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Is there a Youtube show that you watch over and over again?

Oct 31, 2017
I have watched AVGN multiple times but my most watched are the abridged series for Yugioh and DBZ. I was there when LK was just starting and watched those first episodes as they came out so it really feels like I'm a part of it. Watching the production value go up and seeing him banned multiple times and really spearhead the abridged series format for the old Naruto one and now the tremendously successful DBZ one is insane to see.
Oct 25, 2017
corvallis, OR
not a show per se but i watch the entire best of giant bomb playlist multiple times a year

i rewatch summoningsalt’s speedrun history videos sometimes, and pannenkoek’s more entertaining videos

daniels from second life can be fun to rewatch but its been a while

and then a lot of asmr or eating videos that i watch a million times in a row
Sep 30, 2018
surprised nobody mentioned Freeman's Mind yet.

THIS ... is the best youtube series ever, it's hilariously voice acted.

Originally released on 12-3-2007 by Accursed Farms

Follow the thoughts of Dr. Gordon Freeman, a 27 year old physicist and neurotic individual.

Oh wow this takes me back. I totally forgot this exists, I think I watched some of it in 2008-2009-ish? Is it still going?
And thanks for sharing guys, a lot of RLM fans in here
Oct 25, 2017
Giant Bombcast is a big one. Sort of took a break the past several months to take a break, but began listening/watching again lately. I tend to phase out on the fighting game and wrestling talks that sometimes dominate everything else, but the mix of passion and checked enthusiasm is great. Their GoTY discussions are unrivaled, even when the stances seem ridiculous.

And while technically a Twitch show, I've been hooked on Critical Role the past few months and see myself going with it till the end
Oct 27, 2017
Nah because there is so much fresh content daily, I follow over 200 channels so there is always something new.

Closest is by watching Giant Bomb Infinite on Twitch, most to be fair I have never seen before but some I have
Oct 26, 2017
Best of the worst is something I can return to and have a laugh but other than that I haven't really gone back and re-watched much of what is available on Youtube, maybe some Dr.Wolfula reviews. Luetin09 Warhammer 40K vids or Ideas of Ice and Fire Dune videos (which are very entertaining imo).
Oct 28, 2017
Motorcyclist Magazine/On Two Wheels and a few cooking shows, usually because of the hosts/narrators: Townsends, Cowboy Kent Rollins and BBQ Pit Boys

At random, every once in a while: Fisherman's Life, AvE, This Old Tony, Torbjörn Åhman, Chandler Dickinson OSF and Motor Trend's Roadkill
Oct 26, 2017
Came in to mention AVGN and RLM, but OP has me covered!
I just put them up as background noise while I do other things from time to time too.

I even rewatched all of AVGN's stuff at some point through nicovideo, just to see the Japanese wwww's float by, lol
Oct 30, 2017
I've been watching HappyConsoleGamer now for years. I really enjoy his enthusiasm for the hobby and all his stories from years gone by. Also regularly watch MetalJesusRocks, Ashens, The Needle Drop and The Verge.


Community Resettler
Oct 25, 2017
Giant Bomb's Persona 4 Endurance Run
Game Grumps' Doki Doki Literature Club playthrough (Only up to the end of the first act, though, it stops being as fun after that)
Many of the Easy Allies' Fiasconauts episodes
Oct 28, 2017
For me it's Le Joueur du Grenier (the attic's player).

It's basically AVGN in french, mashed with a lot of aspects of Nostalgia Critic but in much better quality (at least in the latest years).

Then there's Nexus VI, a channel (in french) of Sci-Fy chronics and reviews with a LOT of fiction and budget behind it (CGI, monster makeups, interesting places to film, a full spaceship bridge in "real", etc etc) while still behing amateur.
And finally, working very often with Nexus VI, is Le Fossoyeur de films (the gravedigger of movies) who does again reviews and chronics of genre movies with a lot of their own fiction behind.

Most of their videos have subtitles in english available (at least, most of Joueur du Grenier stuff has them).
Oct 27, 2017
I realize that I either need to workout in hype music or watch action movies to keep my motivated. I usually watch this guy's Dragon Ball Z fan series while working out:

Oct 30, 2017
I don't watch them back to back or binge, but I do get stuck on one or two shows/creators most of the time. I don't know the channel name off the top of my head, but I've been watching this Australian man who makes super realistic models and dioramas lately. I have no inclination to create one myself, but it's amazing what he can do.
Oct 27, 2017
Game Sack
Ancient DOS Games
Braille Skateboarding

Seen most of these guys videos at least 3 times by now and usually watch these when I try to fall asleep.
Nov 19, 2017
Even though their break up makes it bittersweet, I go back and watch the Super Best Friends Play LPs of Mortal Kombat 9 and 10. Their familiarity with the lore of the series leads to a lot of great jokes about the characters, plot, and the developers (Netherrealm Studios).

I also love AllDef Digital's Great Taste series. It's a bunch of comedians making an argument for what they think is the best of a specific topic (ie. best candy, best Disney movie, best fast food, etc.). The jokes they make about each other's choices, and each other, are often hilarious.
Oct 26, 2017
Primitive Technology
These two are those ones that you don't have to have any interest in the topic but somehow can't wait for the new video to drop.

The one I always watch and sometimes don't know why is Nomadic Fanatic. He travels around the USA with his 25 pound cat in a Class C RV. He gets a lot of hate for some reason. Like weirdo conspiracy people type hate too. But the videos are alright.
Oct 27, 2017
I've rewatched Best of the Worst so many times now. It's the perfect thing to watch when you're stuck in bed sick or after surgery.
Oct 25, 2017
Used to be AVGN but since I found out what a racist asshat Mike is I don’t want to give clicks to anything he’s associated with.

So mostly redlettermedia and PBS Spacetime vids for me. I imagine I’ll be going back to Ernest Roulette a couple times as well.
Oct 28, 2017
I watch a lot of Begiragons' old content, specially Hamburger Game, Sushi Game and Gacha Bike.

It's sad that most of the talent of the channel (Bandy, Falcon, Meteor) walked away to make their own channels because Megwin is a fucking asshole. Those guys made really good content.
Oh wow, I didn’t know. I absolutely loved the original Gacha Bike. What happened?
Oct 26, 2017
I end up rewatching the WiiU unboxing video from time to time. There is always something soothing about the way Mr. Iwata speaks and presents himself in this video

Oct 27, 2017
Carmilla. It’s a web series about a girl whose roommate is abducted and her replacement roommate is a moody vampire who may be trying to kill her or might just be into her. It’s low budget, it’s nerdy, it’s adorable, it is filled to the brim with LGBT representation and the cast are just the best. It is definitely my go to when I’m feeling down.

Auralnauts' Star Wars series.

Jedi Party is "merely" good, but Episode 2 is amazing, and the rest... it's a great series. Deep worldbuilding, excellent music, a terrifying villain.
Yes, these. I could rewatch these forever. Not a show, but their Noah trailer dub was also 10/10.

Oct 25, 2017
Not exactly a show, but I rewatch the Mario 64 parallel univserse video every now and then. It helps me chill out? I also like to rewatch parts of Yugioh Abridged.
Oct 25, 2017
Lately i've been using Cinemassacre's Rental Reviews, Best of the Worst, a selection of my favorite Last Week Tonight topics, Game Historian and "Te lo resumo asi nomas" as my background noise.