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iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max announced (starting $699, $999, $1099 - Preorder Friday, ships Sept. 20th)


  • iPhone 11

    Votes: 178 10.5%
  • iPhone 11 Pro

    Votes: 204 12.0%
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max

    Votes: 259 15.2%
  • Pass

    Votes: 1,059 62.3%

  • Total voters


Oct 28, 2017
Been using the 11P for a few days now and I'm absolutely loving it. The battery life alone is worth the premium, the added peace of mind it gives me is something I haven't had in quite some time.

The camera array is a massive personal disappointment for me coming from the world of mirrorless cameras and big lenses but it's still a quantum leap upgrade over my 6+.

Right now the only thing I struggle with on a regular basis is re-arranging the icons on the homescreen. This feature is probably the least responsive and most frustrating it's ever been.