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It's summer. I've played every MGS except for 4. Time to rectify that?

Oct 25, 2017
I did a MGS marathon with the MGS Legacy collection on PS3.

Finished MGS4 last month and it was great though I still find MGS3 to be the best in the series.
Oct 27, 2017

Preserve your innocence.

MGS4 is a game Kojima didn't want to make and it shows in every facet of it's design, themes, and gameplay.
Oct 26, 2017
It's 2 really good levels, followed by 3 appalling ones that disregard every good gameplay idea the game had at that point.

The story is dumb, but in a fun way, and the game tries to overcome all its shortcomings by dumping nostalgia on you constantly.

I'd give it a 9/10.


SNK Gaming Division Studio 1
Oct 24, 2017
Absolutely. It’s a flawed masterpiece, but at least feels like a more cohesive experience than MGS5. It trips over itself trying to tie up every lose end, while MGS5 is basically short an entire act.
Jan 31, 2019
I'd say that it's woth. Last good MGS game.
Not a very popular opinion, but I’d have to agree.

Love MG1 and 2, MGS1, 2 (yes, even 2) and 3. Hate Portable Ops (later excised from canon) and Peace Walker. The Phantom Pain is a good infiltration sandbox, but a terrible Metal Gear game (its story also basically borrows from Snake’s Revenge, which is a sin on its own).

As for 4, the first couple chapters are the worst, and not representative of what a Metal Gear game should be (I blame Ryan Payton for his “influence”). Some consider chapter 3 a bore (I like it for being a true stealth section), and what follows are some of the best moments in gaming history.

Definitely worth it to experience them as a player, and not just through YouTube videos.