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K-ON! Community |OT| ☆ Never Ending Girls' Song ☆


Oct 28, 2017
Currently watching K-On! for the first time, nearly finished season 2 then onto the movie. Loving it, the characters are perfectly realised.

Was there ever any talk of doing a third season or did KyoAni decide that the movie was definitely the last K-On production?

Man God

Oct 25, 2017
They need to make more Haruhi first, but that would probably take another volume or two coming out so they'd have something to promote.


Oct 25, 2017
Season 3 is probably not ever happening. More like an ongoing joke when it will be announced.


Lord Arcadio

Oct 27, 2017
Help. I finished the show yesterday and the movie today. Now I can't stop listening to the songs. Part of me wants to listen to these songs forever. The rest of me is starting to get angry.

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