    Congrats on the mystery baby.

    It helps of you stimulate the butt with something wet and warm, like a cotton ball or a washable soft towel. It helps it poop.
  7. Dua


    Ugly AF
  8. Based0ne


    Oh my, just take it to an exotic animal hospital as soon as they open?
  9. SugarNoodles


    omg :(

    Please help it as best you can
  10. Buttzerker

    Powerhouse Protector Member OP

    Yeah, going to, just trying to keep it alive because the earliest one doesn't open for eight hours

    eat shit

    Yeah, I'm using damp cotton swabs
  11. signal


    Thanks for going out of your way to try and care for it, OP.

    Anyone posting kill it is an idiot.
  12. Cas


    Really does look like a rat with that long tail :/ um. Don't catch anything.
  13. Krejlooc

    Dreamcast Porno Party Member

    poor little guy. Congrats on the new temporary pet, OP! Hope he recovers.
  14. Based0ne


    Awesome, best of luck being able to take care of it. Sounds like you got it for the most part and I second that eat shit notion.
  15. Username1198


    Oh shit squirells are nuts. Take it to the animal shelter op. I think they will take it.

    Edit ok saw your above reply.

    Your a good dude op
  16. CHusson91


    That's fucked up.
  17. Yeah, looks squirrelly to me. Hey, good stuff OP, you can tell a lot about people by how they treat animals. Do what you're doing I guess, it would be dead already if it wasn't for you.

    This is your chance to go full Bob Ross and have your very own pocket squirrel.
  18. Senteevs


    Looks like a rat.
    I got nothing against rats. Good luck. Hope the little fella makes it.
  19. Krejlooc

    Dreamcast Porno Party Member

    Of course there has to be a garbage post ITT. Can't let uplifting things happen.

    Flush it? That's such a cruel way to kill something anyways. Drowning sucks.
  20. TheBeardedOne


    Good on you, OP. Best of luck taking care of and keeping it alive.
  21. You're good people, OP. Hope the poor thing pulls through.
  22. Stiler


  23. FUNKNOWN iXi


    Two options:
    1. Raise it. Share pictures with us over time.
    2. Eat it.
  24. Just_a_Mouse


    Disgusting post, you sound like a horrible person.
  25. Buttzerker

    Powerhouse Protector Member OP

    Ok well after feeding it it's squeaking a lot, which I hope is a good sign

    Can't get it to use the bathroom yet, gonna try again every 10 min or so, and feed it a little more later since I don't see a milk band
  26. Kapryov


    You're an amazing person, OP. No matter what happens I have the utmost respect for you as a person. Thank you for restoring some faith in mankind today.

    I've rescued a baby possum before, it's an uphill battle and your best bet is to get a professional involved. Keep it warm, fed, and safe feeling until you can. If it's a squirrel, there are a few videos on YouTube and websites around, this one has some advice (below the warnings about keeping them as pets! heh).
  27. Miletius


    To be honest, that could be any rodent, not just a squirrel. Mice, rat babies all look the same. Either way, it won't open it's eyes for a while so I'd say just chill, keep it warm and fed and hope for the best.
  28. What would a baby squirrel be doing in a gas station parking lot? Rat/mouse seems more likely. Still, nice of you to care for it.
  29. Heroicpiglet


    dont feed it too much or it will burst, the ideal ratio is 5-10% of body weight.
  30. BrutalInsane


    Oh man I hope it’s a squirrel, you have a new friend for life. I have several in our backyard that I feed regularly that come up to me and just chill.

    Also, that edgelord can eat shit. It’s tiring.

    Here’s some motivation:

  31. hjort


    You're a good guy, OP. Best of luck to you and the little one.
  32. Buttzerker

    Powerhouse Protector Member OP

    Yeah I'm trying to feed it in smaller increments just to be careful

    It's a squirmy lil' pal:

  33. Larry Butz

    Larry Butz

    Are there any 24/7 animal hospitals/clinics in the area?
  34. That is ridiculously cute. You are a great guy op.
  35. skullmuffins


    how big is it? can you take a picture next to a ruler or some kinda thing to give it a sense of scale? that's definitely a newborn rodent of some kind. knowing the size would help narrow it down.
  36. Last_colossi


    Could be a baby squirrel:

    Or a baby rat:

    Either way it'll prob turn into 1 of these soon:


    Congrats on the baby OP and thanks for actually giving a shit.

    Yeah it's a good idea to get it to a vet soon to check it's health and species.
  37. Cas


    It'll be a surprise pet! My odds are on rat. We need a poll.
  38. Buttzerker

    Powerhouse Protector Member OP

    no, i'm in a pretty small town, only animal clinic within 20 miles opens at 8am

  39. BrutalInsane


    Make sure you keep it warm!
  40. hombremalo


    Rats make great pets, not ironic.
  41. Olaf


    It's Era's pet now, you better do your best.
  42. Eslayer


    Cute AF, hoping for the best
  43. TheCthultist


    It takes a little while for even rats to become carriers of anything particularly dangerous. Handle with care, of course, but don’t get paranoid.

    Still pretty sure you’ve got a squirrel there, though. That said, what types of squirrels and rats do you have around you, OP? That might give us some indication, as there can be some big variation in size and shape between species. Definitely too big to be a mouse.
  44. Buttzerker

    Powerhouse Protector Member OP

    man im trying. i THINK i got it to pee, but honestly it's so small it coulda been moisture from the warm cotton swab i was using on it.

    still, it was probably starving, so i'm not sweating it TOO much until i feed it a couple more times. gave it about half a tablespoon of formula and no milkband yet, super hungry lil guy
  45. saenima


    We need a poll.
  46. CrocoDuck


    Good luck op, it looks cute and you’re doing a good thing.
  47. Stewieboii


    Thank you for being a caring and big hearted person OP. Put a smile on my face.

    PS I think it's probably a rat, wouldn't a baby mouse be smaller?
  48. Waldini


    Congratulations dad!

    Now take good care of that ... that ... whatever it is!
  49. Buttzerker

    Powerhouse Protector Member OP

    i think it's either a rat or squirrel at this point. nose makes me think squirrel. took a closeup for yall

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