I was robbed

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  1. Necron


    Sounds awful.

    Guess I'll put up motion detectors around the apartment soon.
  2. bremon


    No shortage of cunts in the world, as OP and numerous others in this thread can attest to.

    It’s been 18 years. Burning their house down or assaulting the neighbour doesn’t bring my dogs back, and potentially ruins my life. Stewing about it forever would do nothing but get me a prescription for blood pressure medication. Life is too short for plotting, scheming, revenge. I’ve become quite successful while that inbred psychopath is still sitting on his farm cruising around on a 60 year old tractor, living with his mom. No friends and his siblings want nothing to do with the family. Sound like he’s living his best life? Sounds to me like a person that isn’t worth my time thinking about.

    That’s what the thief in OP’s case will become. A lowlife who isn’t worth thinking about. -PXG- will likely live a life of continual improvement while the scumbag thief will likely continue to wallow in failure and the consequences of bad decisions.
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    From my experience 10 years ago due to a fire I posted about earlier in the thread, I needed to itemize everything, list where I purchased, when I purchased, what I determined the replacement cost to be, insurance company assigned a depreciation discount, I got a check for the depreciated amount, and then if I provided receipts of re-purchase, they then issued an additional check.


    And going through this process, if I listed a replacement cost that raised a red flag, they'd follow up with a phone call before processing.

    The loss itself was not an enjoyable experience, and thankfully everything was insured, but the replacement process was also not an enjoyable experience.
  4. Booker.DeWitt


    any more updates OP?
  5. GTAce


    It's a Shen comic, it's not meant serious. lol
  6. -PXG-

    Member OP

    Yes, as a matter of fact, there are some new involvements.

    I managed to get my Wii U back yesterday, along with a random assortment of games. The idiots thought it was smart to trade my stuff in at a local Game Stop.

    Law enforcement now have two suspects on their radar. They're ready to make arrests any day now. They're just waiting to see if these guys are dumb enough to sell more stuff. Police are confident they could potentially find more of my belongings.

    My neighbors next door had their storage unit broken into by the same people prior to my incident. The same detectives are working on both cases. Ultimately, what helped immensely in this investigation is that I kept record of my console serial numbers. So when the suspects sold my Switch and Wii U, the police could easily track them and work from there.

    Unfortunately, four consoles and a ton of other items are still missing. My PS4 Pro was my primary system. Some of you may know that I'm a VERY avid player and fan of Destiny and Destiny 2. Not being able to play it has been rough to say the least. Plus, I had Red Dead Redemption 2 pre-ordered. So missing out on that has been a real bummer.

    However, some wonderfully kind, generous and incredible individuals, right here from Era, have donated some money towards helping me replace my PS4. I hope they're not upset for me mentioning this, but out of respect to them, I will keep their names anonymous. I want to extend my thanks to the amazing folks who have donated so far.

    I never asked or expected anything from anyone. Words can't describe how thoughtful and selfless these people are. I am truly touched and humbled. But to be honest though, I don't deserve it. I haven't really done anything to warrant such charity. I may have been part of NeoGAF/ ResetEra for a while now, but that really doesn't mean or count for much.

    Some of you may recognize me whether it be Gears of War or Jet Set Radio Future related threads. I used to give some dating advice on GAF too. I'm pretty much all over the place. I know I can be out spoken, opinionated and maybe abrasive at times. But know this, I love this community, I respect it's staff and those who work hard to maintain the site. There isn't anyone on either site that I can say I hate or wish anything ill towards. At the end of the day, we are just people trying to live our lives, do the best we can and maybe have a little fun too.

    Whether on GAF, here or those who have met me IRL, I've always had good intentions. Like a lot of you, gaming is my hobby, my passion, my love and my life. I wouldn't know what to do without it. It's a privilege to be part of this wonderful community. Each and every one of you are special, and matter to yourselves and to someone else, in some way. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

    This ordeal has been a total nightmare but eye opening too. I wish it never happened but the only thing I can do is move forward. It will take time, but I know I will. I just wish it could happen sooner than later.

