Japanese developers talk about 2018 plans and beyond in this week's Dengeki Playstation

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    I agree with this. Visual novels usually are too much work. The Hayarigami series is much older than the 2014 PS3/PSV game (the first game released in 2004 for PS2), and even in the earlier days, they never localised it. Exile Election doesn't look like the kind of VN that would do well (at least in the west; I'm not sure about its performance in Japan, but I remember it didn't move a lot). Not on PS, but also not on Steam or Switch. I think NISA's priorities are a bit skew. The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 is a big game for NISJ yet it takes them more than a year to release it in the west. I was actually surprised by the October release of Yomawari: Midnight Shadows. Meanwhile, they're localising things that I don't think will make a lot of money, like The Lost Child and Tokyo Tattoo Girls. They also released Touhou Kobuto V in the west. They should've known that that's not a great game, and a 40/100 Metascore won't do good to their reputation. The same goes for Ys VIII's localisation catastrophe. They're not very careful, which is a real shame...

    I think Hakoniwa Company Works was for the most part a learning effort for UE4 development. Lack of a portable version really hurt the game yeah. After all those reports about how easy it is to port UE4 projects to the Switch, I'm kind of surprised that they didn't release it on there too (since UE4 doesn't support the PSV). I don't see that game getting localised, but I think projects like this demand much less localisation work for NISA and therefore are easier for them to consider. It's weird that NISJ themselves seem so lax on the localisation of their games. NISA is 100% owned by NISJ after all.

    As for NISJ development efforts, I've written a whole post earlier in this thread. I think it's too soon for Yomawari 3, but instead hope they port 1+2 to Switch first before releasing the third game for PC/PS4/NSW in 2019. Disgaea 6 seems like a given. Coven 2 would be cool too, but I expect that to stay in Japan (or NISA needs to announce localisation real soon). NISA have had since June 2016 to localise the game and add it to the PS4 version that was released in September 2017 in Japan. About the Penny-Punching Princess team, NIS will release a new brawler on March 8, 2018 in Japan for NSW/PS4/PSV, so there's that.
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    Kojima mentioned in an early interview that in any other company he had to spend a good portion of the time in board meetings getting approval but with Sony they just nodded and let him go right ahead.

    A lot of progress can be made when you're not tied down by red tapes.

    french site though: http://www.gameblog.fr/news/59881-hideo-kojima-nous-explique-pourquoi-il-a-choisi-playstation
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    i think they had something like 20 releases in 2017, which is insane for their size, and especially when they handled two huge games at the same time. they also didn't grow to meet the demand of the projects, so people had to crunch on time quite a bit more than usual. aside from that, nisa's role has been something of a brand builder. they brought neptunia, atelier, and danganronpa out to the west, and try to do the same with other outside companies and brands like touhou. or they build alliances with companies like kadokawa and experience, which also demands their time and resources. it would be nice to see them focus more on nisj's output though. i think they could make a real go at uta no prince-sama for instance. hayarigami would have also made sense as a ds game when ace attorney was making it big, but the producers of that era had to pick and choose carefully since there were only 10-15 people at the time and ps2 and psp games were far better bets.

    yomawari 1+2 makes sense. unfortunately midnight shadows did worse than night alone so far, at least on steam. the new brawler seems neat. would be nice to have that localized if it's any good.
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    I wonder if the next Disgaea will be polygonal?

    It seems that would go badly with the fanbase but it would be cost effective in the long run.
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    Decimal engine doing work huh?
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    Where does talk like this even come from?

    The only time he took more than usual is MGSV and that was because they were building the Fox Engine from scratch, even then it was about 5 years of development which is nothing out of the ordinary.
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    Death Stranding going to be so good
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    Probably from the same place where people think all of his projects were expensive and over-budget.
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    There’s more to DS than meets the eye...
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    The big DS surprise is another actor reveal.


