I'm not paying for console game streaming (Microsoft xCloud, Google Project Stream) what about you?

Are you or would you be willing to pay for console game streaming of current and next-gen games?

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Kaji AF16

Nov 6, 2017
As of now, and as much as I distrust Google, I´m extremely interested in what they have to show next Tuesday. I will probably continue to choose Microsoft when it comes to gaming, but GDC should be a milestone in selling streaming to the masses.

Yesterday I was able to test a local, Turner Latin America-funded streaming gaming system (GLOUD) here in Argentina and it worked unexpectedly well even with my high-latency connection. Considering the costs of hardware in my country, if the price is right, I would migrate to streaming in a relatively near future. I do believe the tech will be there during the next decade or so.


Aug 23, 2018
Too much depends on external and uncontrollable factors when going streaming, both that can affect the quality of the experience or even it's ability to log in and play.

This is not Netflix, primarily on that depends one-way streaming capability. It needs equally very fast speed and response times to emulate a local hardware based experience!

Wait till you see compression artifacts, screen-tearing, intermittent down sampling ...


Jan 21, 2018
4g isn’t reliable enough and the speeds change with ever mile you travel speed is not consistent

5g might work once it’s every where, but even then once 5g is every where not many people are going to pay 20-30$ a month just so they can use 5g to stream games on the go

Actually it might even be more than 20-30$ a month
Sure, I think the performance on 4G won't be optimal. But I'm interested to see if I'll be able to play Assassins Creed Odyssey on 720p with acceptable latency when I'm on the train (either via 4G or the train WiFi (4g is better)).

I can watch football matches. I can watch Netflix movies. So how far are we away from it?

By the way. I'm currently paying 35 euros per month for unlimited 4G. And I'm paying too much.

Add 10-15 euros for the Game library and streaming service and it'll be an expensive hobby. I agree with that.


Oct 30, 2017
Only problem with streaming is if it really catches on in the next few years hardware like gpus are going to get even more expensive.
I'm not paying for console game streaming (Microsoft xCloud, Google Project Stream) are you?

There's no way I am going to spend money on streaming games in this upcoming console generation. I am a firm believer in 100% local hardware in my house.

I own a PS4 Pro, an Xbox One X and a Switch.

I don't plan on subscribing to Microsoft's xCloud, Google's Project Stream, PlayStation Now, or any future streaming service.

I fully plan to buy a PS5, the next high-end Xbox (Anaconda) and perhaps even a fully physical console from Google (if they announce that as an option, and if the games are compelling enough).
*fist bump* My man!!!! Somebody had to say it!!! :D


Jan 21, 2018
It's also interesting to see how fast interesting speeds are changing in The Netherlands:
T-Mobile continues to lead in Opensignal's download ratings, taking the top spot for both 4G download and overall speed. The Deutsche Telekom-owned operator achieved significant growth, reaching average speeds of 54.5 Mbps in our latest November-January test period, up from the 46.4 Mbps recorded in our last report. All four of the major operators saw significant increases in 4G download speed in our tests, with average 4G speeds increasing by at least 4 Mbps across all four over the six-month period.
So an average 4G speed increase of 4Mbps or more between all providers within one year.

T-Mobile remained the leader in terms of 4G latency with speeds of 28.2 milliseconds, ahead of KPN, Tele2, and Vodafone, according to our data.
T-Mobile is the best with latency, clocking at 28.2ms.

If they get the stability up to par (with either 5G or improved 4G networks) mobile internet will be really impressive.


Feb 9, 2019
I don't get why everyone on here is treating it as one or the other. I'd Glady play my games on hardware at home and use xcloud to play games when I'm not at home and don't want to drag my console around places. Xcloud is supposedly gonna work on phones, tablets and everything else so I don't get why everyone here is saying they wouldn't use it cause they want actual hardware.

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Oct 25, 2017
I know this thread is about the console space, but I want to share my 2C anyway (more like $10 if you go by word count :P).

I've been trying out the Geforce Now beta for a few months now. I can say it's both better than I thought it would be, and worse than it should for me to actually consider paying at this point.

