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  1. Birdseye

    Member OP

    Julien Chièze's info (in French), quoting anonymous sources from the industry:

    • Sony's technical roadmap wasn't completely ready when they talked to the devs about the PS5 but the technical basis is clear: 4K/60fps
    • Sony told devs to go crazy with visual fidelity and AI, as the console will be powerful enough to handle it
    • Games are actively being developed for the PS5 launch
    • Unreal Engine is being ported/optimized for the PS5
    • Don't expect a 'stratospheric leap' - PS5 is the continuation of what's been done before: more visual comfort but not a game-changing revolution - However, this will have advantages as to backwards compatibility or price
    • Launch window: Games currently being developed for the PS5 have been given an 18-month goal (for development time), which means late 2019-early 2020
    • Final dev kits arent being shared with developers yet, at least not third-party devs
    • They're working on powerful PCs with specs roughly equivalent to the PS5
    • Projects like (the PS5) can evolve quickly in one way or another (they can be accelerated or delayed) depending on various factors - competition, market, price evolution, etc, but don't expect a 2018 launch/announcement anymore
    • 2020 release expected but it isn't set in stone - could be 2019. Chièze expects Christmas 2019/1st half of 2020
    • Consoles usually come out around the holiday period but he reminds us the Switch and the PS2 came out in March
    • Reminds us Sony's been working on patents related to backwards compatibility, recently
    • Devs told Chièze the PS5 will have BC, they're 100% confident about that
    • PS5 architecture won't be radically different from PS4 - backwards compatibility will be much easier to implement as a result, no longer on a game-by-game basis
    • VR is at the core of the PS5/Sony doesn't want to abandon VR. New controllers (with integrated analog sticks). New PS VR in the works to take advantage of the PS5's capabilities
    • Anything is possible regarding an announcement date. Depends on the competition. Chièze's personal opinion: Not at this E3 (2018 is the year when they want to push PS4 Pro and PS VR) 2018 will be the last big holiday season for PS4. 2019 is when we'll start being teased about what's next.
    • Sony is adopting a three-year cycle: 2013 -> PS4, 2016 -> PS4 Pro, 2019 -> PS5 - The PS5 might not come out in 2019 per se, but Chièze expects Sony to start communicating/teasing about it in 2019.
    • Chièze expects Sony to keep the €399 price (same as PS4 then PS4 Pro). Consumers are used to that price, would be logical
    • Chièze expects high-profile titles (e.g. Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part 2) to have a release cycle similar to what Nintendo did with Wii U/Switch: normal release (on PS4/PS4 Pro) then 'optimized' release on PS5. Thinks they're late-generation titles so they can't not have a PS4/PS4 Pro release (they were advertised as such)
  2. Aokiji


    Heh. This is a list of very generic “speculation”. I’m gonna believe Schreier & figure nobody knows much about it except that it’s not coming any time soon
  3. DeaDPooL_jlp


    Regardless if the sources are real this all sounds highly plausible nonetheless.
  4. All this news about next gen is making me want to sell the PS4 I just got and just wait to play those exclusives in 2020, 4k hdr will be cheaper and I won't have to buy a TV by then because montior tech will be better.
  5. This all sounds rather believable. We've getting a lot of smoke regarding PS5 devkits going out. The release window sounds about right as well.

    I really hope the focus on 60 FPS comes through. I've had enough of consoles compromising on performance vs fidelity. BC being back would also be a big plus.
  6. zsynqx


    How reliable is this dude?
  7. All of this feels like pretty guessable, obvious stuff.
  8. Fanboy nonsense. Zero credibility.
  9. KZXcellent


    This all seems easily faked. I'll trust Press Sneak Fuck instead.
  10. manustany



    (Come on...)
  11. Springy


    Give me full PlayStation backwards compatibility and I'll take two.
  12. Killyoh


    He's not.
  13. ArmGunar


    I hope it's holiday 2020
  14. zsynqx


  15. John Frost

    John Frost

    Take that with a grain of salt.
  16. Mass_Pincup


    He's unreliable.

    Back in 2016 he was arguing that based on his source the NX would be a "PS4K"

    Link in french:

    I won't get into Gamblog shenanigans because the amount of straight bullshit they spew other the years would fill a book.