    Gotta love video games.
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    Could we be getting a 2018 release date for Death Stranding??
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    Dark Cloud 3 is finally almost here. :)
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    The last time I got hyped for one of Kojima "surprises", it turned out to be the reveal of the "Chicken Hat", Hai!
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    yes and no, Multiplat games have been announced before in Dengeki Playstation.

    Im not to sure when it was but they did announce a switch game recently in the magazine, although the game also came to ps4.
    It's safe to say the level-5 title will either be ps4 exclusive, or multiplat(ps4/switch/...)
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    No way yokai watch will come to the ps4, I agree it will probably be switch + mobile from now on for the Yokai Watch franchise.
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    Yeah, but taking that role means handling the products with care, or not even start handling them if they're not worth it. They judged a lot of NISJ stuff that way (I think Hayarigami missing the boat only makes sense). And while they have made alliances with companies like Kadokawa Games, that doesn't mean it's financially viable to localise everything those partners make. Touhou Gensou Wanderer was good and totally deserves to be played by many, but Touhou Kobuto V for example isn't. Just judging from a critical standpoint. From a business standpoint, I doubt Tokyo Tattoo Girls made and The Lost Child will make any money. In the end, you want your company to survive. Those games didn't break through in their country of origin; why would such niche products do elsewhere?

    Midnight Shadows is the second game in the series. People are open to try things with the first game in the series, and if they like it, they might buy the second one. If they don't or just think nothing about it, they don't. It's very hard to make your second game outsell the first one. There also is the discount culture on Steam. Midnight Shadows is out for only two months now. It might need some more Steam Sales to get to Night Alone's number. Right now, Midnight Shadows is at 20% discount on Steam, which is okay in Steam's current climate. Its Japanese sales alone already give the series every right to exist and continue tho.

    Midnight Shadows's Steam sales so far make clear that there is no established fanbase of size yet (at least on PC). That's part of the reason why I think NIS shouldn't mass-produce Yomawari games now. If they're releasing Yomawari 3 next year, it will hurt Midnight Shadows' sales, as it will still be getting sales from people who are testing the waters with it at discounted price. Expanding availability is more important than feeding the current (tiny) fanbase with new games.

    As for that brawler, its localisation will probably depend on Penny-Punching Princess' success.
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    Flip it
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    why on earth would Sony fund a large-ish budgeted japanese RPG?
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    Hooray, someone talking about Hero Must Die. I just imported it like 3 days ago. Watch it get a localization announcement now... :(

    But yeah, really surprised they passed over that one. Would've been prime localization fodder in the PS3 era.

    I've heard the game isn't so great, but I still reckon it could be profitable overseas purely by pandering to the DanganRonpa audience.

    This one always surprised me. They were pushing it as their big property a few years ago and then the sequel gets completely looked over for ages in localization. I know it flopped relative to the first one in Japan, but I still think it has a hell of a lot more appeal than the vast majority of the stuff NISA localizes.

    I think The Lost Child has potential of appealing to the SMT audience. I'm not saying runaway success, but I don't think it'll be an outright bomb either. With that said, the platforms must just suck for NISA on it. Vita has been a good home for gridders (iirc Demon Gaze did pretty well) but not in 2018 where it's fading away; and PS4 just doesn't seem like a good home for them.

    I don't think your point about not breaking through in country of origin meaning they can't do well overseas holds true either. We've seen plenty of games megabomb in Japan that I am certain sold a lot better overseas, even from NISA things like Natural Doctrine. I also suspect Lost Dimension did miles better than its pitiful Japanese sales figures when Atlus localized it.

    I totally 'get' the brand-building thing, but they've also been burned by it multiple times in the past now (Atelier left; Neptunia left; it looks like DanganRonpa will be going soon). In the meantime they've been passing over NIS games and potentially losing out on things that could've found overseas success and could've been built into a brand from there with a bit of co-ordination with the Japanese branch.