I have 100mb fiber and with the latency, it barely fits the 1080p/60 requirements. Luckily, I'm not burdened by data caps; at my max speed it says it might use up to 15GB per hour.

I understand it's not exactly the same service as it is likely to be on consoles, considering it is more centered around leveraging your existing game libraries from other clients (thus sidestepping the "ownership issue" at the moment) or accounts from F2P games, but it works the same in essence: somewhere else in the world there is a piece hardware natively running some software and sending a signal through a cable to a local machine I can play on. It works fine, but that's as far as I'd go. It generally feels more like playing a YT video of a game than a game itself. As such, it's great to see my 2012 work laptop run a demanding game at ultra settings with only minimal input lag; it's fascinating tech in that regard, but still not enough to feel as fluid as native.

The problem is that it's massively dependent on robust infrastructure and straight up physical distance, and the distance part is currently not ideal and I don't expect it to be when even a company as big as Microsoft doesn't currently have local centers to assuage this issue. When that's the case, it's hard to not see it more like a side gimmick I might engage with every now and then instead of a primary platform for play. It's so dependent on factors I have no or little control over that I don't want to be at the whims of the technology. Heck, even stuff like online only in a super connected world can be extremely annoying when poorly supported, which most games still do. If everything else moves to online only like a bunch of Ubi stuff is doing, I can only see even the local option getting worse.

Another problem (so far exclusive to the PC space but might not always be the case) is that I like doing local modifications to these games. Stuff like Football Manager just doesn't work for me without being able to install a bunch of graphic packages (even steam workshop mod solution is lacking on this front), or games like Path of Exile where installing a loot filter and trade macro are essentials to me. Through these streaming services I have no option to modify my local files because well, they are not mine anymore.

tl;dr: IF gamepass/equivalent proves to be very good value on PC and IF Microsoft/equivalent manages to make the service work better than the competitors, IF they solve the issue of distant servers, and IF my ISP manages to keep up with the requirements or my carrier implements 5G and it's all that, and IF there are some added benefits I can see myself using a streaming solution as an additional option to my local hardware, for select games. I think only a few parts of the world are ready for it atm, and it remains to be seen if the implementation is consumer friendly in terms of content and costs.

That's a lot of big IFs.
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Oct 25, 2017
Kinda missing options for those of us who aren't willing to pay for it now.

I'm not against the concept at all but I won't adhere to it until I've got no other choice.


The Fallen
Jun 13, 2018
I already bought a Steam Link* and a Nvidia Shield
I am part of the problem and I'm willing to see how Xcloud performs 🤷🏻‍♂️

John Omaha

Oct 25, 2017
The only scenario where I would pay for a cloud gaming subscription is to play a must-play moneyhatted exclusive and immediately unsubscribe after beating it.

I'm vehemently against cloud gaming as it completely gives up ownership to the big corps.


Oct 27, 2017
Okay good for you? I think this is gonna end up being the standard eventually, and when it is it'll be cheaper and easier than owning the hardware yourself. So, I have no problem with it, but I wouldn't pay for it right this second


Oct 28, 2017
I don't think streaming is for me. Not reliable enough, especially with my current Internet connection. Hell I can barely get lag free online gaming, let alone game streaming. Add to that I don't like the notion of having so many different subscriptions. Plus I like to actually mostly own my games and products.


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Oct 30, 2017
Never. Nothing better like play direct from the source.

Also what's the problem with buying a game digitally and download it to your console?


Apr 5, 2018
Stuttgart, Germany
It will be interesting how this is being priced? Monthly subscription? Weekly subscription? Maybe even weekends only? You could hop onto it when you go home for Christmas or travel to China for business, and use the native device at home. I do think the services will be monetized, especially further down the road.


Man Mega
Oct 25, 2017
Ibis Island
I won’t pay for it full-on, My internet speed doesn’t support it. However, I do want to see options on its use.

I’m still on the side that buying a digital game should mean that you get the cloud version included. That way you’re making even more incentive for digital purchases.
Or having cloud versions included in a more expensive sub for Gamepass can work too.

