Jason Schreier: Top-secret 2K studio is now working on a top-secret new BioShock game

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    OH MY.
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    Just read it.

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    Hell yesss
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    Oohhhh.... nice!
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    Oh hey so that's the story he was teasing on Twitter. Will definitely give this a read.
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    Just have it underwater please.
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    BioShock anad BioShock Infinite is one of my favorite games of last gen.

    Can't wait.

    Hopes it didn't follow the BioShock 2 path.
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    I’d love a new Bioshock. It’s time.
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    Fucking hell we lost mafia for one of the worst IPs of last generation. One of the biggest faces that represented how dumbed down game and level design was last gen. I really thought we were free from Bioshock forever. I'm struggling to put into words how disappointed I am right now.
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    :( sucks for the people that work hard to keep this type of shit secret. But good for the fans, I guess.
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    With Ken Levine?
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    So hype.

    Other than Red Dead, BioShock is the franchise I want most from Take-Two. Can't wait to hear more about who is working on it.
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    I'll take 2
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    We have known about this for a while haven't we, not specifically the location but that a new studio was being set up for Bioshock. I hope Ken Levine is at least keeping an eye on the project, I'm both equal parts nervous and excited.
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    Infinite was the most disappointing release ever for me, but I'll at least give it a chance.
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    Meh, I'm not really interested in BioShock without Ken Levine, whether it be good or bad. I am still wondering when we'll get a peak at his smaller, new game.
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    I thought we already knew 2k had a Bioshock team?
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    I don't think they know at top-secret means.
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    Fuck yes
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    Really enjoyed Bioshock Infinite, I am hyped.
  23. Benji

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    Hell fucking yes. One if my favorite IP ever

    Just take your time and make it good is all I ask
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    No, the story he was teasing is about the Mafia dev. It just that somehow, while investigating for the Mafia article, he found out about the Bioshock thing

    Good tastes pal
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    I really disliked Infinite, tbh.
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    I hope that it's not a BioShock 2 type of new BioShock, and this is coming from someone who actually likes BioShock 2, but right now the BioShock brand isn't in any need of a subpar title.
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    Top secret huh..
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    well, they've hired talent from Arkane and from the old Irrational, so that was a pretty safe bet already. Nice to see it confirmed
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    Just make sure the game they show off turns out to be the game they actually release
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    Press sneak fucks not understanding “top secret”
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    New Bioshock game? YES!
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    I hope that it's not a BioShock 2 type of new BioShock, and this is coming from someone who actually likes BioShock 2, but right now the BioShock brand isn't in any need of a subpar title.

    Edit: Oh it's developed by Hanger 13? Good to know that the studio is still intact after Mafia 3, hopefully they give BioShock justice. Though I hope that doesn't mean that the Mafia series is dead. Is Hanger 13 big enough to develop two AAAs?
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    Am I the only one that read the article and thought, "Well shit, I kinda wanted a Mafia IV from the III team..."? sad panda.gif
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    Hmmm.... So I assume this is why Shawn Elliott relocated to Petaluma, then, assuming he's on this team
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    I don’t get the excitement for a new one. After Infinite turned into something completely different from its initial unveils and the original team doesn’t even work on it; I’m not that interested.
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    Different studio, same campus.
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    The Bioshock franchise is very important because it perfectly bookends the era where reviewers lost their fucking mind.
  40. Azzanadra

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    I honestly am quite befuddled why 2K didn't follow up Bioshock Infinite much sooner, that was one of the games even my casual friends knew about and it showed because of how well it sold. I almost fear that Bioshock's place in the cultural zeitgeist might have been severely diminished in the years since, without even a hint of a new game.

    While the first is still the best, 2 was better than infinite so while Levine is a great visionary and would be preferable I still have faith even without him.
  41. sad but rad

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    1 and Infinite are great, wonder what the third Bioshock game is gonna be like......don't quote me
  42. DarknessTear

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    Only care if Ken Levine is involved. He's the man with the vision. Bioshock 2 was trash.
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    Uhhhh but bioshock 2 is the best one??? Your post is confusing
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    Hey, I'll take more bioshock. Can't threaten me with a good time.
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    Oh so it's like a bunch of different teams within the studio? And if they really did hire Arkane and Irrational devs, this is looking pretty promising.

    It has the best gameplay in the series.. that's all I'm gonna say.
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    100 Big Daddies drop into the ocean...

    Hope its more like 1 and Infinite.
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    Pretty sure they only did Infinite bc Levine had a new idea.
  49. Cantaim

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    Ok that's pretty great haha.
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    Why would you hope it doesn't follow the path of the best Bioshock game?

    Wasn't Mafia 3 already a big step down from 2 in terms of mission design and pacing? The location and story seem absolutely amazing but man making most of the side shit mandatory is baffling.
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    As immersive sims, I find that all the Bioshock games fail and fail pretty hard.

    As action games, I really like them.

    So i guess I am saying that this excites me, but only if they stick to what they know.
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    I thought we knew a new Bioshock game was inevitable.
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    Can't really call it top secret anymore.
  54. Vinc

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    I feel like... he might have reported this before?

    Like I heard this somewhere before. Am I losing my mind? Quite possibly.

    In any case, I'm OVERJOYED by the news. I absolutely adore all the Bioshock games (and Bioshock Infinite is one of the greats, fight me.)
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    Would you kindly forget about his tweet?