I trained an AI on tens of thousands of ResetEra post titles and discovered how the world ends


Built an AI that makes better threads than you
May 9, 2018
I work on developing AI text-generating software, so I figured I'd try it on almost all ResetEra Video Games section post titles and generate some new ones to see what happens, maybe even generate new ideas for future games/discussions. It develops some crazy titles, although there's a clear trend.
Newest PS Vita publishers?
Major New Level Design in Australia
I want to play Dark Souls Remastered?
So what's the best Video game company worth playing?
What is the best game design
The Last of Us Part II - How to Halo 2
The 13th Dollar Reveals Rising
What is the best gaming phone games?
Do you think Shin Megami Tensei V is a real Life
Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Gal
Spider-Man PSX Patch Notes
Is there any Rocket League Spoiler Thread
Sony shares the most iconic video game certification.
Angels vs. Video Game Characters
New Super Mario Odyssey Is Just Cause 4 announced for Nintendo Switch
RTTP: Kingdom Hearts Union Series
Capcom announces Teaser Trailer
We need a Crank Valkyria Chronicles 4?
Nintendo Switch Interactive (Spoilers)
DETROIT BECOME - Release Date for Switch
Which game comes with a non-hardware and it's the most impressively delayed to 2019?
Dark Souls Console Generation.
Nintendo Switch has been better than Capcom?
Brave Early (Link) marketing recommendations?
Earth Defense Force 5 is a remake?
Shin Single Player games on Switch
I think I want a setup
Deus Ex: Mankind Diversity
What is the best gaming performance thread
Role of Crossing SPOILERS Thread
Anyone else find the HDR
Anyone else see a PSP game this week
Nintendo Switch Official Trailer (Performance Thread)
Marvel vs. Chinajoy 2018 (Nov 10)
Super Mario Odyssey - Star Wars Battlefront II: The Trap in the Character?
Assassin's Creed Odyssey Price Drops Patch 1.12 adds Switch games on Steam
Sony integrated you with the Switch and PS4
What was the Splatoon 2 and its loot boxes
What's the best way to play the games to play?
What is the best game revenue this year
Xbox One Backwards Compatibility - The Division Booty or Bad?
Any hype for the Switch games be a good games
The Last Of Us Part II - Definitive Edition for Switch in 2018
Polygon: Inside Xbox One X Live Soundtrack announced for Switch in Japan.
The PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro Path Trailer
Kirby Star Allies 2018 |OT|: MONSTERS has been about the rest of the Switch in 2018
SOULCALIBUR VI: Gillars of The Tomb Raider for Switch a thing?
What are your favorite battles
[EU] PSN SALE - The Secrets of Version 3
2017 PC on PS4 Pro - End Thread
Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 on Switch
So what is the death of Steam in March 8th (PS4/PSVR)
Seriously, the best Mega Man In Yakuza 0
Sony Joycon, will we see a Switch in Japan
Is the PS1 or Phil Spencer Analysis
Why do some pressure Golden Sonic Colors for Nintendo Switch
Sony Just Get Me
Underrated Games of the Dungeon Coming to Nintendo Switch?
LTTP: Final Fantasy XX available (Vice)
Dragon Ball Fusions For Sakurai
Kingdom Hearts 3 - The Best Selling Conference (Final Fantasy Tactics 2) to be released on Steam/PS4
Is this is going on handheld mode in 2018
LTTP: the best new Soulsborne game storytelling?
What are your favorite fan art following...
What is the most ignored to be a sequel?
The Switch is coming to Switch (Maybe Game Informer)
Sony PlayStation Blog: V: The Complete
What's the best PS4Pro department and why?
The Rise and Fall of Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Live Now!
Nintendo eShop - Steam gameplay trailer (Sept 1)
Would you keep your own game?
Mario Tennis Aces Update (Santa Man game)
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - The Black Ops 4 - Three Homophobia vs. Soulsborne game for Switch; and it's too hard for you?
I want to make a game for the Switch in Japan
Fortnite Masquerade of Microsoft Contest and Halloween on Switch in Japan
Kingdom Hearts 1 on Switch in first half of time for the series in the works on PC?
The Witcher 3 Engine for Switch
Sony Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition for Switch
Micon vs. Miramar Castlevania Lords of the North Star Allies
Danganronpa V3: Killing Hero DLC $13 at GameStop (spoilers always read OP]
Do you use a new game mechanics?
Don't buy a new game
Your favourite Final Boss datamined by Battle Royale game?
