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If you could pick the name for Avengers 4, what would you choose?

Oct 25, 2017
Rumors strongly suggest that the first Avengers 4 trailer will debut tomorrow at 9 AM EST, and PROBABLY will have the subtitle. The film dropped the 'Infinity War Part 2' subtitle in mid 2016, and ever since then, the speculation rollercoaster has been going full speed.

This isn't as much what do you THINK it will be called, rather what would you LIKE it to be called?

I like the one they fake teased with Ruffalo: THE LAST AVENGER. Mainly because my dream moment is Steve Rogers with Stormbreaker (or Mjolnir??) and the shield back going toe to toe with Thanos when all seems lost.

That's mine, what's yours?


Oct 26, 2017
Avengers: Needs Way More AntMan To Be Good Because He Is Pretty Much The Best Thing About The MCU 4
Oct 25, 2017
Titan Drift Part 4: The Quest for More Money
A Star Wars Story
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Nov 14, 2017
Avengers 4: The Avengers
Avengers 4: Avengers 5
Avengers 4: Men in Black 4
Avengers 4: Xs
Avengers 4: Sike, You Thought!
Nov 27, 2017
Boston MA
End game makes perfect sense since it’s the end of a huge arc and the end of a ton of heroes

Avengers: the infinity end

It’ll be the first movie title to contradict itself
Oct 25, 2017
From what's been rumored about the film, Avengers Forever seems like it'd the perfect title and I'm still disappointed that it probably won't be that.
Oct 27, 2017
Avengers Forever works on the level of reminding folks of Black Panther but also, Avengers Forever is the pinnacle Avengers story about time travel from the comics.