In Captain Marvel review, RedLetterMedia don't discuss the film for over 15 minutes as they talk about Brie Larson's comments on diversity

Oct 28, 2017
User warned: Do not make click-bait titles.
... You'll never guess what they talk about until then!

Brie Larson's comments on diversity in film reviewing!
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Cyprinodon Martius
Oct 28, 2017
can you just tell me? instead of doing this clickbaity bullshit?
This side of the forum is always clickbait. :(
This, the thumbnail already looks annoying for me to click
Brie Larson's 'controversial' comments about the abundance of white male reviewers. Didn't realise people would be so easily offended by the OP, will amend it.


Nov 11, 2017
I'm not "just asking questions," I literally don't know what the controversy about the film is. Is it that she's a girl?
Oh no worries.

Hmm, it's about the fact that Brie was very vocal about wanting to have diversity in her press junkets for Captain Marvel. Then it created the controversy surrounding the review bombings of the movie.

Then they kinda dig at her a lot for 15 minutes...


Oct 25, 2017
they basically went with the usual "oh, she wasn't wrong, but she couldve been less aggressive about it" ridiculous diatribe, or how it's bad to take children to movies, because at the end, were feeding big corps.


Nov 16, 2017
I used to watch RLM for a bit, was kinda funny... but then I realized that they just suck ass


Jan 24, 2019
The first 6 minutes is their opening skit

Around 8~ minutes is where they start talking about the movie itself. There's two minutes of whining about the whining about this movie.

There ya go everybody!

edit: Ah, they get back into Brie Larson/what she said/the internet stuff around the 11 minute mark after talking about the movie itself for a few minutes


Nov 6, 2017
It felt like they were saying "I dont really care, it doesnt bother me", and then proceed to not let it go for like 10 minutes.


Oct 27, 2017
This is pretty standard lefty stuff... Not really MRA shit. I would recommend really watching the entirety of what they are trying to say.

I'll summarize:
- They are critical of people attaching social justice concerns to a massive corporate film. Both those on Youtube who make dozens of videos shitting on the film or Larson and those who feel like the movie is important.
- Mention the charity thing that gave tickets to underprivileged kids to go see the movie as an example of faux wokeness.
- They center most of the criticism of Larson specifically due to a speech she made at a conference that they think came from her realizing she's not a black woman and thus not the lowest on the totem pole of having to struggle so she decides to shit on white male film critics and how they give negative reviews to films like A Wrinkle in Time. "These movies aren't for them" is what she says. This is the main focus of this part of the video. The main thing they take issue with here is someone using lack of representation as an excuse for a movie doing poorly (they show images of white men giving Larson's films positive reviews).
- They say that having more voices in film criticism is good and that their is probably a kernel of what she was trying to say. They sight the documentary about the history of African Americans in horror and how it presented ideas that Jay would never have thought of. Basically they think she framed it all wrong.
- Film criticism is the least important thing in the whole world on the scale of social justice. They namedrop films like Tangerine as movies that would be worthy of this level of discourse. Films that got great reviews from white men.

I don't think the RLM guys are perfect, but there has been this weird conflating them with alt-right people.
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Oct 31, 2017
So, like, basically yes? It's MRA bullshittery?
Pretty much. I mean, even if you want to take issue with Larson's point, or her tone, or whatever you want to take issue with, being unable to separate that from the movie is the definition of bullshittery.

Expecially since this is often the same crowd that goes "It doesn't matter if this artist is actually a suspected pedophile who claims the Holocaust is an hoax, you need to be able to separate art and artist, we can still enjoy it" more often than not.


Oct 25, 2017
They should have been less aggressive in there criticism that Brie Larson should have been less aggressive in her criticism of reviewers.


Oct 25, 2017
Greater Vancouver
What’s there to criticise Brie Larson about?
She dared say she didn't care about 'white dudes'. They literally montage her saying 'white dudes,' and try to post a bunch of positive reviews of her movies from white men on RT as some kind of 'gotcha'.

They then talk about how "annoying" she seems in interviews.

Jay then goes on to talk about movies starring black people that he liked to prove... something.

They also then try to counter Brie's criticism of white men dominating the press sphere with a montage of non-white men doing interviews for Star Wars as some kind of 'gotcha'.

It's extremely #notallwhitedudes


Oct 25, 2017
You should be watching these guys for entertainment at best. You should definitely not watch them for film criticism or discussion of social issues.


May 11, 2018
I normally like their stuff and Brie was a little "foot in mouth" in how she got her point across.
But this was just hard to watch this morning, I normally like their stuff especially best of the worst, but post TLJ RO and now this, I may just stick to BoW if I watch them


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Oct 25, 2017
RedLetterMedia is good when it comes to actually talking about movies and analyzing what makes them work or not work. But they're fucking trash when it comes to addressing controversies surrounding movies.

Everyone knows you’re supposed to watch RLM for Best of the Worst and nothing else.
Yeah, Best of the Worst and reView are basically their two best shows.

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Oct 25, 2017
We need an era version of that twitter account that summarizes in 5 words all these substanceless articles.