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  1. Kyzer

    Kyzer Member Original Poster

    Edit2: 1upmuffin has requested we put a link to the Nintendo ERA discord here so that people can join up and chat if they'd like, even after all this is over:

    NintendoERA Discord:


    With 2018 right around the corner and the Nintendo Switch lighting up the sales charts, everyone is wondering what the company has in store for its sophomore year.

    Let's speculate on titles think we could see in a hypothetical Nintendo Direct:
    1. Pikmin 4
    In July 2015, Shigeru Miyamoto gave an interview to Eurogamer in which he revealed that Pikmin 4 was in development and nearing completion. We can assume that this title has likely been moved to development for Nintendo Switch, and is therefore a strong candidate for a hypothetical upcoming Nintendo Direct.

    2. Super Mario Maker Switch
    Super Mario Maker was a big new IP for the Wii U, selling over 3.5 million copies worldwide. A continuation of the series makes a lot of sense from a number of perspectives, not least of all the form factor of the Switch itself. Capable of the same touch screen utility as the Wii U, a new entry would be capable of the same intuitive controls. Secondly, Super Mario Maker's online functionality was one of its most critical components, and Nintendo will soon be launching their own online subscription service a la Xbox Live/Playstation Plus which will charge users in exchange for fully featured online services. They will need games to sell this service to consumers, and Super Mario Maker could very well be a part of that plan.

    3. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch
    As mentioned above, Nintendo is going to need games to sell their new online service. Aside from their already released titles, no game is going to entice gamers to pay for multiplayer than a new Super Smash Bros. title. The critically acclaimed Wii U entry, released in 2014, is rumored to be the foundation for a new entry, which would mean that development could be more streamlined, and thus the game could release sooner than expected. They can also now expand the roster and features through DLC, something that the team has already experimented with in the past. Nintendo announcing such a big game so close to its release would not be strange, it's actually something Nintendo does often. We have no idea what they are planning to release as their big 2018 title, and their online service has been delayed to late 2018, so this could very easily be it.
  2. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief User has requested a four week self ban. Member

    I'm going to argue for two third party games that I think will be announced:

    • Dark Souls
    • GTA5
  3. Rich

    Rich Member

    Some games, likely

    Bayonetta 1 and 2 will get a mention. I'd expect more Kirby and Yoshi for sure. I'd also guess a port of DKC:R and Tropical Freeze.

    Dark Souls Trilogy and Tales of Berseria from Bandai Namco.
  4. FiXalaS

    FiXalaS Member

    Smash bros.!

    but I don't know anymore if it will be just Smash 4 Deluxe
  5. JazzmanZ

    JazzmanZ Member

    The Mario and Rabbids story DLC
  6. Blabadon

    Blabadon Banned Member

    As usual, you're wrong.
  7. MWorldII

    MWorldII Member

    Mario Maker and Metroid Prime trilogy will be my most anticipated announcements.
  8. Kyuuji

    Kyuuji Member

    Why you gotta do this? Put hope out there like that.
  9. Joseki

    Joseki Member

    I expect to see Koizumi, that's for sure.
  10. Aaronrules380

    Aaronrules380 Member

    I'm honestly convinced at this point that Pikmin 4 is not actually a thing and Miyamoto was just referring to Hey Pikmin
  11. Rich

    Rich Member

    Please, all wise future seeing one - what are the UK Euromillions numbers for next Tuesday?
  12. #12
    Super Mario Odyssey DLC scheduled for a Q3 release.
  13. JehutyRunner

    JehutyRunner Member

    I know Dark Souls is more or less a given, but hasn't GTA V been mooted by an insider on here?
  14. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief User has requested a four week self ban. Member

    Someone must be the conductor of the hype train, it is a burden I willingly accept.
  15. RabbidPeach

    RabbidPeach Banned Member

    Plenty of 3DS games.

    Maybe some Switch games too.
  16. Rezsolution

    Rezsolution Member

    I hardly agree with the choices myself but there's no need to single them out
  17. DNAbro

    DNAbro Member

    We will see their whole entire 2018 line up.
    Kirby and Yoshi will get proper release dates.
    Super Smash Bros Switch for Summer
    Animal Crossing announced. Fall 2018
    Pokemon Switch, Fall 2018
    Fire Emblem Trailer, Fall 2018
    Project Octopath Traveller given release date.
  18. Escalario

    Escalario Member

    More $60 shitty-ass ports of games that are available on other platforms for $5 or even free.
  19. #19
    Not F-Zero.
  20. #20
    Metroid Prime 4 would be fantastic. Some third party announcements.

    If they announce GTA 5 they should market the hell out of it. "Play GTA 5 anywhere you want" I believe it would sell very successfully on the Switch, leaving a impact on the third party developers
  21. Radishhead

    Radishhead Member

    I just want to hear confirmation that they are working on an Animal Crossing. Even if it doesn't come out this year, I just want to hear something!
  22. Zippo

    Zippo Member

    At least a mention of Smash Bros.
    2D Mario
    Animal Crossing
    Prime 4
    Kirby SA
    Retro's new game
    Bayonetta 3
    Fire Emblem

    I think at least 5 of these will happen.
  23. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief User has requested a four week self ban. Member

    Well, they marketed Skyrim really well, so I imagine they will push GTA5 a whole lot, too.
  24. #24
  25. DecoReturns

    DecoReturns Member

    Snapping and clicking sounds
  26. TheFireman

    TheFireman Member

    Of revealed first party projects, Kirby and Yoshi will probably get a push.

