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If you could make a ROMhack, what would it be?

Oct 25, 2017
I'd like to make one of the original Persona.

I like the game, but it is pretty severely hampered by a lot of subsystems, like the Persona Level which forces you to constantly use your Persona for fear of not being able to get new ones because your PLV isn't high enough, or the worst EXP system in the world where party members can get little to no experience if you sweep opponents with one character.

So what I'd like to change would be:

- Removing the Persona Level system and instead tying it to character level. There's rarely if ever a point in the game where your Persona Level is less than your character level.

- Increasing EXP and Persona rank gains to eliminate grind. It's really easy, especially in the endgame, for most of your party to start lagging behind so I'd probably change it to like an extra 50% or so EXP to make it a reward for having a character do tons of damage, and make Personas rank up to max in half the time.

- Including an in-game log that tells you how demons react to conversation skills.

- Return to the PSX OST because that shit slaps.

- Slim down the combat options by removing several of the weapon subtypes. Every weapon in the game counts as its own special type of weapon with enemies resisting one but not the other, and including spells and guns that's a total of 32 damage types in the game. I'd reduce the weapon and magic types to 16 tops and alter enemy resistances to accommodate.

I don't know anything about ROM hacking but I thought it'd be fun to consider how to change a flawed game I enjoy a lot.
Oct 27, 2017
If I could, I would mod all Soulcalibur characters into SCVI PC for that dream match goodness. Older character models and all.
Actually dump the Tekken characters in there too.
Wait, VF and DOA as well. Why not.

Actually I think I'll just be happy with a mugen for 3D fighters.
Oct 25, 2017
Holy Diver could use a patch to fix its crippling input bug (if you move forward and jump at the same time, the game won't register your jump input, and in a platformer as challenging as this one, not having 100% responsive controls is a tremendous pain in the ass).
Nov 4, 2017
- increase available save files from 3 to at least 15
- increase item limit to 99 (999 for Virus Cores)
- add all non-Story Areas to the "Free Play" Area rosters
- add environmental hazards found in the multi-player mode to the single-player one
- allow multi-player related unlocks to be unlocked through single-player as well
- allow for XRengeki animations to be skipped
- adjust various party members likes/dislikes
- redo the pretty horrendous HUD to take up far less screen space
- reduce the more absurd grindy elements
- remove the pointless border around character portraits during dialogue scenes
- outright cut a certain series of scenes that are replayed word for word like 50 times
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Oct 25, 2017
-Golden Sun 1/2 difficulty/psy rebalance and dialogue skip
-Dishonored 1/2 allow the sword to be replaced with other items
-Divinity Original Sin 2 armor system complete overhaul and handplaced itemization
-DMC3 real time style switching (yes I know there's a mod but it's clunky); gunslinger buffs; a few added moves from later games
-RE4 changed to take some of the "iron zombie" stuff from RE2RE; more, somewhat faster enemies; real time weapon swaps
-Rush 2049 remake with online. I dunno if that's a rom hack sort of thing, but otherwise at least HD and online.
-MGS3 injury and camo rework where it becomes less about clicking through a list/selecting the highest number, respectively; rebalance of resources
-DJ Hero 2 gameplay mechanics with DJ Hero 1's playlist and a way to import my own songs

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the big one..!

-I finish my big Skyrim mod since I left off with all the fans being let down and it's honestly my biggest regret in gaming ;_;7
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Oct 20, 2018
First thing that comes to mind is a BotW hack that completely removes voice acting, replaces the champion's tunic with the classic green tunic (including the flashback cutscenes), makes grass drop rupees and arrows again, shields can't take damage from shield surfing and a Master Sword that doesn't suck. No idea how feasible those things would be if someone actually tried to do it, but they sure would make that game much more bearable to me.