    It would be really nice to see them take a shot at Uta no Prince Sama. Tbh, they've not even missed the boat on that one if they got it out in 2018 - I think the otome audience overseas is pretty damn dedicated judging by the fact that Aksys have like 3 more releases lined up for 2018, plus they can just do a quick Steam port as well like IFI do with Hakuoki.
  20. [​IMG]
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    Because what else is sceja going to spend money on?
    More knack?
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    Sounds like good news for Level 5 and Kojima Productions.

    Seems like Death Stranding should hit 2019 easily.
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    Nioh 2 would be nice to see. Nioh was one of the best Souls-like games to be released (in fact I liked it more than Dark Souls III). For a sequel to be nearly perfect, they just need to streamline the end game, tone down the sheer amount of loot drops, trim away a chunk of the re-used content, and hopefully that would make it a more succinct 30-40 hour game.
  24. I would really love to see a sequel to Phantom Brave or Makai Kingdom.
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    Control + F: FromSoftware

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    Nioh 2, DOA6, Toukiden spirtual successor, Level 5 Dark Cloud 3 LETS FUCCKIING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    SOLDIER Member

    God I wish.

    Has the novel been translated? Is it worth checking out?
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    You think more of these will trickle in?
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    You must have a lot of faith in a certain product with such a niche appeal to try to sell it elsewhere if it fails in its country of origin. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not. Is it worth the risk and time? Maybe I'm underestimating The Lost Child, but I don't think it'll move much.

    That's how the business of licensing works. The Japanese publishers they're licensing from aren't interested in taking the risk until it's been proven that there's money to be made. We saw that with Idea Factory's titles and now it's likely to happen to Danganronpa too with the establishment of Spike Chunsoft in North America. I think NISA would still be localising Atelier titles if Gust wasn't bought by Koei Tecmo, who have their own localisation department. And yeah, that's how the business of licensing works. I think Touhou has a big chance on staying, because the brand is owned by literally own guy (ZUN), but it'll happen again if sales of the Ys and The Legend of Heroes games rise to higher levels. Right now, the west only accounts for 15% of Falcom's revenue, but they may want to setup their own localisation department when it rises to >35%. They're expanding business anyway, so they'll have more work to translate and localise anyway.

    The big problem of rhythm games is music licensing. Most contracts prohibit sublicensing and/or use outside Japan (or sometimes Asia), which has to do with music industry politics, so the deal ends there. It's a shame. The solution is an English release in the Japanese version, like Bandai Namco did with Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Session for PS4 (and hopefully they continue to do that!).
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    And MGS4.
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    I would never be able to find the quote these days, but some time around 2013/14 someone from either Atlus or XSEED (I'd probably lean towards Tom from XSEED) said that domestic performance is only a tiny consideration for them, they'll look at how marketable the game is in their own market. Which makes perfect sense, when you've got things like Zero Escape being kept alive by western sales despite being a write-off in Japan.

    Absolutely, but the UnPS games I'm talking about are the VN's not the rhythm spinoffs, which still have music in but games like Code Realize and Norn9 can come across with licenced songs, so I'm sure it's possible (especially since NISJ are involved in the development).
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    MGS3: November 17, 2004
    MGS4: June 12, 2008

    About 3.5 years of development is nothing unusual, especially for a next gen game.
  34. Talk about a typo in that video title…
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    I guess nothing can be as bad as Too Human or the Last Guardian.
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    Level 5 wouldn't be hyping up Dark Cloud 3 unless Sony announces it so that one is probably off the table, sadly. Wonder what they're preparing after NNK2? A 20th Anniversary game could be anything but Dark Cloud certainly fits...

    And Kojima's comments are interesting. Does that mean Death Stranding is possibly a 2018 game?
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    I'm not sure it's a FF DW they're talking about. That's not really a surprise and Dissidia already exists so I don't think they'd bother. Could be anything, really.
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    Finally Dark Cloud 3. Thanks!

    Oh and that Kojima quote :/
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    True Fantasy Live Online Revival. BELIEVE