    But with that said, if you're reading this, and you're struggling through some kind of adversity, whether it's theft, job loss, a break up, death of a loved one, stress, anxiety, loneliness, existential dread, depression or simply wanting to be accepted for who you are, happiness and peace of mind will come to you. Just keep plugging. Keep moving forward. You owe it to yourself to not give up. You have this one life, this one incredibly rare chance at being alive, right now. The universe has granted you a remarkable gift. So use it. Take advantage of it. Be who you want to be. Even better if you manage to help others in their own quest too.
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    ^Thanks for updating. Hopefully you get it all back soon. Glad you're hanging in there through this.

    I wish I wasnt broke as shit man, I'd buy you whatever system/game you wanted. Good to hear others are stepping up.
  8. samred

    Editor @ Ars Technica Verafied

    Good to hear on progress in the investigation, but even more so, on the way you're looking at everything. Your tone in that message is so different than the one you posted the other week (I've been keeping an eye on this).

    I had my entire Dreamcast haul—a launch console, VMUs, add-ons like the Seaman mic, and a spindle of over 50 retail games—stolen from my car when I was between apartments at the end of 2002. It was heartbreaking, and it was the beginning of a cold-turkey stint in which I gave up on gaming for a couple of years and shifted to other writing gigs and forms of entertainment. It was an eye-opening experience, a chance to shuffle my priorities and count my blessings. You probably won't take as long to get back into gaming from the sound of things, but perhaps lean into the opportunity this might afford you—to put off RDR2 and other games for a little while and see what else catches your fancy. (And if you're feeling charitable, there's always a chance to pay forward the kindness done to you to those in need.) Your humility and perspective are admirable, and I'm glad you shared your story.
  9. Fedeuy


    Thanks for the update, happy to that things are going better.
  10. Seven Force

    Seven Force

    Glad things are somewhat going better. Keeping track of console serial numbers is actually a really great idea, I should do the same.

    Not gonna go into detail but I really needed to read this. Thanks.
  11. febLey


    Man that's so fucked up, I can't imagine how I'd feel like in you situation.
    I wish you the very best.

    Pretty good idea to write down the serial numbers of your devices, I should do this too.
  12. -PXG-

    Member OP

    I appreciate your thoughts.

    Despite having so much taken, getting my PS4 Pro back in some fashion would alleviate a lot of stress and give me much needed peace of mind. Besides getting back into Destiny and playing Red Dead, I'd be in contact with my Destiny clanmates and a bunch of my PSN friends too.

    Destiny has a lot of timed and seasonal events. For instance, it's the last week of Festival of the Lost (the Halloween event) starting today. There are still a number of things I need to do before it ends for good. A trusted and close clanmate said he would be happy to login on my account for me, if necessary. I'm usually very protective of my accounts and would never let anyone else log in. But I trust him.

    Ideally, I want to earn stuff and experience things on my own, but he said he'd do that for me if I was absolutely desperate. I'm fortunate to have friend like that. My Google, Twitter and Facebook feeds are filled with Destiny news, posts, comments and videos. My coworkers keep talking about how awesome Red Dead is too. I can't escape it.

    So, who knows what's going to happen.
  13. NeoGold123


    Had my place broken into last year around this time. They took the switch and two TVs and despite having serial numbers, I've never seen them again or heard anything back. They left a bunch of other stuff though, so I ended up getting really anxious about them coming back and had to move. Congrats on recovering some of your stuff and them finding the suspects.
  14. SolidSeminole


    Wow! Just now seeing this. Glad you were able to get some things back.
  15. -PXG-

    Member OP

    Thanks to some donations from two very generous individuals, I decided to purchase a new (well pre-owned) PS4 Pro and a Xbox One stereo headset (I find them quite comfy). It definitely helped ease the cost significantly. I can't thank you enough for your generosity. I haven't been this happy in a while.

    I'm installing Destiny 2 and Red Dead right this very moment. I finally decided to hook up my Switch again too (I was simply too depressed to even think about gaming) . I might pick up a replacement Pro controller in a week or so. I also need to get another Gamecube controller and adapter as well. The one I had for my Wii U is still missing.

    I'm still missing a lot of games, accessories, as well as my Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3, along with non-gaming items as well. But the fact I have my PS4 Pro back and my Switch (thankfully every single game was found with it too), alleviates a lot of stress. Having to spend quite a big chunk of cash on a replacement PS4 does suck, but it's far better than not having one at all.

