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  1. Israeli government stays hot garbage.
  2. mazi

    Member OP

    specially since it's been years since a terrorist act claimed by hamas, but in the last few months israel has killed 136 an injured thousands of palestinians.
    again, mods, please either remove the ugly red wall of text from my OP or lock the thread. someone else can make a thread about this if they want, i don't want to be the one with that text in my OP.

    edit: reposting my post from the thread about the murder of a 14 year old kid by an israeli soldier that was locked a few days ago
  3. data



    If Jewish people truly cared, they should protest by not visiting Jerusalem while this bill is active.

    Things are about to get real ugly.
  4. mazi

    Member OP

    even if the majority aren't in support of netanyahu, they are in support of zionism, and will never elect a non-zionist.
  5. Fiddler


    • User Banned (1 Week): Rationalizing Anti-Semetism
    Well the israeli people voted for that so i won't shed any tears for whatever happens to them.
    The israeli state makes it pretty easy to become anti-semit.
  6. UberTag


    Once they obliterate the Palestinian people will the Israeli warmongers be satisfied with that or will they look to flex their muscles and foreign influence elsewhere? I mean, hey, they'll have successfully eradicated an entire people under the guise of "national defense" and nobody lifted a finger to denounce them for it. Hell, many foreign allies will have financed and applauded them for doing so. I'd be looking to take down some territory if I wielded that kind of power.

    Perhaps we'll get to see this play out firsthand in another decade or so.
  7. joecanada


    Of course , I didn't call all Jews Nazis as that poster did I'm just saying people not being ok with something doesn't always give/get them a pass
  8. Chittagong


    Gentiles will be gentiles.

    A whattaboutist could argue this is no less shocking than what neighbouring muslim countries do in relation to Islam and Arabic language, but one has to wonder how far is Israel from the adoption of a Jewish supremacism as an explicitly stated policy at this point.
  9. Alexandros


    I understand why that moderation policy was put in place but my opinion is that it needs to be revised. Israel's current policies have to be called out for what they are. Words have a lot of power and, maybe, if we are allowed to use the proper words to describe these despicable policies, the people who support them will snap out of any propaganda and realize what this sick government is doing. Mods and admins, please think about this.
  10. Dany


    Wrong thread! oops sorry.
  11. data


    I don't think this is anti semitic. Quite the opposite.

    Anti - (anti-Semitic)
  12. mazi

    Member OP


    they've already stolen and occupied a piece of land from another country (golan heights from syria) and they'll never give it back. once they're done with their current project i wouldn't be surprised if they set their eyes on other pieces of land to expand their state, claiming fake aggression as a result to attack neighbor countries and then annex pieces of land.
  13. S-Wind


    How long will the moderation team continue standing by their decision to not allow comparisons between the actions of the Israeli government and the actions of the Nazi Party when the parallels keep increasing in number and similarity???

    At what point will you guys say enough is enough?
  14. Xe4


    Apartheid Africa is a better comparison than Nazi Germany to Israel anyhow.

    Yeah, it sucks that Israel seems to routinely get a pass from the harshest of critisisms (that, say are leveled against a government such as Trump's frequently). But considering there are still Israelis alive today that had their entire families murdered by Nazi's I dont think it's too much to ask, considering there are better and more accurate ways to critisize the actions of the Israeli government.

    On topic, this is gross and disgusting. Israel slips day by day into a singular apartheid ethnostate and the US seems totally ok with it.

    Freaking disgusting. Every county in Earth should be levying sanctions against Israel right now, but they ain't : /
  15. MaxSnake1


    The sad truth that all the Israelis must deal with is that the racist countries will cease to exist at some point in the future, the history gave us a lot of lessons. they either reform their laws and be more just and fair or they will lose their country and their power and maybe more than that.
  16. Skelepuzzle


    What is this garbage?
  17. Slaythe


    I genuinely wonder, is there a single person from Israel on this forum that thinks the current government is evil incarnate and their action intolerable?

    Like look at Trump, he has supporters but many people can see through his mask and think he should be stopped. Does that happen in Israel or everyone is cheering for what's going on ?
  18. joecanada


    I don't see evidence of this ... they could have taken much more territory in the 7 day war but didn't .... no excuse for current situation though
  19. Anubis


    I don't get what Israel is doing.

    This is just all around awful news.

    This is the opposite of what I expected when it comes to peace in the middle east.
  20. Bor Gullet

    Bor Gullet


    Holy shit some of the comments in this thread.

    I'm going to sleep.

