Introducing GiftBot! Want to run a giveaway on ResetEra? GiftBot is our gift to you!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cerium, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. yoshizzle

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    The whole line. Also, make sure the subject title is entry
  2. X05

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    This is great :D

    Except for the fiend that wanted to suggest that 00 S2 is great
  3. Blackie

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    This is amazing! Much thanks to ERA staff :D
  4. Respawn

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    You guys are just to darn nice. Thanks to everyone and the hardwork put in to get this done.
  5. deltaplus

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  6. Illusionary

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    Awesome top see this arriving - great work!
  7. GiftBot

    GiftBot Official Giveaway Bot Verified User

    Hello, I am a bot! I come bearing 3 gifts from Lazybob!

    This is a raffle that will expire in 24 hours. The winner will be drawn at random!


    How to Participate:

    To enter this giveaway click here to send a private message to me, GiftBot, with the subject line entry.

    In the message body, copy and paste the entire line below for the prize you wish to win. You are allowed only 1 entry per giveaway.

    Available Prizes:

    Snake Pass (Steam) -- GB-61394e85-2e66-42d6-8081-6e08c9a7a0b0
    The Long Dark (Steam) -- GB-7dd049e0-69f4-43e4-aacc-dd2959762f69
    Tomb Raider (Steam) -- GB-1fdb17d7-3673-495e-820b-c2a7abb20324
  8. scrapple

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    im about to try this out
  9. Halfling

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    Not sure if this has been asked or answered so I apologise in advance, but can we use it on any forum topic, even off topic communities, like as a nice gesture to fellow posters in a specific community?
  10. deltaplus

    deltaplus Administrator

    Absolutely! You can specify any thread at all.
  11. Halfling

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    Excellent I just wondered if maybe people didn't want them to be in off topic too much but I guess they won't be common enough to annoy people.
  12. ZattMurdock

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  13. NAME: Prize Name Goes Here GIFT: Code or Other Prize ID Goes Here
  14. ZattMurdock

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    Hey, it worked! I thought "GIFT" wasn't part of the syntax, I feel stupid now haha. :(
  15. Wowfunhappy

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    It’s so perfect.
  16. DDayton

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  17. Cerium

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  18. DDayton

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    They can no longer be won through that raffle -- I'd need to repost them. Right?

    Just making sure I don't mangle this... "eligible" sounds like "people can still win them from giftbot in their current state," but I don't think that's what you mean. :)
  19. Cerium

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  20. DDayton

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    Uh oh -- two folks are saying that that isn't the case, over at and

    I posted a new raffle for the unclaimed codes, but they are saying they got the codes from my -first- raffle post, as "first come first served"-style rewards. It looks like their games have been claimed and marked off on my original post, too.

    Original raffle post:
    New raffle with unclaimed codes:
  21. Cerium

    Cerium Project Lead Administrator Original Poster

    My bad. I'll delete the new raffle. Sorry for the mix up.
  22. DDayton

    DDayton Member

    No problem. We're in the early stages of GiftBot -- he's yet to achieve human-slaying sentience.
  23. deltaplus

    deltaplus Administrator

    To clarify, after the raffle time period expires, remaining unclaimed gifts turn into first-come, first-serve. Sorry for the confusion, we'll make sure this is clear in the giveaway post going forward.
  24. People that entered the giveaway when it was a raffle and lost (or won) can't enter the giveaway after it turned into a first come first serve: You are allowed only 1 entry per giveaway.
  25. 3bdelilah

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    Modbot's cooler brother, hallelujah!
  26. Reinhard

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    With Humble Bundle, what is the best way to redeem the codes for a giveaway? Should I be clicking on redeeming the actual key and then copy it to Giftbot or is the key somehow connected to my Steam account? The 2nd option is to create a gift link, which I think Giftbot would support also?
  27. Baz

    Baz Member

    Is the source for this bot available to view (on github, for example) deltaplus ?
  28. Cerium

    Cerium Project Lead Administrator Original Poster

    I believe most people do the former. The key shouldn't be tied to your account.
  29. deltaplus

    deltaplus Administrator

    It is not currently public. We haven't yet discussed plans to open source it.
  30. Lain

    Lain Member

    I saw a suggestion in the giveaway thread about platform colors, and someone brought up that modbot used to have icons for various platforms (I completely forgot about it), so I'm wondering if having a PLATFORM option to fill so giftbot would auto add a platform icon is on the list of things to add in the future.
  31. Cerium

    Cerium Project Lead Administrator Original Poster

    Hello everyone! Terribly sorry, but it looks like GiftBot is confused and making duplicate giveaways right now. We're putting him to sleep for the time being until the problem can be diagnosed and fixed. Thank you for your patience!
  32. Jason Frost

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    They shut robots, don't they?
  33. deltaplus

    deltaplus Administrator

    GiftBot is back up, healthy, and delivering gifts to all...who have entered and won a gift ;)
  34. Zippedpinhead

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    What happens if you enter multiple times in the same giveaway? I wasn't paying attention and entered for two items in the same raffle. Do both entries get disqualified or just one?
  35. Scarlet Death

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    I hope I win something soon :3 Broke AF but someone just gave me a computer so hopefully RNGjesus will #bless me.