    It's been a rough few weeks but I'm slowly healing after this ordeal. I realized I do have support and people who care. It's the little things that truly matter and add up in the long term.
  16. -PXG-

    Member OP

    So, the unthinkable happened today...

    My neighbors got robbed...AGAIN!

    Someone broke into their actual apartment this time. Laptops, tablets, jewelry and expensive liquor was taken. I'm absolutely angry and devestated for them. They're already filed another police report. I'm fine though. Yet I definitely don't feel safe anymore.

    Tomorrow, with the permission of my neighbors, I'm taking formal measures to raise awareness and escalate this matter both with law enforcement and property management. This is absolutely unnacceptable and must result in quick and immediate action of some kind.

    I still can't believe this though.
  17. Jesus, hope everything goes good at least
  18. i-Jest


    That is unfortunate and strange. Somethings gotta be going on behind the scenes. At least they're both safe though.
  19. TheBeardedOne


    That's awful. I'm sorry to hear. Best of luck to them and you on finding who's doing it and getting everything back. That'd be frightening.

    I had a dream that I was robbed the other night, actually. I'd never dreamt anything like it before, but it was terrifying. I don't have much but it was the invasion of privacy that scared me most.
  20. Ozzy Onya A2Z

    Ozzy Onya A2Z

    Motion/infrared triggered security camera time mate. Messed up news though, also pop a bat next to your bed just in case.
  21. Tetrinski


    That's horrible. At this point it seems clear that the building management is not doing its job. They should have invested in security the first time around. I'm sorry to hear about this, OP.
  22. mooshie78


    Repeat burglaries are very common. Thieves fet good stuff and hit the neighbors as they assume they’ll like have valuables too. Some bit the same houses/apartments again after a while assuming people with nice things will replace them.

    Yeah the building definitely should have done more. If they don’t now I’d press to break the lease and lawyer up if you can if they push back.
  23. Legitmcfalls


    Jesus OP maybe it is time to move, or maybe it's time to exorcise your second amendment rights.
  24. falcondoc


    Yeesh, time to move
  25. Sincerest


    • User warned: inappropriate drive-by
    I was burglarized *
  26. DonMigs85


    Yeesh, security cameras are a must. Maybe a large scary dog too
  27. Russell


  28. giallo


    I feel your pain, man. Back in 2000, I had just moved in to a new apartment, and got scammed by the supposed renter and landlord. The day after I moved in, the guy cleaned me out while I was at work; 400 CDs, my PS, and all of my games. I was devastated. Not only that, but I got super ill the next week, and basically had nothing to take my mind off of it. It was no fun.

    And your neighbours just got robbed? Damn. Where do you live?
  29. Unicorn


    You have since purchased renter's insurance, correct? I assume because you are restocking your apartment with systems/games again you have a fallback insurance policy in case you get hit again like your neighbors?

    Mine is like $120 for a full year of coverage (pennies compared to any other insurance).
  30. Chromhound


    Time to get a gun (if you are in the US) and an alarm system with cameras
  31. Xion_Stellar


    Are you under a lease? I think it's time to start looking for new living arrangements....
  32. newgamewhodis


    No. It's never time to get a gun.

    Sorry OP, that's really scary. I'm living in Bushwick, and it's hard to avoid the headlines about burglars and other break-ins in the community. I think you're taking the right steps. Do you have a place you can stay in the meantime?
  33. QisTopTier

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    Edit: wait no holy shit.... your neighboors just got fucking robbed now god damn.... yeah idk man I'd get the fuck out or idk things need to move forward on the police side of things asap
  34. Peter


    I mean if you have the right, are a responsible individual, and feel genuinely unsafe in an area where break ins seem to be common I don’t think it’s unreasonavle to arm yourself for self defense. Just don’t be an idiot with it.

    OP should definitely look into getting his own camera system though at the very least. Especially if moving is not an option (and if moving is an option, even if a difficult and inconvenient one, you should make that a priority).
  35. potentialtodisplease

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    This is awful. On the bright side you reminded me I should keep track of the consoles numbers too I guess. And anything else that can be tracked.

