Japan Travel |OT| We have to go back


Oct 26, 2017
I know I know! Work in a school so I can't be flexible when I take my holidays.

I spent a month in mainland Thailand a couple of summers ago and the heat/humidity wasn't THAT bad, which I think Japan is similar to.
In degress and humidity? Yeah "about" the same. Staying in cities like Osaka and Tokyo won't be as pleasant as Bangkok or anything else in Thailand though. The reason is the high buildings - the air is unable to escape. But if you are used to a wet drenched ass you will be fine and won't mind.


Oct 25, 2017
Maybe try to check this little book. It (the German version) was a tremendous help for us to discover some not so well known places. Of course there's some duds and like a quarter of it are still on the more touristy side, but it's a neat little companion (and you get a few more tipps in the directions to each of these sights, like if there's some important temple on the way).
Thanks for this, I’ll check it out!