In spirit of Apex Legends' announcement, let's discuss the EPG.


Oct 25, 2017

This is the EPG-1, or the Eletronic-Propelled Grenade. It's a single shot rocket launcher introduced in Titanfall 2. This motherfucker can kill any pilot in one hit, or two hits with splash damage.

It's , in all honesty, an unremarkable weapon in a game that has plenty of stellar weapons but what sells this weapon to me is, like the Mozambique and Mastiff, only really shines when you mix in it's kill potential with the game's movement system. Be it combining parkour with the Stim boost or the Grappling Hook, it's slow firing rate is alleviated by the existence of Titanfall 2's ease at going from 0 to MAX speed. Unlike other rocket launchers in modern shooters the EPG is one of the rare RPGs that feel it can stand amongst the greatest like the SPNKR-1. — Not weighted down by the physics or feel of the game like in shooters such as CoD. Not 'balanced' to make firefights feel even. It's a rocket that's as only as skilled as the player whose capable of moving around it.

It's a good ass, good gun


The Fallen
Jul 14, 2018
Never really used it tbh. Speedstim + the default weapon or the alternator was my way to go.


The Fallen
Oct 28, 2017

I love it, as it makes the game feel exactly like a Tribes successor. That's probably why I loved TF2 multiplayer so much.


Oct 25, 2017
Absolutely my best gun in Titanfall 2, getting used to hip firing and leading shots feels so rewarding when flying at 100 mph through the maps. Other shoutouts to the Cold war and Softball!