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If you could pick the name for Avengers 4, what would you choose?


Nov 1, 2017
Since Avengers Assemble was already used as the title for the first Avengers in some markets, probably Avengers: Endgame
Oct 25, 2017
Disney's: Marvel's: Avengers 4: Infinity War: Part 2: Special Edition: Collector's Edition: Unrated Extended Director's Cut. Ultra-8K (Blu-ray + Digital UHD) & DVD combo pack
Oct 25, 2017
Avengers 4: Don't You Feel Stupid For Wasting So Much Energy Hating Captain Marvel Long Before It Even Came Out Because Who Even Cares Anymore?
Oct 25, 2017
Avengers: Stan Lee's Cameo Involved Him Getting Crushed Under Some Rubble For a Joke & He Was Totally Cool With It At The Time, But Now He's Actually Dead & We Really Want To Remove It From The Film But It Screws Up The Pacing Of A Pivotal Scene So Now We're Just Hoping You All Understand & Don't Pitch A Fit On Twitter About It.