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I need a drive fast playlist.

Feb 4, 2019
Ace of Spades- motorhead
Four Horsemen- metallica
100 Miles and Runnin- nwa
Bombs Over Baghdad- outkast
The Distance- cake
53rd and 3rd- ramones
The Passenger- iggy
Plug It In- basement jaxx

Off the top of my head:

Speed - Atari Teenage Riot
Dragula - Rob Zombie
A Drug Against War - KMFDM
Wish - Nine Inch Nails
March of the Pigs - Nine Inch Nails
Oh shit, yeah, and at least two rob zombie songs.
Oct 25, 2017
Boise, Idaho
I have one of these. Let me see what's in it...

I Can't Drive 55 by Sammy Hagar
Flirting With Disaster by Molly Hatchet
Kickstart My Heart/Looks That Kill by Motley Crue
Highway to Hell by AC/DC
...And the Cradle Will Rock/Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love by Van Halen
Free Ride by Edgar Winter
Runnin' Down a Dream/Refugee/Free Fallin' by Tom Petty
Talk Dirty to Me by Poison
Shout it Out Loud by KISS
Flying High Again by Ozzy

among others

edit: man thinking about it I should really put "Running With the Devil" on my playlist.
Oct 29, 2017
Never mind Rob Zombie the real driving tunes are on White Zombies last two albums La Sexorcisto and Astrocreep 2000.

Pick of the litter is Black sunshine, which is the name of a car and the song is about speeding, narration by Iggy Pop off of La Sexorcisto.