Is Nico the most lovable character this gen?


  • Yes

    Votes: 316 22.5%
  • No

    Votes: 818 58.3%
  • Nope, the van is actually the best character this gen

    Votes: 269 19.2%

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Dec 8, 2017
Voted yes, but i'll be honest, mostly based on appearance.
I like her being obnoxious though, but i think the jokes in DMC5 more or less miss the mark for the most part.

Like, I can't believe Dante makes that "is it Halloween already" comment. It's so trite, lazy and unclever and Nero has a few lines like that introducing boss fights.
DMC4 had much better wit from what i remember.
Oct 27, 2017
Nico's good but she's no Myla from Hollow Knight.

And now I'm sad :(

Good answer. One of the most gorgeous and convincing videogame characters.

The answer to 'Is _____ the most _____?' and it's cousin 'Am I the only to ______?' is always gonna be no.
Not even "is Aiden Pearce the most awful character of the generation?"?!

It's mirmir he's incredible and the only time I've purposely slowed down to listen to a game character in 25 years of playing games.
Yeah, Mimir is great. I really hope he's back in the sequel too.
Oct 27, 2017
I never did mention my most loved characters this gen so here goes:
-Majima and Kiryu, both of these were awesome in the last couple of generations but only got even better this generation. Especially Majima in 0 and in his campaign in Kiwami 2.
-Mimir, like other people stated, head was an awesome idea and his dialogue is the best in the game. The voiced novelization of the game is worth it because he is narrating it.
-Kat, what else is there to say? She is the best part of the game and it makes me sad we might never get a third game with her. She deserved better.
-G, best newcomer in Street Fighter 5.
In terms of like, an overall popular pick, I'd sooner see people go with Ellie than Arthur for what this thread is about.
Are we talking about the character being lovable as a character trait or how loved the character is in the player base? Because if it is the former then I agree but if it is the second then I disagree because everyone I talked to loved the character, even those who hated the game. I have no hard proof on how many people liked him so I could very well be wrong.
Oct 30, 2017
Nico is really nicely designed and i like her dialect and everything BUT that focus on her smoking addiction is disgusting.
She probably smells like shit and if i were Nero i would have kicked her out of the Van if she lights up a cig in such a small space.

But i avoid smokers as much as possible in Real Life because its the worst thing someone can do and that affects me.
If Nico after the end of the game quits and suddenly becomes a healthy person she definitely would be up there.
Dec 4, 2017
Nico is amazing! Even though her accent is inconsistent (and I'm not even from the U.S.), I think it even makes her cuter (weird, right?). It also helps that her dynamic with Nero is incredible, every time she's on screen she makes every scene better just by interacting with anyone else.