I trained an AI on tens of thousands of ResetEra post titles and discovered how the world ends


Oct 27, 2017
"The Official Gaming announced for Switch"

Finally! All that unofficial gaming was becoming ridiculous.

"Pokemon Go made by Nordic"

Man, THQ Nordic is really gobbling up everything, uh?

"Digital Foundry: Destiny 2 FUN SEGA Announced"

Only SEGA could make Destiny 2 fun.

"Metal Gear Solid 1 or Final Fantasy removed from the Switch"

What!? I didn't even know they were there! That digital future, uh?


Built an AI that makes better threads than you
May 9, 2018
So I tried training a network on both the Video Games and EtcetEra datasets simultaneously. It didn't work out as a perfect merge, as the network learns to switch into Video Game mode and EtcetEra mode, but there were still a lot of neat outputs merging the two. Here's some out of the 15k:

'Trump’s About The Metroidvania Presidency
Robot Brits: Stan Lee announced for Switch
God Of War - A Superhero Movie
The Division 2 is the best anime every monthly back in the future?
Octopath Traveler Reveals The Goldblum for the first time.....
Beyoncé and Reggie
Donald Trump Jason Store is coming to the switch
Your favorite Real Life Tower
The Dark Knight Gamers - Are you on the series?
So, White House has released today.
Favourite Digital Counsel to the SEGA line-up
What are your thoughts on Amazon Pikachu movie
Is there a way to play the Putin
US PSN Deals (1/23): Protesting More Popular Games of Yourself taking out pizza
How the US patches in video game systems?
New Marvel's Spider-Man 3 (US) in Fire Emblem Heroes - Will never seen in a collapse worldwide age!
The Jimquisition: Hogwarts
Anime of the Evil Dead Space (Canada) for priority?
LTTP: Brazil - Trumps Based on the Switch mod game is gonna manage
Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Exclusive Airport Preview Thread
New Infowars on the December 4th on Steam
The Atlantic: Video Game Moments in Game Titles
[Roblox] DACA documents about PSN version conference in Europe
ERA, how was the MCU controller mode in the country to publish they love?
I want to play the PS4 Pro, or Santa Police (UPDATE:)
Red Dead Redemption 2 Freeze's Game Of Thrones Sales
College House confirmed for Nintendo Switch
Online Sexual Misconduct Announced
Jump Force: Anime for Legal Movie Stories
Major Star Wars Episode 2 on Xbox One
The Walking Dead Space Returns?
Digital Foundry: Show Of Ultra; Infinity War
Man Wars Smash Bros Ultimate
The Onion: American Field At E3 2018
The Trump for Video Games and Battlefield 2 Gameplay Trailer
John Carter gameplay videos with a snack
What is the best way to play the Marvel Rise of files
Porn Company in Fortnite V.
So what can we think of sexual harassment and Steam controller
Beyoncé for Wario |OT| And?
Don't work with Infinity War (Switch, console).
Retro Studio is working on alleged sex console games.
LTTP: The Last Jedi Nazi
Best Comics help: US PSN
Politico Open Beta (Bloodborne)
So what is the best dancer the hot tweets anything in a video game.
Which game has the best Anime show
Japanese games to Donald Trump.
The Moon is a texture (Arc Steam)
Pokemon the Way of the Soundtrack livestream.
Uncharted 4: Mickey Mom launching a review threat!!
The US is coming to America
First Part 2 on racism: I have a people contact for Destiny 2 ?
ResetERA Movie is like the most impressive games on a new Gamescom
The Last of Us Pizza: Samsung recommendations?
First Trailer for Nintendo Stick released
Virginia President Manga (Nintendo Switch)
Just finished Fallout New Internet
'The CNN' for Dark Souls 2?
The Private Pre-E3 2018 |OT| The Room in February 13, 2018 (spoilers in 2017)
Animal Crossing: World Cup
Animal Crossing: Mobile War Spoilers
Facebook is being dead on Switch, (Switch)
Anime Best Sider Remote (PS4) Confirmed
Pokemon the movie "We Happy Fee"
LTTP: Let's Go Episode IX
Part 1/3
Part 2/3
Part 3/3


Oct 24, 2017
'Trump’s About The Metroidvania Presidency
Online Sexual Misconduct Announced
LTTP: The Last Jedi Nazi

I'm dead
Oct 25, 2017
Beyonce and Reggie.
Beyonce for Wario |OT| And?

But which game has the best anime show is a legit thread. Digimon is my answer.


Jan 22, 2018
"Is the Switch the best word of their own high energy "
"Middle-Earth: Nintendo Switch vs P5 "
"100 years later, what to do?? "