Is this the worst time to build a gaming PC?

What do you think?

  • It is the worst time to build a gaming PC

    Votes: 292 30.9%
  • If you keep thinking like this, you will never build your system

    Votes: 502 53.1%
  • It's actually the best time to build a gaming PC

    Votes: 83 8.8%
  • Just get a PS5 and Series X

    Votes: 69 7.3%

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Oct 27, 2017
About the only component you may want to wait on is the GPU. For everything else, it's the perfect time to build.
Yep, get yourself a Ryzen 3700X or 3900X now, along with DDR4 RAM and NVMe / SSD drives while there are deals every where. New GPU later this year to sweeten the build and to keep up with next-gen stuff.


Oct 27, 2017
I just build my first gaming PC in more than 10 years. I went lower on the GPU than my budget would have allowed for (GTX 1660) with the plan to get an RTX 3000 towards the end of the year.
With RAM and SSDs prices being super low right now and the intense competition in the CPU space that has been bringing prices down down as well the PC space is pretty awesome right now. DDR5 and USB 4 don't matter for gaming. The only big thing coming this year are Nvidia's new cards, but GPUs are the simplest thing to upgrade in a PC. HDMI 2.1 is also only important if you want to play at 4K above 60hz on a TV.


Oct 25, 2017
Virginia Beach
It's not a bad time to build a pc, it's just a bad time to buy a high end GPU. I got a 2060 Super with the full intention of upgrading it in a year or two once the new cards come out.


Nov 9, 2017
I would say wait till next gen consoles get their full reveal with specs and everything.

I know for damn sure my 2070 is gonna be switched out when the Nvidia 3xxx series hits. My 9700k will be fine for a coupe years.
This. The new consoles are going to reset the baseline. And it's going to be AWESOME!!
What we know so far:
8 core/16 thread Zen 2 CPU
5700XT class GPU, but with the new Next Gen Navi improvements.

Price out a PC with even the low end version of the above parts and you are *well* over $1000.
These new consoles will probably cost $500 at the most. What a deal.
This is going to force PC to come down to match over time. The question is how long.
The last time we saw consoles offering so much value was the 360/PS3 era. It tooks a couple of years for PCs to not look like a terrible deal hardware-wise.


Nov 2, 2017
I know, I know. There is always something new coming out, and if I keep thinking like this, I will never build my PC.

I have a $1000 budget, and I was planning on getting a laptop with an RTX 2060 but Era convinced me not to (because it was a laptop). So, I decided to build my own. But it really feels like this is the worst time to build my own system.

  • RTX cards these days are still in its infancy, and it would be better to wait for next gen
  • HDMI 2.1 is going to be very important
  • PCI 5.0/6.0 is coming out very soon
  • USB 4.0 is also coming out very soon
  • DDR5 is also coming out very soon

As far as I know, we are at the end of many specs. It feels like building a system right now would be like purchasing an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro now, when the Series X and PS5 are coming out very soon.
I think it depends on your long term plans and use. If PC gaming will be a long term thing for you, there will never be a perfect time. Some windows are better than others however how much time you giving up waiting?

I went ahead of bought a gaming laptop over the holidays. No regrets. Yeah it will get outpaced in terms of specs for dollar but I love the portability. I actually use it more than I would've otherwise for this reason. It depends on what's important for you. To me best time is dictated more by planned usage.


Oct 30, 2017
I'm in a similar boat, I was looking to pull the trigger on a downsized itx rig with a 9600K but it would make sense to wait for the new Intel chips due out in a couple of months.


Oct 28, 2017
I'm in a similar boat, I was looking to pull the trigger on a downsized itx rig with a 9600K but it would make sense to wait for the new Intel chips due out in a couple of months.
Or a Ryzen 5 3600X which is arguably the best bang for buck CPU on the market.
Itll be cheaper than Intel i5 and perf difference will be negligible.

Also Intels "new" chips will just be refreshs of the currently line up.


Nov 22, 2019
I would gave thinking build pc with 3700x and 5700xt nitro+ , after thought it ll be more accurate first buy psV and build after 2-3 montgs later


Dec 9, 2018
It is a poor time in terms of gpu's. If you buy now I would do so with the intention to sell your gpu at the end of the year and upgrade.

Personally I plan to wait until the next gen consoles are or before upgrading.


Aug 22, 2018
GPU - Maybe. Rest of the PC - No.

I am of the belief that there is always something better around the corner (with accompanying rumours) and eventually you do just have to jump.


Dec 10, 2018
My PC died the other day so I have no choice. :( Downgrading my cpu to 9900K, but honestly I only game on it so I should be fine for awhile? 2080 Super I'm going to upgrade for the next gen series when that launches.


Oct 28, 2017
Ugh I was under impression Ryzen 4 or whatever would end up using same AM4 socket. :( Just built a 3900X rig and was hoping for more future proofing.

Oh well...
Im pretty sure Ryzen 4 is on the AM4 socket.
Unless something has changed in the last few months Ryzen 4 was said to be the last AM4 processors.

I think that tweet is just saying if you buy a Ryzen AM4 chip in 2020 you will have no upgrade path in 2021/2022, without basically a full rebuild.

AM5 is expected to be introduced late 2021 or 2022.
On the processor front AMD is still a good buy.

GPUs waiting is the best sticking with a Pascal card till the nextgen machines drops....then Ill make a decision whether to get a Series X or a xx70 of nextgen.

Im actually planning to stick with Ryzen 3 and when Ryzen 4 drops get a 3950X the prices should drop nicely and easily get me through the Nextgen console cycle.....worst comes to worst a Ryzen 4 is still a decent upgrade path if need be.

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Oct 28, 2017
I sometimes think “maybe I shouldn’t have gotten my RTX 2070 GPU yet...” and then remember that I had the thing for over a year now this month lmao. I’m happy with it though with VR and 1080p 144hz. I plan to keep it for 3+ more years.

Right now I wouldn’t buy a GPU due to new ones coming soon and the others being more than a year old. Other stuff? I say go ahead. Most of that stuff will be overpriced at first anyways, especially DDR5 ram.