I mainly just don’t want to see stuff like “Buy the digital game at $60 and get the cloud version included for $10 more”


Aug 19, 2018
Never ever. I like buying retail copies. If I had to pick, it'd be Gamepass since at least you download and install it to your local hardware.

I'm a stickler for latency and image quality, both of which can vary when you stream a game.


Jan 1, 2018
Not right now, no. My internet wouldn't support it. However, I would be more open to it later down the road if we're less burdened by internet speeds and data caps.
Nov 4, 2017
Assuming the streaming quality is good, and the price is reasonable (if I'm going to end up paying as much or more than I would just buying actual hardware I'll stick to hardware), then sure.
Oct 25, 2017
London, UK
How can you possibly make a call on this until you see the services in action and know the cost?

Calm down.

Edit; also do you buy games digitally at all? If so you may want to look at some of the ownership issues there.


Jan 21, 2018
Something to consider:

Imagine buying a PlayStation 5 next generation. But Microsoft releases the new Fable game (or whatever) and it's looking really good. Would you play Fable via streaming so you don't need to buy an Xbox Scarlett?


Oct 26, 2017
Is there a poll option where you aren't hopping to buy in but you aren't hating the whole concept? Like, if people like it...cool.


Feb 17, 2019
as a programmer who puts on twitch in the background streaming game services (especially if I could just hop in via twitch) might actually totally destroy my life/ productivity.
Nov 4, 2017
I'm going with no. I'm fairly sporadic and eclectic in my gaming tastes, and there's no way any provider would have all the games I would be interested. By the time I've paid for a few game subscriptions, it would probably just be cheaper to buy the games I want outright (I'm happy to wait for deals and discounts etc). I also like having the physical media there for preservation and potential emulation in the future.

However, I'd sign up intermittently if there were good deals on. For example, I grabbed that 2 months of GP for $2 deal just to play FH4 for a couple of months.


Oct 30, 2017
After trying geforce now on my mac with fiber I must say it's pretty good tbh. At least for single player games.


Oct 27, 2017
It all depends on price and how well it works. I think once 5G hits then it will be of good use to me. I can't see myself using it in my home unless it's to stream PS4/PS5 games on the PC but so far Sony is reluctant to put new titles on their service.

Like the hat?

Oct 25, 2017
I'm not totally against it, but I wouldn't use it. That was the only option I was able to pick, though. I have no interest in streaming because when I've tried it, it hasn't worked well for me.


Oct 27, 2017
There should be a wait and see option. I am interested by the concept but not convinced that it can work well enough and be attractive enough for me to pay for, versus just playing on my console at home.


Dec 21, 2017
Of course not. Latency and image quality are important. Streaming is for kids who can’t afford real hardware in my opinion or casuals who don’t want to buy it.
lmao very hardcore of you.

On topic, I'd pay for it if well implemented. Kind of a bizarre question as we don't know any real details of the next gen hardware. Although I do think streaming is the future and I honestly can't wait.


Oct 26, 2017
I'm not against it but have no real interest in it either... definitely not looking to be paying for any streaming services in the near future at least.


Oct 31, 2017
Hmm, sell a $100 dollar stream box and charge x amount a month to play? Didn't OnLive try that?

I guesd when the prices of the next gen consoles get revealed that will get everyone singing a different tone.


Oct 27, 2017
Also data caps, if that is true above me with it being like 15gbs per hour my 1tb data cap is already hitting its limits right now, so that’s going to be fucked even more.


Oct 28, 2017
I have a PS4 now, exclusively for the ,hmm, exclusives I'm interested in. Meaning I have like 5 games on it and it collects dust most of the time. I have exceptional broadband here, so if Sony can offer me a decent working service at a fair price you can bet I'm interested. I can see myself subscribing in the month(s) that a game I really want to play gets released, finish it and unsubscribe if I don't need/want it anymore.

In an ideal world I play every game on my PC. Preferable as a local digital copy that I can mod/hack as much and as far as I want, or in the case of console exclusives, that I can stream to my PC. The less plastic boxes and physical games I need to buy, the better.


Aug 25, 2018
Streaming games has been a garbage experience for me every time I've tried it. The input lag is unbearable.