    Of unrevealed first party projects, Fire Emblem Switch seems like the safest bet. I could also see Metroid Prime 4 getting a reveal. Animal Crossing I could see happening as well. Smash Bros I would call a maybe, because I'm really uncertain what direction they're going to go in with that game. I don't think we'll see Pokemon. Pokemon X/Y and Sun and Moon were both revealed in their own events. I expect the same to happen with Pokemon Switch.

    Dark Souls, Persona and GTA V seem like very possible third party titles.
  27. ZER0

    ZER0 Member

    - Mario Maker Deluxe
    - Fire Emblem Switch reveal trailer and release date
    - Pikmin 4
    - New IP from Retro Studios
    - Yoshi and Kirby Switch details
    - New level 5 IP for Switch
    - lots of 3rd paty announcements inclusive GTA 5 port.
    - Dragon Ball figher z for switch announcement
    - some weird game from Nintendo no one sees coming
    - Some exclusive japanese 2nd party games.
  28. Ushojax

    Ushojax Member

    Guaranteed: Fire Emblem, Yoshi, Kirby

    Probable: Animal Crossing, Smash Bros, Bayonetta 3, Virtual Console, Wii/Wii U ports
  29. ASaiyan

    ASaiyan Member

    I'll tell you one thing, Switch Title 23 is definitely going to be there.
  30. Sammy Samusu

    Sammy Samusu Banned Member

    GTAV has to happen.

    But they'd probably save it for E3 unless it's coming out soon, which is a possibility.

    For January Direct I expect more first party announcements. To be honest the game I want the most is #FE. Didn't get to play it on Wii U.
  31. Argot

    Argot Member

    I'm going to repost what I said in the Nintendo First-Party thread

  32. Francokid1

    Francokid1 Member

    Donkey Kong by Retro Studios
  33. Paradox House

    Paradox House Member

    Oh go are people hanging their hats on GTA :o

    For me am thinking:
    - Fire Emblem
    - Animal Crossing
    - Kirby
  34. MCN

    MCN Member

    Oh man, I don't know what I'd do if GTA5 got announced.

    Buy it, probably.
  35. Tibarn

    Tibarn Member

    Retro Studios game's announcement is a 50/50 for me.
    If the game is really big and they want E3 attention, we won't see it during the Direct.
    I really hope we see something besides some dates and some WiiU remasters.

    Don't be pessimistic, Nintendo is remaking GX at this moment for sure (one can dream...).
  36. Blabadon

    Blabadon Banned Member

    There is every reason to single Char out.
  37. #37
    Something more interesting out of Kirby and yoshi cuz it’s not fair those two seem to have gotten same ol same with a new simple gimmick while mario,Zelda and probably Metroid out here spreading their wings :(
  38. DecoReturns

    DecoReturns Member

    Where did all the GTA 5 prediction come from?

    Just hoping or have their been some ramblings on the internet?
  39. Thorsten

    Thorsten Member

    Metroid Prime 4 for the Nintendo Switch.
  40. Salty_Piers

    Salty_Piers Member

    F-Zero NX would be so sweet
  41. TheFireman

    TheFireman Member

    I think it's just speculation because it seems unlikely that Rockstar would port L.A. Noire to a console but not GTA V.
  42. Shingi_70

    Shingi_70 Member

    Super Smash Brothers for Switch
  43. FrostyLemon

    FrostyLemon Member

    He isn't. 50% correct. At least.
  44. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief User has requested a four week self ban. Member

    There is no substantial reason to believe in a GTA5 at the moment on Switch, if that is what you are asking.
  45. Shiba

    Shiba Member

    Some possibilities...
    -Rabbids story DLC since it comes in January
    -Release date reveals and gameplay reels for already announced titles
    -New IP(s)
    -Exclusive third party game(s)
    -Maybe just maybe.....Metroid Prime 4

    I don’t think you’ll get Dark Souls remastered announced at the event. I’d imagine since it’s rumor to come to all current consoles that Bamco would announce it themselves.
  46. Argot

    Argot Member

    Vern (who leaked LA Noir for Switch and the exact date of the fall direct) mentioned that he was talking to someone from Rockstar and they mentioned they had another port in the works for the Switch and it was "what you'd expect" or something the that effect. So, Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis confirmed, basically.
  47. Blabadon

    Blabadon Banned Member

  48. Rosur

    Rosur Member

    Smash switch I hope. Anything else is a plus.
  49. Rösti

    Rösti Member

    The release schedule part of the Supplementary Information about Earnings Release (FY 2017 six months) published October 30, 2017 features these titles:
    • Kirby Star Allies
    • Dragon Quest Builders
    • Yoshi for Nintendo Switch (temp.)
    • Project OCTOPATH TRAVELER (temp.)
    • Pokémon RPG for Nintendo Switch (temp.)
    I would expect some information on these at least. Hopefully will new details on Metroid Prime 4 emerge as well.
  50. Ausroachman

    Ausroachman Member

    Rockstar presents Max Payne 3 switch!
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