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James Gunn's past tweets (from 7+ years ago) include rape and paedophilic jokes [Image heavy]

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Nov 7, 2017
He'll probably be fired. The old blog where he shared a video from a convicted pedophile is kinda of a smoking gun. The GoTG cast who loves him probably would have defended him up until that point.
Oct 29, 2017
This blows.

There is absolutely nothing mean spiritied about any of his tweets, he was not bullying anyone.

Theyre dumb jokes, the only thing that I find offensive about them is how lame they are.

Now comedians cant use the word “rape” in a joke without triggering outrage culture and getting fired.
Oct 25, 2017
Oh boy, now we got guys concerned about liberal outrage over disgusting shit now that it’s over the director of their favorite comic book movie.
Oct 25, 2017
This was what liberalism used to be about...


Now its some of the people calling themselves liberals that are getting offended by every little thing.

How the hell can actual liberals go about kicking out these new, few but loud, faux liberals that get outraged about every little thing out of our party?
What? The source of this episode is the right-wing primarily lead or fronted by Mike Cernovich. How is Mike Cernovich even liberal in the slightest?

Also, in terms of comedians, George Carlin was funny as fuck. James Gunn's Twitter jokes aren't really all that funny. I don't think social media/text is a good way to tell jokes though, as it removes emotion/acting/tone. That's me personally. I don't really know what Gunn's actual standup was like, I haven't really seen anything.

If you want an offensive rape joke delivered by a comedian in recent times that is known to be a decent bloke, Jim Jefferies

And Jefferies also has a good breakdown of why comedy transcripts, aka text, don't work very well for his shows. Because they are often offensive and sound terrible if read as plain text.

The issue here isn't just feigned outrage from the right because Trump was spoken about, it's the lengths involved to push paedophile conspiracies and seemingly think it's a good use to waste FBI time.

Like, feel free to call out Jefferies and explain why you don't approve of his comedy, but deciding to try and frame him as a rape apologist/rapist is that extra step like what is going on here to try and say Gunn must be a paedo.
Oct 25, 2017
Nah, I'm good

How did this thread turn into "post your favorite rape jokes"
How did your ability to ignore my whole post to Nintendo Switch come about? It was a rebuttal to him just dropping an offensive Carlin video to "own the libruls complaining".

Maybe read my whole post and understand what I'm saying rather than do what the right-wing love which is "selective quoting" or "selective framing".

My whole fucking post was even building up to why it's possible to say you dislike Gunn's tweets, but making it clear that is different from posting paedophile conspiracies.
Oct 28, 2017
They already fucking knew about it. Either read the thread or stop posting these trolling hot takes.

It's good that a bunch of Nazis destroyed something because someone was vocally fighting Trump?? The fuck.
if someone thinks its understandable that Disney wouldn't want to be affiliated with someone who makes rape jokes on Twitter, that is now "trolling"

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