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    When the trailer ended for Gears, this was my exact thought! I know the internet lately has been clamoring for more games to go the God of War path, but not everything needs to go down that path.

    However, it looks like the Coalition has subtly incorporated some of the ideas and themes of the new God of War game without over doing. For one making this version a more personal story about Kat and family while exploring the history of Sera and the locust is a great way to move forward with the franchise while looking back at the history and origin of everything.

    Another big key were the scenes shown in the trailer, from the lush forest to the ice lake, it's taking the franchise in a direction where the story can matter and the gunplay could continue to excel. I guess the biggest difference with this and God of War is that God of War changed its gameplay in a big way while Gears even though changing scenery is still the same gunplay.

    I'm surprised more people aren't talking about it. I know we haven't seen much but the cutscene and the gameplay trailer, but the game also looked spectacular. Seeing JD's facial animation, its top notch. This should be in the same conversation as all the big Sony games everyone is talking about.

    Thoughts on how most will react to the actual game!?
  2. space_nut


    They’ve also shown that the sail sled is used in the largest areas ever created for a Gears game too. You will be able to use the sled in red deserts to the frozen tundras. Seems they’re adding hub areas
  3. AgentStrange


    Oh yeah the Coalition have definitely been spending the last 3 years making Gears 5 look like a game that came out 2 months ago.
  4. Get_crazy


    I think it's a great way to refresh the series a bit and not just give you the same formula.

    Being, at least, as good as God of War was is all I can wish for Gears 5 and Xbox players.
  5. Gundam


    Did You Know Gaming?

    God of War (2018) was the first video game to ever change an established formula and tone. God of War inventor, Peter Sony, calls it a "reboot".
  6. christocolus


    Lmao. On a more serious note, I really liked what they showed and the subtle changes being made. The game looks so good too. Can't wait.



    Only IGN would write this.
  8. burger_shot


    well, they've even changed the font #hardreboot
  9. R dott B

    R dott B

    Do they think they just started working on Gears 5 after GoW came out...
  10. Bhonar


    lol I don't believe that one bit
  11. nelsonroyale


    Didn't look like a drastic departure from previous games to me, not that is a bad things.
  12. Wollan


    It looked like every other Gears of War.
  13. Paquete_PT


    That's not what this is about at all...
    They're meaning to say that it represents a GOW-like shift for the franchise, in that they have to change something to keep it relevant and improve on the predecessors. It's not that they're copying a game about a god killing monsters. It's in the abstract sense.

    That being said, I don't agree with this. It looked very good, but it also looked ver gears of war as we know it
  14. Phendrift


    Y’all are getting so worked up over a comparison, no one’s saying they copied God of War.
  15. N.Domixis


    Lol this funny.
  16. bangai-o


    After watching the trailer, I thought, hmmm... that looks like Gears of War with more snow.
  17. NotLiquid


    I dunno to me it just looks like they're changing the playable character and finally adding some things to spice up the repetitive formula but props to Gears at least for seemingly holding up it's signature core in the process and not jettisoning it like God of War did.
  18. HStallion


    Sort of. I don't even think I saw someone take cover once in the footage they showed. Not that there won't be ducking behind cover but I thought that was an interesting way to show off a game so well known and focused on such a gameplay system.
  19. Nostradamus


    It looked pretty Gears to me. It looks like IGN is trying too hard.
  20. rrc1594


    Gameplay I don't think will change much, but rumor is the game is becoming more open like uncharted 4
  21. Gears 5 looks very good, the graphics are great.

    But with TLOU2 demo beside from the best in class visuals it was also showing cool new stuff and more impactful stuff.

    • The animation of how bad guys move and die is unlike anything we have seen
    • The lighting is on another level
    • The ultra voilence always gets ppls attention

    The lead Rod Ferguson of gears 5 said on inside xbox that the goal of gears 5 is to challenge expectations and unfortunately this was not portrayed in the snippets of gameplay they showed.
    I sometimes think that the core gears gameplay maybe restraining there ability to "challenge expectations"

    I mean this has probably got somthing to do with this being the 6th game in the series.

