Issues ever since updating to PS4 firmware 6.50(not sure if they're related)

Nov 5, 2017
Ever since I updated to PS4 firmware 6.50, fully updated games with patches started redownloading the patches and it wouldn't let me launch the games unless I reinstalled the patches. I had one instance where everything loaded incredibly slow(offline tasks too like checking application data and cloud saves) and all connecting to PSN would time out and give me a DNS error until I launched a network connection test, then it fixed it. And then today in one of my gaming sessions, all sound effects were delayed by a second. I thought it was just the game, but once I quit the game and ejected the disc, all the sounds when navigating the dashboard were delayed until I rebooted.

Not sure if these issues are related to the 6.50 update, but I've never had any of these before. They all seem to be fixed now, but I thought that after the first issue, and since them I've had the other issues crop up.

I'm not one of those people who claims issues with firmware updates. In fact, I usually roll my eyes at them, as I've never had an issue with a firmware update for any console in my life, so I'm not even sure if that's what this is, but I want to ask if these are known issues or if anyone else has had any issues.



Oct 28, 2017
That has happened to me before multiple times even before firmware 6.50. I'm referring to redownloading patches and being inaccessible before the patches are installed.