January 2019 NPD (U.S. Hardware) Predictions - Closes Tuesday, February 12th


Nov 21, 2018
I have a legit question about last gen. People keep bringing up how well the X360 sold vs. the PS3... but how many of those X360 "sales" were people exchanging their broken 360s in for new ones? I know I went through 4 X360s myself. I only bought the first one and with Best Buy's warranty, I was able to exchange the RRoD consoles in-store for just the cost of a new warranty. Could the X360's numbers be super-inflated due to all the dead systems? Or how much did that actually affect the total?
Warranty exchanges are not covered in any NPD sales reports neither in internal shipment figures.
So only if your console broke, you don't care about warranty or you're already out of warranty and buy a new one for regular price, the console is one more sold.

This issue is a prime example, why active userbase or MAU is a better metric in some regards.