    About the topic though it's awful news. Bibi needs to go.
  21. Mondy

    Banned Member

    Yeah this. Don't try and muddy the waters with these nonsense Nazi Germany comparisons. Israel is an apartheid state, full stop.
  22. nelsonroyale


    What a racist law. Israel is a prime example of how not to respond to trauma. It acts like someone who was abused in childhood who becomes an abuser themselves, rather than breaking the cycle. What a disgrace and what a bad example of human response to tragedy. I am not idicting all Jewish / Israeli people obviously, but the state is one of the worst.
  23. Rmagnus


    How is this a surprise my friend they have been doing shit leading up to this for ages.

    I wonder if there was a not all German policy if internet was a thing back than.
  24. Kirblar


    Super gross and shitty.
    It is.

    Obama/Bibi's not-so-cold war behind the scene gives me hop the next US pres can be more forceful on leveraging our influence to help stop the downward spiral there.
  25. Psittacus


    Tyranny of the majority. It's fucking disgusting.

    The rule rubs me the wrong way because we don't usually ban comparisons for being not *quite* accurate enough. But it's true that Israel is more accurate a colonial trash-fire rather than any other kind.
  26. Xe4


    From what I understand, theres a lot of opposition to the government, but theres a lot of ultra far right orthodox Jews that are hardcore as hell and pretty much cancel out that resistance. It doesn't help that the Palestinians in Israel basically boycott all elections, so a sizable not BiBi friendly block just doesn't exist.

    Since Israel is constantly engaging in border conflicts it makes a lot of the population nervous and thus the country kinda leans rightward. Its gotta suck to be a left leaning Israeli, feeling so damn powerless. Like with Trump but never ending.
  27. data


    We can only hope so.

    This could be the start of the downward spiral.

    I have a feeling that Israeli Jews might start kicking out Arabs as they already see them as second class citizens to allow for more Jews to come in causing more friction and trying to gain more of a majority.
  28. Primarily, on the history of South Africa. It may have taken some fifty years, but the oppressed of South Africa eventually triumphed over the Nationalist government's heinous apartheid policies. Yes, it required plenty of jailings, and deaths, and economic adversity, but in the end, justice emerged victorious. The same happened with Nazi Germany. The same happened with British-occupied India. Of course, things may look especially daunting now, considering the U.S. gov't. throws its full support behind Israel. Let me tell you right now that I don't feel all that optimistic. Our only hope is to either impeach the current U.S. leadership, or just wait until his term is up and vote him out of office, and hopefully replace him with someone who will denounce Israel's injustice. Not only the U.S., but the entire international community needs to stand together against Israel, as they did against apartheid South Africa in the 80's. Sanction them to kingdom come. Televise all the senseless murdering that the IDF is doing. Broadcast this evil everywhere. I stand by what I said. They won't win this. They never do.
  29. Nah, the Israeli “left,” at least as far as electoral politics goes, is to Netanyahu as the vast majority of #NeverTrump Republicans are to Trump. Same underlying ethnonationalist ideology, just a bit more subtle about it.

    There is no hope for change without external pressure, in other words.
  30. excelsiorlef



    This is actually a case where it doesn't matter who is leading the US because the US will always back Israel
  31. thediamondage


    Is Apartheid South Africa a good comparison though? Blacks always made up something like 70-80% of South Africa, while whites were always a minority who ruled through intimidation, force, and fear. Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Rwanda, etc are other examples of other countries where a dominant minority rule a different majority and it almost always ends badly.

    Israel is different though, I think? Not sure how the numbers work out, but the quotes in OP seem to indicate in Israel proper its 80% Jews and 20% Arabs, I assume there is some christian number in there as well. If you throw in Palestine, do those numbers flip? But should you throw in Palestine / Gaza Strip?

    If you assume a two country eventual solution, then its more like India (pre partition) isn't it? India got partitioned into India (mostly Hindu), Pakistan (Muslim), and Bangladesh (Muslim) and was extremely violent at partition time and on and off since. There are a few other countries that got similarly cut up.

    I just have never understood why Palestine isn't yet its own country, I know Israel puts enormous pressure on the US to veto UN security council votes and stuff but surely the first step of some sort of peace is Palestine becoming its own country, sealing the borders with Israel, stopping any future settlements, and building its own security forces and the like. It just baffles me how the world seems to conspire to never allow it self determination.
  32. mazi

    Member OP

    when has israel ever given you any reason to believe that they would be a positive influence on peace in the middle east?
  33. Hecht

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    If another poster wishes to make another thread, they may.
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