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[Jim Sterling] Patrice Desilets (of Assassin's Creed) Accuses Reviewers of not playing his poorly reviewed game.


Oct 25, 2017
San Diego County
Jeez. Philosophy Tube's recent video on the games industry (in which he sings Jim's praises and wears a costume aping his look for some sections) couldn't have been more poorly timed.

I've had my qualms with some of Jim's arguments in the past, especially this year. You've got to do research or you'll look like a fool. More and more as it continues to happen.


Oct 27, 2017
Badly researched, hyperbolic, clickbait garbage. Jim now seems to be putting the same amount of effort into all his other content as he does his Jimpressions videos.


Nov 7, 2017
I like hating on Jim as much as the next guy. But ONE reviewer came forward and said they stated something incorrectly, I'm sure that one lie didn't weigh down a 90 metacritic game to its current 64.


Oct 25, 2017
All this guy does is complain and latch on to any already-discussed-to-death pseudo controversy he encounters. I’ve never understood what he has to offer that a bunch of whiners in any random comment section can not.

And in this case he’s not even being straight with the issue, which is that there most definitely were outlets that reviewed the game without due diligence.
I've said many times before, I think it would be funny to see how Jim's videos turned out if he didn't have Era to just take crib notes from. Each video is just a summary from the most popular controversial thread of that week

spam musubi

Oct 25, 2017
Going to be honest. I honestly feel like him and many other youtubers do this, where they make videos off of gaming topics that have already been discussed to death for a week. I don’t get it.
On one hand, videos take time to make and we shouldn't expect people to work obnoxious hours to get their hot takes in on time. Also, it probably is for the better when people don't immediately react to new news but instead let the dust settle to be more informed. On the other had specifically in the case of Jim Sterling it feels like he waits to take the pulse of whatever reddit is outraged about in any given situation and make a video harnessing that outrage.
Feb 24, 2018
I like hating on Jim as much as the next guy. But ONE reviewer came forward and said they stated something incorrectly, I'm sure that one lie didn't weigh down a 90 metacritic game to its current 64.
This, something he even says in the video itself. I admit the weird anti-journalist tone of this thread is surprising for ERA and is giving off Gamergate like vibes to it (or at severe fanboyism), One critics does not speak for every single one who reviewed this game and looking at them myself, nearly all of them are well worded and sound.


Dec 25, 2017
Lagos , Nigeria
Watched the Video and I agree with him overall. He did admit that’s there’s a chance the devs found a review that made stuff up, but he thinks it’s from obscure website.
But the main thing is the dev claiming the low meta score is due to wrong reviews not the game. Based on the comment in the video it’s absolutely confusing and the devs needs to be called out.

I understand being upset seeing some wrong reviews but are all the reviews wrong. Jim didn’t say that he lied about wrong reviews, it’s the claim he is making.