Jesus christ this pop up

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Oct 25, 2017
You hungry?

Aren’t ads targeted and based on your data?
Not necessarily. This is a long-running stereotype since it's easy to blame victims of bad popups, and especially easy to say since there's no way to ever 100% disprove it. However, there are still completely bizarre and unrelated ads that get played to people. Happened on GAF, happens here, and eventually they get cleaned up.

For another example of how things can go bizarrely wrong with recommendations, you can watch totally unrelated youtube videos and still end up spoonfed neonazi / alt right stuff until you painstakingly try to blacklist it all.


Oct 25, 2017
Websites complain that they can’t make money without the adds so a handful of us will turn off add block to toss them a bone but then they just shit down our throats with this kind of screen covering garbage.

Run a banner at the top and bottom of a page if you have to but adds that stay on screen until you X them out are completely unacceptable.

And the first time one of your adds redirects me without my say so is a permanent block to all adds.

Respect your fucking traffic.
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