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Is there a funnier moment in The Simpsons than steamed hams?

Oct 27, 2017
I didn't know that was known as an iconic clip
there's like 500 simpsons moments i'd put before that
Whenever there's a greatest Simpsons moments thread, I'm always amazed that segments that I didn't find funny or didn't think worked are considered favorites by others. I think that's a testament to the show's greatness because I realize someone else loved an episode in an entirely different way.


Nov 26, 2017
Worker and Parasite
Homer making breakfast for Burns
Moe randomly barging into a family meal and asking for money (I can’t find this one online, pls some1 find)
Oct 25, 2017
I think the german version of that scene is even funnier, primarily because they called "steamed hams" "gedämpfte huscheln", huscheln rhimes with muscheln (clams) but it's a made up nonsense word, it makes the entire conversation even more absurd. I also prefer the delivery of Skinner's "Yes" and "No" towards the end.

I think thats because we all prefer the version we are most accustumed to though :p
In castillian spanish is Jambones al Vapor (a really old word for ham that nobody uses anymore) and the delivery from our voice actors for chalmers and skinner is great.
Nov 8, 2017
Boston, MA
I haven’t watched a Simpsons episode in years but I do listen to Talking Simpsons and relieve some amazing moments. Never remembered this but laughed and played back this moment so many times.

Dec 22, 2017
The other day I found this amazing YT channel featuring Simpsons remixes that I was dying to finally get on ResetEra to share them:

Oct 25, 2017

Even if this isn't the loudest you have laughed at the Simpsons, this is still one of the best, if not straight up the best, constructed jokes ever.
I think about the brilliance of this every once in a while. You think when he puts in more descriptors, it’s going to just bring up Homer, but they subvert the obvious joke while still moving to the same plot point.