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Iowa Farmers Who Voted for Trump Tell CNN They’re Fed Up With Trade War: ‘I’ll Never Vote for Him Again’

Dec 10, 2017
Damned tsundere Trump voters; we fucking know who they are voting for in 2020. Why even bother with these woe is me I regret Trump articles; they are all the same! If your family and livelihood depended so heavily on politics you'd think you would have done your research beforehand. Not a single solitary person did not realize who and what Trump was when they voted for him; a failed miserable excuse of a human as well as businessman. On what forsaken planet did these people examining all of what Trump stood for think for even a second that he would make their lives better, instead of looting every last inch of the country for himself and his cronies and burning the rest to ashes?!

Don't think for a second that these craven 'patriots' wouldn't shoot a bullet through their own hands so long as it also injured a minority. Fuck every last one of them, I hope the blood price they pay for their vote is deep and hemorrhages eternally. I want them to feel their vote every day of their lives; waking them up from nightmares to the realization their life has become a worse nightmare. They'd probably still crawl out of the ashes Trump has left in his wake to vote for him and others like him again and again because they know nothing but hatred and stupidity.

Fuck them and fuck these articles about them. They don't qualify anymore to be thought of humanely when many are suffering under Trump who didn't vote for him and don't deserve their lives put in jeopardy because of them. Salt their eyes at time of death so they can't even see the torture they've wrought upon themselves in the afterlife.
Oct 31, 2017
I wanna take their word for it, since these tariffs are Trump directly fucking with their livelihoods. Like, no layers of economic obfuscation. They're being shut out of markets because of, essentially, one man. ...But who knows what people think? They could change their minds as soon as business turns around.

Damn, folks here just want blood.

All that would have to happen is a bailout if things got bad enough for them and they'd jump right back on the Trump the Savior bandwagon
Oct 27, 2017
I listened to NYT The Daily today about two business owners who are heavily impacted by the tariffs.

Despite going into debt, both of them say that they'll still vote for Trump and that the only problem is that Trump isn't listening to the right advisors.

It's extremely troubling how indoctrinated they are.
Oct 30, 2017
I still can't believe how obvious he was. I mean, how did anyone go into 2016 even thinking that Trump was a viable human being, let alone candidate?
It's still hard for me to understand how some people aren't totally put off by Donald. He's an unapologetically gross person who can't even string a couple of coherent sentences together. How am I supposed to respect anyone who genuinely finds him respectable?
Oct 27, 2017
Yeah, the majority are still going to vote for him, but SURELY a fraction will not, right? Right? C'mon, surely. Please. C'mon.
There's evidence that Trump has lost about 3-5% of the folks who voted for him in 2016, which would translate to about a 1-2% drop in overall support.
He hasn't gained any voters from 2016, though states like MI/PA aren't gaining as much populationwise, and might be getting a bit of liberal flight.