    For gears to be a real 95+ game I think they are going to have to alter the gameplay, something more like uncharted 4 which is not shackled by being only a cover shooter.
    However that does not mean it cant continue having great cover shooting mechanics.
  22. TheZynster


    I hope they change up the campaign after 4. It was insanely predictable, boring and just dragged. Finished it last night.....but I was just pushing my way through so I could have said I finished it. Outright the worst gears campaign for me.......that ending was halo 2/5 esque
  23. Betty


    It reminded me a lot of God of War, the emphasis on story, slower paced gameplay, more intimate settings and situations.
  24. Kerozinn


    lmao this is hilarious thst they even dare to compare it to GoW.

    Gears of War 5 looked like Gears of War 4,5 to me and a few other people who i watched it with.
  25. KillLaCam


    Looked like more open Gears to me... These comparisons are getting dumb
  26. jem


    No it didn't.

    The gameplay they showed had a giant ass melee weapon and no cover.

    That's not to say it won't play like the other Gears games though.
  27. kikiribu


    Lol don’t read the YouTube comments about this game. Ignorant people already calling it “Girls of War”, “Gears: Teenage Girl Edition”, “First Battlefield 5 and now this?”

    Some really shitty people out there. I think it’s cool to see Gears head in this direction.
  28. Luckett_X


    Shades of astroturfing with headlines like that.
  29. Prine


    That IGN reference, but Rod said specifically 2 years ago they deliberately played it safe with Gears 4 (which is a great & loyal Gears game) to understand how to make Gears, then fundamentally change it with 5.
  30. gcwy


    That's a pretty bad article.
  31. Yeah I mean from what was shown there was very little cover, it moved slower, there was a distinct mini boss and melee weapon(I know there were swords before)
  32. nib95


    I did not get that from the trailer at all. It's not like emotional character moments haven't existed in prior Gears games, or vehicle based larger set piece segments either.

    If this game is open world or has much larger semi open environments, or has changed up the core gameplay and design in notable ways, the trailer for me certainly didn't establish it. In fact the actual gameplay snippets they showed (which were too short to properly digest) mostly looked like an iterative take on what we've come to expect from the franchise.
  33. okayfrog


    GoW may have come out two months ago, but we've known about its shift in tone for two years now.
  34. Kest920


    That’s a bold ass fucking statement
  35. jem


    This is a weirdly defensive post.
  36. BossAttack


    No. Not even close.

    I don't even think it's possible to tell a serious, emotional story within the Gears world.
  37. I dont get it, why lol? Because its gears attempting a slight tonal shift, if kratos can do it i dont see why gears cant
  38. Manu


    GoW looks like GoW
  39. Some things I’ve noticed the last few days are, don’t dare compare kingdom hesrts e3 metrics to last of us 2, and God of war is now sacred and nothing can be compared in tone
  40. Aniki


    That Gears trailer made me interested in the game, and i had no interest in the franchise before, so mission accomplished.
  41. Smokey


  42. Kest920


  43. Looked like more Gears to me, it had a bit where the character had a big club or something and was smashing some enemies and a bit with a knife kill on a worm like enemy but it was still clearly Gears, bit of a stretch to be claiming big God of War like changes. It's really just a sequel adding some new features, which ever good sequel should do.

    Not that I'm trying to be all negative, it looked very nice and it's good they are trying to do new things, which is definitely needed but Gears has always been a good series, so I'm sure it will be a fine game.
  44. Bragg


    Maybe I need to rewatch the trailer but I didn't get nearly as much "newness/reboot" as I've seen others claim.

    Gears has spent time on family drama before, including the most recent, pretty lack luster Gears game that was made by the Coalition. Hopefully they can pull this one off better than the clunky JD/Marcus, Dom/Maria, etc stuff, but I'm not holding my breath.

    The enviornments and vehicle thing looked cool, and I'm hoping for the best as I like the series, but it seems like people are taking an awful lot away from the little that was shown that I'm not sure is really there.

    Mostly seemed like Gears to me.
  45. Jimmyfenix


    do we know why they removed "of war" from the title?
  46. kikiribu


    Everyone already just calls it “Gears” anyway.
  47. IronicSonic


    Sure, if they get rid of probably 2+ years of development?
  48. andresmoros


    I noticed that there were more areas were you didn’t had to necessarily take cover, and were more traditional third person I guess. At least that was my impression. I didn’t get any God of War vibes from it particularly.
  49. Games evolve or die.
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