Ilhan Omar's 16 year old daughter Isra Hirsi is leading the US youth climate strikes


Nov 2, 2017
I already had mad respect and appreciation for Omar, but now it's even higher since apparently she is also a bad ass mother who raised such an awesome daughter. She must be one hell of a proud mother

Also check out her Family Insta Story highlights if you thought Omar wasn't already cool enough.

Lots of dark and negative news these times but I'm hopeful that more and more young, courageous people like AOC, Omar and her daughter will go into politics and try to change things for the better. The days of old, corporate shills in politics is soon to be over I hope.

Cow Mengde

Oct 26, 2017
Good on her! Not sure if she should get into politics, but we definitely need more people like her.


Oct 29, 2017
Just the ugliness of it all. Look at what the Democrats are doing to her mother. Plus she's only 16. She might have her own ideas on what she wants.
She has no reason to live in fear of ignorant opposition. Her mother certainly doesn't. She isn't required to go into politics, no, but I wouldn't be unsure about it.


Dec 3, 2018
You can tell a lot about a mother by looking at the child. This shows the upbringing is from someone who cares and ilhan is not just another tow the line politician

el jacko

Dec 12, 2017
that is a legit ig feed

better than 99% of them

EDIT: okay, a more serious comment. I remember walking out of school to protest the Iraq war, but damn, I wish I had even a tenth of the motivation these kids have, and can still be so cheerful doing it. It's absolutely terrible their March 15 protest was overwhelmed by the white supremacist murder in Christchurch.


Oct 25, 2017
Dunno if it's entirely fair to say the three kids are leading it, as its a global movement with tons of players and leaders. But regardless those three kids (along with Greta Thunberg) are super brave.

I think it's awesome so many kids are getting political about important issues such as climate change and gun control. It's something we need more of at all age groups.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
whoa, I honestly thought Ilhan Omar was the same age as AOC. I was shocked to see "16-year old daughter" in the thread title lol.

In any case, good on her!


Aug 26, 2018
I heard the younger kids are already trying to primary her for the student counsel elections.