    Edit: I mean just the 4k/60fps put all this shit to rest, that's not how it works.
  17. nelsonroyale


    Nothing that couldn't be easily guessed there.
  18. Truant


    Another exciting edition of Tales from my Ass.
  19. Palette Swap

    Palette Swap

    A whole bunch of really thin assertions and platitudes. Julien Chieze, ladies and gentlemen.
  20. lordlad

    Banned for trolling with an alt account Member

    these are no specs list as much as whatever that any 1st party are testing on their internal R&D.
  21. Crossing Eden

    Crossing Eden

  22. Apophis


    Was thinking the same thing. And AI isn’t really a demanding process in video games anyway.
  23. IHaveIce


    A lot of well calculated guesses.

    And 4k/60fps is the wanted standard? Ok we will see. I doubt that
  24. Berry Phazon

    Berry Phazon

    That very first point (4k60) is already a giant bullshit flag. The rest is just a compilation of gaming-forum consensus
  25. EnderXen


    Julien already anounced previously that according to his "sources", PS5 would be released in 2018 ... so it all looks like wishful spéculations.
  26. LetsRock


    Nobody trusts him here in France, he makes everything for the buzz
  27. adamas


    Chièze as a pretty big history of bullshit through his ex-website Gameblog, so, no.
  28. Atheerios


    Where there's smoke there's fire...

    We've been hearing lots of stuff about PS5 lately...
  29. shoemasta


    Jason Schreier pls confirm or deny
    • Sony's technical roadmap wasn't completely ready when they talked to the devs about the PS5 but the technical basis is clear: 4K/60fps
    • Sony told devs to go crazy with visual fidelity and AI, as the console will be powerful enough to handle it
    • Don't expect a 'stratospheric leap' - PS5 is the continuation of what's been done before: more visual comfort but not a game-changing revolution - However, this will have advantages as to backwards compatibility or price
    ok m8
  30. John Bender

    John Bender

    The PS5 will not launch early *anything* in the west. It will be October/November. So if it's 2020, it will be October/November 2020.
    Not suprising. He took all that stuff we had here, on Kotaku.... made some stuff up and mixed it all together.
  31. GhostTrick


    This guy is unreliable as fuck. He made this video stealing stuff he read here and there. Heck, I'm sure he's reading ERA to steal infos too.
  32. Nugnip


    Absolutely not.

    "Here's a bunch of educated guesses I'm pulling out of my ass and it's great because even if I'm wrong, it's because it changed!"
  33. Birdseye

    Member OP

    He predicted Mario + Rabbids, Detroit Become Human being a Kara sequel, and other stuff, IIRC
  34. isual

    Banned Member

    this is as dark as my armpits. ain't real son.
  35. Ex-Actarus


    I love Julien Chieze ! I following him on Twitter and watch ALL his videos. He’s a genuine passionated guy and contrary to what some people claim, he is pretty often right !!!

    So I will trust him here especially on Playsation info, he has very good connections with high profile devs close the Playstation ( such as Kojima ).
  36. Knight613


    These are like...some of the safest things someone could possibly make up about the PS5.
  37. UnluckyKate


    So Chièze did it again.

    He rounded up all internet rumor and post a video.

    Don't give him click.

    Instead, check Kotaku ACTUAL reporting on the matter
  38. Stilton Disco

    Stilton Disco
    Banned Member

    Sounds like vague bollocks from someone lacking the maturity to be patient or keep their desires in check, just like all the 2018/19 rumours have come across as.
  39. Atheerios


    I think an announcement next year is a given.
  40. chaos_planes

    Banned Member

    Easy to be right in speculations if you just copy and paste generic, near certain outcomes.
  41. tommy7154

    Banned Member

    Not believing 4k 60 fps
  42. GhostTrick


    He didn't """predicted""" Mario + Rabbids.
    He also said the Switch would be as powerful as the PS4.. Pro (K)
    He said it again "Twice faster than PS4".

    The only reliable stuff he may have are from Ubisoft... and even then 99% of the time, it's bullshit.

    Ding ding ding. That's how he does. Rounding up internet rumours, posting these as "his infos/leak".
  43. Palette Swap

    Palette Swap

    Let me make a video telling you guys there will be a PS5, it will be a home console, it will support 4K, it will use HDMI, it will support surround sound, it won’t be a drastic change in architecture, there will be games on it, and people who are working on it use high end PCs. How unpredictable was that.
  44. Les fake.

    Really, it doesn't take much to imagine he did this to get easy views.
  45. TemplarDante


    Yeah... sounds like Semmiaccurate 2.0 level speculation.
  46. Primeau31


    4k/60 at $399. lol ok guy
  47. Samsquanchewans

    User Permed at their request Member

  48. Qvoth


    sounds like tales from my ass
  49. principal


    This something I would come up with.

    Everything is logical.
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