    In fact, I think I will put some kind of tracking device in my PC hidden.
  36. potentialtodisplease

    Banned Member

    Holy crap I did not realize this was the same thread from a bit ago. I am very happy police are doing their job.
  37. Amauri14


    I'm glad that you were able to recover your stuff OP!
  38. Tetrinski


    That's great advice, that way next time they won't bother stealing consoles and will just take the gun.
  39. Nolbertos


    I’m late on this but glad you got your stuff back. Regarding your neighbours recent breakin, what did I tell you, thieves come back again and again. They always leave a pattern. If anybody is reading this, thieves always start small trying to break into your car or your yardstuff. They always call and record your movements and eventually they get your pattern and then rob you. Just cue into those patterns and you’ll know that thieves will come again.

    Back to the OP. I don’t know what to say man in terms of staying in that neighbourhood. I know you can bring it up with your property managment, but if they don’t budge on installing security, I think you better start looking elsewhere to move.
  40. -PXG-

    Member OP

    Police already know who the suspect(s) is. Not sure why the haven't been arrested yet, especially since I was told they would we're going to as of the end of last week.

    All of this bullshit has only started recently. I've been here for 5 years. No incidents at all. Very quiet and peaceful place. But some idiot parents let their no good adult son crash at their place from time to a few months ago. Since his arrival, all sorts of crap has happened. Mail theft, attempted vehicle break ins and now both myself and my neighbor getting our apartments and storage units (my neighbors', I don't have one) being burglarized.

    Just the idea of having to find a new place and moving is exhausting and so goddamn disruptive. Cameras? Guns? I shouldn't even have to think or consider any of this. I'm holding the management company responsible.

    If I had to move, fuck my lease and fuck the property management company. They can kiss my ass. I hope they're stupid enough to take me to court so I can say how these idiots are too cheap and lazy to implement even the simplest security measures. Fuck them.

    But the risk of getting my shit taken, or worse, yet again is also really unnerving. I'm more afraid to leave my apartment. I know the dickhead who is stealing shit is too much of a pussy to do it when I'm home. They're clearly doing this when we're away, at work.

    One thing that is a mystery is HOW this is all happening. My neighbor suspects they are some how getting keys from the office. Either they're breaking in or it's an inside job. She suspects the property manager's son is giving out master keys somehow. I doubt that. If the theif has keys, he's probably breaking into the office too.

    Still, if that is the case, then that's horrendously unnacceptable. Every single tennant is at risk of theft then. Something needs to change and fast. Just...goddamn all this bullshit. It's not fair. We work way too hard and don't deserve this at all.
  41. Ashodin


    pxg you gotta move bro

    your stuff ain't safe it seems
  42. -PXG-

    Member OP

    I'm fully prepared and willing to take legal action. I have a lot of back up and support in that area if it comes to that.
  43. Saw the update, glad you got your Switch and Wii U back OP, too bad about your neighbors, this many burglaries in such a short timeframe, yeah the landlord sounds awful with how little he is doing about his tenants safety. I’d say if it is feasible, move OP, not worth it unless somehow they finally catch the guy, which you say should be soon since they have an idea, just bull crap that it had to happen. Sorry about your break-in, get a security camera installed in case they try again.
  44. Legal costs could be costly, could you and your neighbor be represented as a group maybe? That should ease the burden of pay a bit until it is over.
  45. -PXG-

    Member OP

    Like I said, that's the one area I have really good support. If I have to play the legal card, I definitely will.
  46. Do what you feel is best OP. Hope you win if you go through with it.
  47. -PXG-

    Member OP

    It's an option and road I'm willing to go down. But right now, I'm lighting fires under asses. Law enforcement has been pretty good, but they need to act fast though. I can't dictate their jobs. The detective who is on our cases has been very helpful and diligent. So he has my respect.

    Property management are a bunch of dumb fucks and needed to do something yesterday, quite literally. I'm writing a formal letter and also raising hell with the regional director. I'm not taking any of his shit. Fuck being polite. That's out the window now. Law enforcement is on my side anyway too.
  48. H0xton


    Earlier this year I had my air soft guns stolen a Glock18 style and M4 style they were expensive gas operated never have I been as angry as I was that day .....
  49. A1an


    Sorry to hear this OP, glad to hear you got some of your stuff back.
  50. Weeniekuns


    Get a few Wyze cams and set them up around your place... they are $20 ea and have free cloud recording. You can also set them up to alert you if they detect motion.


    Ring/Nest work too but if you are on a budget, its hard to beat Wyzecams