Job Listings: SIE building a new development team to collaborate with VASG & a ''major Sony studio''

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by FelipeMGM, Apr 12, 2018.

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    Job listings indicate that Sony Interactive Entertainment is building a new team in San Diego to make a game in collaboration with Visual Arts Serice Group (Sony's motion capture and animation group housed on the same place as SIE San Diego) and a ''major Sony studio''. The way they worded the listing its probably for a 3rd person, Action/Adventure game



    Maybe collaborating with Naughty Dog on an Uncharted game? Building a dedicated Uncharted team to continue the franchise and free the Dogs to move on

    This bit found on a LinkedIn profile definitely stirs the pot that way
  2. Schmitz

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    Sully saga let's go.
    Invade some temples steal stuff from the nazis, and has a full mustache while doing it.
  3. Sillegamer

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    New team huh.

    Nice to see WWS expanding again.
  4. janusfilmsfan

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    More devs working on games is always a good thing.
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    In that case would it be a new team inside San Diego Studio or some totally new studio somewhere in the same city ?

    Whatever it is, more first party power = happy me.
  6. Schmitz

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    That Visual Arts group has been such an asset for Sony.
    Some great stuff done there.
  7. Humam

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    Uncharted 5 or spin off for Ps5 launch.
  8. McMoneyman

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    The perfect situation would be having that new studio making new Uncharted games while Naughty Dog can put out TLOU2 and other stuff in the future.
  9. MonadL

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    I figured they were helping out on Days Gone.
  10. Strings

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    Thought this was going to be about Baba's team coming in for some reason. But yeah, interesting.

    Edit: I somehow interpreted the title as being about SE... I need to go sleep.
  11. Loveless

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    I'm pretty sure that studio is collaborating with Death Stranding.
    EDIT: NVM, it says Sony studio.
  12. patapon

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    Oh yes!!
  13. New Fang

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    This totally makes sense, and it’s hilarious considering I was just talking about something like this happening in another thread.
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    E3 can't come soon enough.

    But first, God of War needs to get here asap
  15. v_iHuGi

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    As I've told on other threads, fully expect Sony to acquire and build new studios.

    This is just the beginning.
  16. cLOUDo

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    Uncharted Battle royale
  17. StevieP

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    Until they produce a bomb.
    In this case at least, they're producing a third person action game which their audience is clearly very receptive to. This is great news for San Diego.
  18. SageShinigami

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    I don't see a world in which we learn about this if they just started hiring for it. This is quite possibly a PS5 title.

    They need to start getting several of those in development if the system is coming in 2020.
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    Get out of here with this impeccable logic!!! >_<
  20. John Bender

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    Just for your information guys: Visual Arts Serice Group (VASG) is Sony. VASG is a division of Sony Interactive Entertainment America aimed at assisting the developers of Sony Worldwide Studios.
    (Not that you think this will be a collaboration with a 3rd company, or something =) It's 100% Sony.)
  21. Kresnik

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    Ahh, if only they could've been in such a strong position years ago before they shut Psynosis and Zipper.

    Still, nice to see WWS expanding again.
  22. Dragoon

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    Would be nice to get Zipper 2.0 back and make some sort of competitive TPS -_-
  23. SageShinigami

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    I'm sorry!! I tend to ruin stuff like this all the time lol. I just hate to see people disappointed.
  24. jdstorm

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    Sony bought Tomb Raider?
  25. Toumari

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    An interesting tidbit from that 'unannounced project' on that LinkedIn profile, it that it has the year 2018 next to it. Maybe that is a sign that the game is slated for 2018?
  26. Kyoufu

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    Those studios were shut down for reasons unrelated to Sony's strength at the time.
  27. nib95

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    Nice. Keep those hits coming!
  28. JuanLatino

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    a new Team dedicated to the Uncharted Series would be great.

    We know there is no way Sony would just let one of their biggest franchises die & Naughty Dog is not big enough to handle that many franchises (The Last of Us, after that a new IP)

    So let another Team make Uncharted Games - Hopefully tough ,if it really happens, they will do their own thing out of it instead ot trying to copy the ND Formula --> A Pirate Game with Francis Drake
  29. nelsonroyale

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    Unkarted please!
  30. SageShinigami

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    That 2018 is probably when they started work on the project. There are no secret games from Sony this year.
  31. Bishop89

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    Must be that dedicated Ape Escape studio.
  32. Callibretto

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    why were they closed?
  33. Kyoufu

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    Because they weren't profitable. M.A.G. and SOCOM 4 weren't hits, so Zipper were shut down.

    Even with the success of PS4 this gen there have been studio closures at SIEWWS for the same reason.
  34. Wereroku

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    Poor SOCOM got hit by the psn shutdown right?
  35. AAK

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    If it's San Diego they're probably supporting the MLB The Show studio.
  36. Mani

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    That linkedIn profile mentions an unnounced ND project for 2018? Could this possibly be real? I imagined that recent restructuring in ND at top level indicated once again that they would be having two teams again but does that linkedin profile indicates something other than TLOUII can come out this year from ND? :O
  37. Enazrat

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    The perfect situation would be new IP.

    Let them create something.
  38. kadotsu

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    A family friendly AAA title from SIEA would be great.
  39. Schmitz

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    They are looking for people experienced in 3rd person action/adventure games.
    MLB is 3rd person but I don't thinkt the job description would fit. No need to create a new game dev team for that either imo.

    That's why people think it's a collab with ND and this new team.
  40. FelipeMGM

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    I wouldn't read much into that.
  41. McMoneyman

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    That would of course be welcomed too.
  42. Sameer Sedlar

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    Really pretty interesting, if they take on Uncharted that would be cool, they would have to work so hard to keep up with Naughty Dog quality though.
    Also Uncharted could use the change, a new creative vision and direction would help it evolve more.
  43. Fezan

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    New IP please perferably a first person rpg game in space
  44. Vault

    Vault Member

    All those studios Sony killed for the crime of making Vita games
  45. Callibretto

    Callibretto Member

    would be cool if Bruce Straley join and make new IP in the new studio
  46. Schmitz

    Schmitz Member

    I mean, the job listing is for 3rd person action/adventure. Or TLoU clone as it goes around here.
  47. AAK

    AAK Member

    The MLB The Show studio did 3rd person shooters as well. They developed Drawn To Death.
  48. Mani

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    I wouldn't mind actually if ND collabs with another studio to supervise and develop Uncharted while giving day-to-day-reigns to another studio. It'll free them to work on other projects while we also get to play Uncharted with an almost same level of quality as it'll be a close collab with ND ensuring a consistent standard.
    In the same vein, it'd be awesome if From gives reign of Bloodborne to Japan Studio and supervise and collab while continue to develop its own new IPs.
    It's a win win for us gamers.
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    MAG was on Zipper entirely*.
    Sony however screwed the hell out of Zipper with Socom 4.
    1. Forced them to nearly ruin the core game to appeal to COD fanbase.
    2. Freaking PSN hack happened the weekend Socom 4 released and PSN was down for like a month, killing any hope for that game.

    *Nice idea, terrible execution, features too ahead of its time. Spent way too long on it instead of a proper Socom forcing Sony to outsource the first PS3 Socom.
  50. black070

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    Cutter finally getting his due, make it James Bond-like.