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Is there a January Nintendo Direct? Find out next time on ResetEra!

What team are you?

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Oct 31, 2017
So my new theory is that they're delaying the Direct because they're preparing something really quick to help mitigate the impossible expectations set by this madness.

Nick Nehidnyk

Oct 29, 2017
I once tried growing eggplants. They turned out alright. However, the way I prepared them! Ugh, that was a day I shan't soon forget.

It was late July, the sort of clear but overcast day common in the East, the sort of day where the clouds and fog made Appalachia look even more like a fantasy. I went out to my garden boxes. Now, my garden boxes were whitewashed and made of think timber boards.I noticed a particularly supple eggplant. I grabbed it with my thumb and forefinger and swiftly plucked it from its plant, which sprang back up with the sort of vigor and health a mountain plant should have.

Then I pan fried them with panko crumbs and egg. It was okay.
Oct 28, 2017
This thread is some sort of weird yet beautiful post modern art piece meant to reflect the changing tides of technology and our interactions therein.

Or a collective mental breakdown, but I'm down for w/e.
Oct 25, 2017
I love you all my dudes. When Sweetnicole grants us all sweet release from this nightmare I want to you all to know I'll always keep this little flaming robo on my shoulder!
Until I get bored and decide he needs to go
Oct 25, 2017
God Foot was pretty good. God hand though was disappointing because he had that race, but then he got car sick for some inane reason. What a copout.

I was more of a fan of the Takumi-Kai Kogashiwa (AE86 vs MR2 mk.II) race in Stage 3

That's true, but I feel like most Takumi races post-Third Stage are kinda meh (besides the one with the wings showing up for the first time, in Fifth Stage I think). Keisuke races tho only get better and better and I used to dislike him so much in the beginning!

This 3rd stage race is very legendary anyway. Love how they have the jumps as a legitimate tech for the games with this track.
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