I think I played a PS4Pro?
I think I wait for a Death (or 3 HDR)
Has Deus Ex Man Mascot, a new game this gen?
Spider-Man PS4 Playgrounds 2?
Best way to play this fiscal year
Do you think the Switch is a bottle.
Nintendo Switch Online might be in games
What is the coolest charity in games that support of the Nintendo Switch?
What is the best selling story in Destiny 2?
Octopath Traveler makes Real Life
Sonic Runner Infinite Schedule
RTTP: Adventure Prime Discussion Thread
Super Mario Odyssey - Forsaken Shores [Up: Dead]
Soul Calibur VI - Retro Gameplay Trailer
Soul Calibur VI - Mah reveal 2012
The Definitive Edition Review Thread
I retrained the model with a different architecture to make it more robust, but the port-begging continues!
Marvel: Panzer Dragoon Saga?
Final Fantasy XII: The Sims 4 Experience 2018 | Xbox One on June 29
[Rumor] RDR2 and Steam and Half-Life?
Anyone else like the biggest buttons?
Zelda is Finally Ruined the First-Time With Your Favorite Main Theme
Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 for Nintendo Switch in 2018.
PlayStation will get a Soulsborne games?
Why doesn’t Mario Party - Available Now?
[OP] PSVR remake of the Switch?
Best Street Fighter V's Monkey Island 2 - Sandstorm (Spoilers)
Hardest Game Console Tracks
How do you feel about the sound level in Battlefield V
Quantic Dream direct today.
John Carmack announced for Nintendo Switch
The Switch has one of the best fake games on mobile games.
Nintendo should be a Bloodborne
LTTP: Valkyria Phanisurs, Rise of the Tomb
Anyone else convinced Fire Emblem?
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey expansion announced for Nintendo Switch
Death Road to Rockman end platformer coming to NA eShop Sales
"The Story of Spider-man" Sims 4 Comparison (Star Wars Battle Royale]
LTTP: The Last Night
The Rise and Fall of Sin Strike
The Unlimited Edition is the biggest because of Mario Bros. 1?
So what is the worst look at the Hardware RPG?
Favorite City Review Thread
Sonic 3 Battle for Atlas/ Spyro game with the third party games
EVO 2018 will be released this year
PlayStation Plus - Any good?
Epic Games and Revenue Discussion Thread
LTTP: The Witcher 3 will be released on iOS and singleplayer games of 2017
So Capcom is still beat on Steam
Digital Foundry: How To Make A New Level design for Nintendo Switch
Spyro 3 Remaster remaster of cardboard
What happened to FFXIV era?
LTTP: Bloodborne 2 - Monster Hunter over a console generation?
Mark Brown - The Jimquisition
The World Ends with YouTubers
I am also able to provide a start-word to the AI and have it generate from there. Here's what happens if it starts with "Nintendo":
Nintendo Monsters 2 in Smash Ultimate
Nintendo is live on Xbox One X (PS4, XB1, Switch)
Nintendo Switch is the best.
Nintendo Switch Online Services (via Spider-Man PS4)
Nintendo Is Bad Project (Code gameplay footage)
Nintendo has been faded up (Spoilers)
Nintendo Treehouse – The Game Maker's Toolkit
Nintendo Labo is the Switch
Nintendo announces Tweet of the expectations
Nintendo launches on the PS5 and content in all these days?
Nintendo will be released on Steam on September 19th
Nintendo Collection on PS4 for Switch
Nintendo launches Switch ports on Switch
Nintendo announces The Witcher 3 (PS4)
Nintendo Labo is amazing !!!!!!!
Nintendo eShop Sales Style Begins
Nintendo Labo is the best smartphone games?
Nintendo UK: Mario Kart : Times when the Switch : Monster Hunter World (Android Interview)
Somehow it still port-begs for the Switch.

EDIT: Bonus generated titles!
EDIT: Bonus #2!
EDIT: EtcetEra/OT AI!
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Oct 25, 2017
This is amazing

And even a newly born AI knows that almost everything is fit for the switch


Oct 27, 2017
A Definitive Edition review OT actually sounds like a good idea, to round up whether or not a remaster/etc is better than the OG game. Like, I spent a solid 10 minutes trying to figure out how Company of Heroes 1 worked on Steam, for instance.

But anyways, fascinating stuff!


Oct 27, 2017
Kingdom Hearts 3 - The Best Selling Conference (Final Fantasy Tactics 2) to be released on Steam/PS4

This is the most kingdom hearts thing to ever be.


Nov 1, 2017
Some of these are gold, I for one can't wait for John Carmack on Switch.

Edit: And Kuze is the best Mega Man in Yakuza 0.


Oct 25, 2017

Funny stuff man, thanks for sharing, got a good laugh out of it.

Now you need to do it on OT, although I'm sure everything will be Trump related .