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If there's one more Mario theme, what do you want it to be (poll)?

What should the 6th theme be if one exists?

  • SMB2 USA!!!

    Votes: 215 38.7%
  • Yoshi's Island

    Votes: 94 16.9%
  • Mario Land

    Votes: 37 6.7%
  • Mario Odyssey's 2D sections but a full game.

    Votes: 7 1.3%
  • Mario Odyssey's mechanics in 2D, want 2D Cappy!

    Votes: 62 11.2%
  • Mario 64, love the blocky polygons.

    Votes: 53 9.5%
  • Mario Galaxy

    Votes: 87 15.7%

  • Total voters
Oct 25, 2017
Columbia, MD

Unique mini-boss/boss types. Unique physics. Unique concepts like Phanto and the Key that are just begging to be made full levels of.

Plus, after having so much fun with that expert-mode SMB2 hack a few months back, I only hungry for more SMB2 content.
I mean Super Mario 2 is the correct answer. The other 3D games aren't happening bet on that, and Yoshi's Island is not even a Mario game. Mario Land could happen but why would that be in the "Extra Game Styles" section? SMB2 is unique enough not to conform with the other styles. If its not Mario 2, Ill be really sad.
Oct 25, 2017
Yoshi island, through i hope that is more of a hint about the free dlc the game will have, similar to the first one getting stuff like the key and checkpoints after launch.
Nov 27, 2017
Ahem, why is Donkey Kong ‘94/Mario vs Donkey Kong not an option? It’s puzzle focus would be perfect as an extra theme even though it can still use some convential stuff too
Oct 25, 2017
Honestly when I was thinking of Odyssey, I was thinking of Cappy mechanics.

Completely forgot about those 2D 8Bit segments. would be an easy skin.
Oct 25, 2017
Voted for SMB2, but if by Mario Land you mean Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins then that one for SURE. But I'm leaning SMB2 due to the sheer amount of unique things included.


Oct 27, 2017
Mario Bros 2 USA is the would be the best choice for uniqueness,

I guess Yoshi's Island could be cool but that's considered a Yoshi title now instead of a Mario one. Mario Land 2 or even 1 would be neat but more can be done with Bros 2. Mario 64/Galaxy/Odyssey, eh could be cool as well.

Any choice would be great, I'm also guessing these are going to be DLC...
Oct 29, 2017
New Zealand
In the original game, while I loved the fact that you can change 'on the fly' the game style of one of your levels (seriously its really cool to see) I'm happy to sacrifice this ability for more styles to be added! So I'm happy about this 'extra' thing, giving us this means we'll hopefully eventually be able to make and play custom Mario levels from ANY Mario series!

I can see this being DLC for sure.

Personally, I guess Mario 2 (USA) should be next as its very unique and would complete the NES ones nicely.
Oct 26, 2017
You know, I'm actually a bit surprised they didn't have the US version of SMB2 in the original Mario Maker. Any specific reasons for that?
Its mechanics are totally separate so it couldn't mix and match with the other styles.

But now that they've introduced 'extra game styles' they can do a separate smb2 one