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iOS 13 |OT| Lights out!


Oct 25, 2017
ok I think I figured this out. You have to turn the phone sideways and long press on a tab in the tab bar. Then choose “arrange by title”. This will flip around the tabs so you will reorder them but opening new tabs in the background should drop in the stack like you expect. I think what is happening is the new “arrange by website” option is active and the tabs are auto sorting.

Edit: tabs are definitely opening normally for me now.
Woah, that totally works! I would’ve never figured that out by myself. Thanks! 🙏


Oct 25, 2017
Has anyone got any tips for getting audio share to work? Trying to do it with my girlfriend’s AirPods and it just doesn’t work. Instead of having the interface where I can select both to output audio to both it shows up but selecting hers causes it to override mine and it will only output to one pair at a time.
That's coming with 13.1 on Tuesday.


Oct 25, 2017
Richmond, VA
I think I spoke to soon on the tab issue. It’s happening again and trying to sort the tabs isn’t working. What is going on here?

EDIT: I did just discover that tapping with two fingers automatically opens links in the background. That’s huge for opening threads I want to read on the Era home page. But I need them to sort the way I want!

El Pescado

Oct 26, 2017
Anyone else having this?

I’ve got a bug that’s recommending an email address to me in my Share Sheet “Favorites” that I don’t want there and it’s literally the only thing it’s pulled out of my phone somehow and it won’t recommend anything else or go away.
Oct 25, 2017
The share sheet needs to be more customizable. You should be able to add your own Favorites because right now the Message suggestions are too random. My family group chat will be the most recent chat but it rarely shows up.


Oct 26, 2017
Is it not possible to drag & drop events in Fantastical anymore? When I tap and hold, it always opens the peek window with the context menu. God, I hate all this long press shit.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Also what did they do with watch/phone interactions? My watch never goes off first anymore. Now it’s the phone which never used to unless the watch was off my wrist.


Nov 12, 2017
Heh, sleeping in on the weekend "taught" iOS 13's "optimized battery charging" that I wouldn't need my phone charged until like 10 am. So when I got up at 7 am for work I only got to 87%. It's a'ight. I'll roll with it and see if it adjusts. iPhone 11 Pro's battery is so big now that even a partial charge will get me through the day easily.