Injustice vs. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe comic announced

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  1. LordOfLore

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    Yeah, I'll read this.
  2. Poppy

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    if this leads to one day being a cackling skeletor in a fighting game then i’m all for it
  3. ILikeFeet

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    interesting they chose the Injustice Universe for this
  4. Platy

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    That is a VERY specific crossover O.o

    and yeah, count me in the "hope this turns into dlc for injustice" crowd
  5. Lashley

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    Hmm, why not
  6. Mugy

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    I wonder if this confirms either He-Man or Skeletor as a DLC character.
  7. Bengraven

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    Fuck yes.

    Ever since I started collecting action figures and that Toys That Made Us came out I’ve begun going full on He-man nerd. I just bought MOTU Classics Teela and Evil Lyn last night and a few days ago helped get a Power Armor Skeletor t-shirt.

    I’m the target audience for something like this.
  8. Richter1887

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    Add Skelator to Injustice and I will buy it.
  9. LordOfLore

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    Did you get this book?
  10. Bengraven

    Bengraven Member

    I will be! I got all the DC books so far.

    And I fucking adore this:

  11. Lump

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    I wonder if He-Man will remember fighting a Superman but realize that this is a different Superman.
  12. geomon

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    I love how He-Man is bigger and stronger looking than Superman.

    I'll definitely give this crossover a shot.
  13. Khezu

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    Excuse me what?
  14. Wag

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    Skeletor needs a sammich.
  15. PSqueak

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    Oh god, please let he-man be DLC for Injustice 2!!

    And if so, i hope it means a full fighter pack.
  16. Skinny Pete

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    What the hell? This is def something.
  17. Cantaim

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    Give me a few panels of Skeletor whooping the ass of everyone in the Injustice universe and I am in.
  18. #18
    They probably chose the Injustice universe so they could have an evil Superman fight He-Man.
  19. haimon

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    Man seeing that show and seeing how they went from 400 million to 7 million was insane.

    Also seeing how Kenner/hasbro dropped the ball with that small payment per year....

  20. Jombag

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    We need the Thundercats next
  21. Bengraven

    Bengraven Member

    It was my first obsession

    The one art director (I believe) had a good point when he said that suddenly you had 50 Buzz Offs and no He-man. I got into it about 6 months maybe (?) into their run on tv and started getting the toys about four or five years old. My mom was able to get me a normal Skeletor but I only had Battle Damage He-man because regular was never available in my area. And while BDHM was awesome, the other variants like Power Fist were just not as interesting. I can see a kid just starting off and only getting King Hiss and Moss Man and wishing to get a He-man or Skeletor.

    Plus GI Joe had slowly creeped up there with Transformers to claim not just my money but all my friends.
  22. KenOD

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    The continuing adventures of secondary and tertiary characters being killed off, but how is the question. I imagine at least one giant snake eating someone
  23. LordOfLore

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    More at the link
  24. SaviourMK2

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  25. Mechanized

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    Add Skeletor to Injustice


    Add Skeletor to the next MK! With the 2000s outfit as well.