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  1. SugarNoodles


    No one is suggesting deceit, and it’s disingenuous for you to suggest that. Buttzerker was told that Powerhouse had a small chance of survival and he understood that perfectly well.
  2. Gabe


    Or maybe, instead of being a smartass, actually read the first pages of the thread in which the op himself states he doesn't need to hear about the odds.

  3. Dua





    Our god is not an awesome god.
    Sorry for calling you ugly in the first page, RIP little mouse.
  4. OP, you're a legend.

    I could hug you if I were in front of you IRL right now.

    A lot of people would have just left it, you were a gentleman however. I wish there were more compassionate people like you out there.

    It is actually refreshing to see this many people give a damn, definitely in direct contrast to another mouse thread where someone was having a bit of a pest problem. You'd see some people in there post about how they use glue traps (most inhumane form of animal trapping and should be banned), and all sorts of nasty inhumane stuff. So I'm very happy that these sort of people are in the minority here. Compassionate people actually caring, regardless if it's a mouse, a rat, a squirrel, whatever.,, it's great to see!

    Chin up, you tried your best and you united people together for something noble, probably even changed the minds of a few to a more positive outlook. I hope your next animal endeavour has a happier ending. :)
  5. Rory


    While I am truly happy that rat poisens were invented and discovered, as that stuff keeps me alive, I really dont understand why people would ever feel the need to kill a rodent, or any animal, especially in such a coward way.

    As those baits are laid out and meant to slowly kill its victim as its eating from it over time, Warfarin or coumarin based rat poisen can easily be countered, especially with first symptoms.

    Simply give them pure vitamin k either as injection or solution and get them up and running again. It shouldnt take longer than 1-2 days.

    If you have children, I’d be alarmed. Those baits are often odor and tasteless. You cant tell them apart from ordinary food. Should you find a poisened rat in your neighbourhood, I’d try to find out who laid them out and tell them off because its dangerousnot only to animals but small children as well.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.