I need to cover up some bad walls in a temporary way.


Dec 22, 2017
Print enough copies of your avatar to cover the wall. People will be too confused to ask what's the wall like behind it.

EDIT: And maybe put a picture of the falling wheelchair kid in the middle of the wall for added effect.


Oct 27, 2017
If tapestries didn't help, consider using furniture to hide the walls. Like a few bookshelves, with your favorite stuff on them for decoration.

Also, lighting is important. If your room is this upsetting, it makes me wonder if the lighting is part of the problem. A few cheap lamps (with lamp shades) can really improve a space.


Nov 17, 2017
It is definitely one of these situations, right?

If not, or even if so, have you though about leveling down other things in the room to make the walls look better? Like put a chalk outline on the floor, take your door off the hinges and mark it with police tape and kick through your window but put a bit of cardboard over it that is too small? I dont think anyone will notice the walls in that case.

I have some other ideas I do not mind sharing, you had me at "I need to cover up..."
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