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If Dragon Ball Super were to make SSJ4 canon, I think its version of Broly should be the SOLE character to attain the form


Oct 30, 2017
Goku has his Ultra Instinct that he's working on mastering, and Vegeta has his "Limit Breaker" SSB form, so they both enjoy a degree of "uniqueness"

Since DBS Broly is more of a berserker when he transforms..what better form for him to attain than making Super Saiyan 4 canon, and having him as the only Saiyan to reach it? It fits his personality so well as far as the wild feral look...they'll just have to explain how he grew his tail back lol. Design wise, I don't think it should differ too much from his Full Power state other than having fur and a tail. His hair could revert back to black and his fur would be neon green (or his fur could be black and his hair stays neon green) and maybe give him some fangs and turn his eyes and pupils red and make them glow?


Oct 29, 2017
I still think they hinted it with his yellow eyes and his ability to access his oozaru powers without transforming, he’ll probably learn how to tap into those powers and combine them with his Saiyan abilities to transform into ssj4.

they should change the name from SSJ4 to Super Saiyan Primal.


Oct 25, 2017
But then Vegeta and Goku use the earrings to fuse and then they do the fusion dance with SSJ4 Broly for a character who just jumps out of the animation and beats up Toriyama IRL ending the series.


Oct 27, 2017
Why do they keep making the hair grow longer and no facial hair? Imagine Goku with a fucking god like beard when he goes SSJ10.


Oct 25, 2017
Costa Rica
Canon Broly is already a better interpretation of SS4

every character has the ability to turn SSJ4...making it a broly form is dumb considering he is already Legendary super saiyan
Canon Broly isn't the Legendary Super Saiyan, he's a mutant like Frieza, his unique mutation let's him channel the power of Oozaru while remaining in human form, which makes every subsequent transformation stronger than that of a normal Saiyan.....But he goes apeshit


Oct 25, 2017
I'm okay with this. Since Wrath is essentially having oozaru power in human from.
It's not far fetch SSJ4 to happen to Broly.
I'm not sure Green Aura+Red fur will look tho.

Lord Hypnos

Oct 31, 2017
SSJ3 onwards has been trash.

Gohan going SSJ2 felt earned but apart from UIGoku and possibly LBVegeta every transformation since has felt cheap which isn't helped by the poor designs for the new forms.