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IrishERA |OT| The Coffin Ship arrives

Oct 28, 2017
I've been called a culchie by a Dub before and I live in Cork City.

I guess it depends on where you live.

To me a culchie would be someone from Mayo or Kerry, generally somewhere in the whesht.
Most Dubs consider everyone outside the Pale a culchies, it has nothing to do with the West or any direction in particular.

The jackeen wankers
Oct 26, 2017
Very WIDE net of places in Munster I could be from but it's accurate enough.

I love the little bit of Mayo/Sligo thrown in for good measure. My mother was from Galway........or was she..........


Oct 25, 2017
but it's 30 million each....disgusting

also they might be dubs alotta conflicting info
if they are dubs, their identities will be known within seconds. Like how everyone in dublin now knows about a certain MMA fighter and his recent criminal and family problems