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I just fought off the urge to punch a complete stranger in the head

Oct 25, 2017
Some people are telling the OP to seek professional help, yet...he didn’t actually do anything?

“The sight of someone openly and provocatively supporting a racist president who has coddled white nationalists, tried to limit the rights of LGBTQ people, demonized immigrants, and engaged in a style of governance that resembles fascist governments a touch too much made you really, really angry? How odd!”

That Trump supporter was in a public space. They’re the ones reminding people how fucked up the country is, reducing the space to feel safe and welcome for anyone around them who happened to be part of a marginalized community, and willfully empowering the worst among us.

Wrap your heads around this: provocative pro-Trump clothing engages with the symbology of hate. If you can’t empathize with the OP’s reaction at all, that’s entirely on you.